Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Poupee Girl and More...

Yume-chan posted not too long ago about Poupee Girl, a Japanese website where you create a character and earn ribbons to buy her fashion and beauty accessories by dressing her up daily, uploading your own photos of your fashion-beauty-related goodies and leaving comments for others. While it's a Lost-in-Translation adventure navigating around the site since most of it is in Japanese (what are the shells for, Yume-chan?), some of it is in English and I'm sure you'll be able to figure out most of it! If you want an invite (done through e-mail), just comment me with your e-mail because we'd each earn 30 ribbons when you sign up through a friend's e-mail invitation.

A couple of months ago I'd gotten samples from shopping at Ohayo, and only recently realized that two were Hanskin bb cream samples! I tried the Hanskin Caviar Gold BB Cream first.

It blended nicely but it is a very fair color. I'd show you a pic but you'd think I was Casper or a Noxzema girl (remember those? haha). So instead I used MAC MSF Natural and MAC bronzer over it and did a brown look.

What I used:
♥ MAC MSF Natural in Medium Plus
♥ MAC bronzer in Refined Golden
♥ K-Palette 1-Day Tattoo Eyeliner (winter edition)

Visee x ViVi collabo eyeshadow palette...very shimmery and pretty

Canmake Cheek Gradient in 05 Chocolate Stripe...also shimmery!
Lancome L'Extreme mascara (didn't work too well for me though...damn straight Asian lashes!)

NARS in Hustler
Nude Bon Bon nail polish (surprise gift from Yumeko, very pretty!)

I've noticed that I tend to lean towards smokey eyes and nude/pale lips, so I wanted to try something different. I usually don't wear darker lip colors (I'm a nude and pale pink/peach lip gloss kinda gal) but this NARS one came out more sheer in pictures, not bad. Looks like it's time for me to dye my hair again...that's one of the drawbacks of having had highlights, the dye on those parts of my hair fade and become much lighter than the rest of my hair. Sorry I didn't have time to curl or flat iron my hair.


  1. Darlin' Invite moi for sure! Also, I love that bronzey look!

  2. ur hair is so cute n soft... (check ur last post) xoxo

  3. sorry, i clikced on the link you had up and registered. It's kind of hard to navigate! haha

  4. I'm Diane on Poupee. Are you Kiana on there? I added that nickname. I found Fuz! I wonder if it's her!


  5. Very nice girl!! Such a nice suble shimmer to your eyes and cheeks!! Love the headband w/ the bangs! I can never get mine to look like that!!

    Haha... My word verification is "prawn"!! LOL!

  6. omg you have so much hair! i'm so jealous.
    I'm sorry to hear the hanskin bb cream was too light. It was ok for me, but I think it's more of a winter color =p
    Hope you have a wonderful new year!

  7. haha yes poupee rocks!
    fuz is indeed on it too!

    the shells, u need 5 before u can go to the shell spring to exchange for something. random

    else u can sell them ^^

    shell spring found where the market is, hope that helps

  8. You're a gorgeous LIVE poupee girl...hahahhaha -- i keep forgetting about my lil poupee girl, she's all neglected, now that the xmas chaos is over...i can go back to taking care of her =]

    good job on the LOTD!! rawr

    word verif: herfuse


  9. I love the way that you did your fringe. You look super yummy as always missy. Oh I really like the look of that Visee palette - I should take it to Cape Town with me!!! Hahaha Safaru Eyes!!

  10. I gave her the 217 which is my super fave. because you can use it to pack on color..to go in your crease..and to smoke out and it goes well with like paint pots and paints..but the other essentials i would say is the 224 which is the blending brush, i saw a really good dupe at my local beauty supply store and it was like half the price looked and felt the exact same, just without the MAC logo!!, but i have MAC's 224, 219 (pencil brush)..you can use it for your outter v and to smudge your upper and lower lashline..242 is like the 217 but is made with synthetic hair i believe and its more flat, another one of my faves

    I also love my Sonia Kashuk Blendeing brush..super cheap and does a good job..i use my loew cornell too as a dupe for the 239 because it's pretty much the same thing

    It's all seriously a bunch of practice..you let the brushes kind of do the work for you..but i have a bunch of brushes..MAC and non MAC..alot of MAC brushes are dupeable, but the 217 i have never seen a dupe for.

    HOPE THIS HELPS!!!.. and yess girlie I make my boyfriend take me on food runs so I know alot of good places. OPEN SESAME is Lebanese food..sooooo good!!!

    ps: i use the hanskins super glossy bb cream with a concealer..i looove it!!! The caviar is more thicker so it makes you more whiteish

    word verif: props..haha

  11. So pretty!!! That is such a nice lip color on you.. =]

  12. your hair always look so soft! that's a nice gloss on you :)

  13. you're so pretty as always! i love that lip color on you!!

  14. Loving the nail color! [:

    Happy New Year!

  15. Canmake Cheek Gradient in 05 Chocolate Stripe is my fav fav fav cheek gradient! I'm so glad they made it permanent instead of keeping it an LE :)

  16. You haven't added me on Poupee!! Haha, my name on there is Fuz. See you on Poupee!

  17. Happy new year as well!!!

    Thanks for the recommendations. I did a little research about Haruki Murakami's books. The elephant vanishes seems to be a good read. I'll prolly get that first.

    I'm also in the search for inspirational reads similar to tuesdays with morrie [which i love so much] & five people you meet in heaven. ;]

  18. I love your nails !! It's amazing :)

  19. Pretty! I love the cheek and lip colors! I hope the other Hanskin works for you!


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