Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Preview: My First Japanese Swap with Yume-chan!!

I am sleepy but I just wanted to post a quick entry about my first swap! It started out with me asking Yumeko about KATE eyeshadow palettes last month and turned into a super swap! I was so excited to receive my parcel in the mail today. It feels like Christmas, totally made my day and made up for the not-so-great mood I was in yesterday.

I will do a proper post and reviews later, but for now, here's a quick list:

♥ K-Palette
♥ Canmake
♥ Keselan Patharan
♥ Visee
♥ Lavshuca
♥ Majolica Mojorca
♥ Lucido-L
♥ Kracie
♥ face wash net
♥ lots of Hello Kitty goodies!
♥ yummy treats and surprise gifties!!

Everything is seriously so cute...I love how Yume-chan put them into cute Hello Kitty bags...but this is probably the cutest...

"Hello, my name is KAWAII! I am cute..."
or maybe I will have to give her a real name...

She's a kawaii tissue box cover...I will have to offer tissue to everyone who comes to my room now!
Thank you so much, Yume-chan!! I feel spoiled and very lucky. ♥

It's a busy week since Christmas is next week, so I apologize for not keeping up with everyone's blogs or commenting back as much this week. I will play catch up when I get a chance!

P.S. I know most So Cal people hate the rain, but I love it. It's hardly rained here in the past year, so it was so nice when it rained Monday. I love the sound of raining falling outside my window, and it was raining loudly (hailing?) so I woke up and snapped this photo.


  1. Pretty swaps! I love the tissue box! lolz...and just curious, is keselan patharan a good brand??I've heard of it but never try

  2. glad u like it all!
    hope u like the face net and other extras i sent! its a christmas present for you ! HEEHEE
    and heehee have u found all my surprises yet?

  3. Oh look at all those things! Yumeko is a sweety but then again so are you!!

  4. it holds tissue?! omg!! how effin cute is that! ima go to your room and sneeze just so you can show it to me! lol and nice pic of the rain!

  5. wowwwww

    i am incredibly envious. what gorgeous goodies you got -- that yume-chan is a dollface!!!

    that tissue holder is toooo DIE FOR!!!!

    cant wait to rummage thru all your goodies with you this weekend in person. DROOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

    and i think we're the only two dames that love the sound of rain outside are window, and get all "le sigh" about it.

    enjoy your MAJOR jdm haulage!!!

  6. awwwwww i like the tissue box. that's so cute!!!

  7. i love the rain too! and lots of rain means lots of snow for me this weekend. great swap and that tissue box IS super kawaii!

  8. What a great swap you lucky girl!!!

    Haha I heard lots of people complaining about the rain! We've got tons of snow here. =(

  9. so many items! i look forward to your reviews!
    rain is only good if it's not chilly and windy outside XD

  10. wow! a lot of pretty things! do a review of them soon!:) hahaha and hello to kawaii tissue holder :)

  11. Hahahah thanks! They know they're cute too! Pocky has a Burberry polo that he rocks in mild weather, esp when he's shaven. But we typically don't make them wear clothes except when they might be cold.

    Awww true, but my ex just told me he was trying to drive back to the Bay Area today and the grapvine was closed due to snow!!!!!

  12. oh the goodies the goodies! yume chan is so sweet!

    the tissue holder is a gem!

  13. O..M...G... the tissue holder is adorable *covet* hehe. Can't wait for the review :D. Haven't posted blogs...argh...have to finish various stuff for the end of the year. But always fun to catch up on my fave's blogs. This one brought a smile oxox

  14. DAAAAAAAAAAAAMN!!! Now that's a swap girl!!! Let us know how much you love all your new goodies once you get to try um out!!! Love the tissue holder!! So KAWAII indeed!!!

    Nice rain pic! It looks cool to me!! haha.. I'm weird that's why!

    ps. Soorry about my BLog-tv page giving you trouble!! I have had a very stern talk with it, and I hope it & I have come to an understanding!! lol!

  15. WHOA!! how generous is she!! I have one of those tissue container/box like youres but NOT really like yours..Well, I didn't know what is was!! I was like why is there an opening in the middle??? I thought it was mutilated but now i feel like a blond. now I must go get a pack of tissue. heh.

  16. I love the rain, too! =) And those goodies look so great. That tissue cover is the best!

  17. Aww that door hanger thingy is soo cute!

  18. cant wait to meet you tonight babe!!!

    and and and you live a city away from me!! crazyyyy :D

  19. Waaah! You are just to luccckyyy to have all those goodies! They look yummy!! so what's a swap like? How do you do this??

    Anywho, the Amore store is at 91 West exit Pioneer. You will see Pioneer Plaza then its inside that Plaza. Its really easy to see. You will like the CCO at Ontario Mills better! Lots more goodies than CCO at the Block. Ohhh I know you girls are at the powwow!! weee! Lemme know how it goes. Im so envious :(

    Really you're NC40? you look lighter than that!

    You will love the Lucido Curling Lotion!!! I love miinee so much!! :D I even use it just because it smells good and keep away the frizz. :)

  20. I'm BACK!! It's the formerly known BedtimeCake... my shit got f'ed up.... MISSED U :)

  21. Hahaha the masks are fun!

    Thank you dear! Hope the rain let up!


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