Friday, December 5, 2008

"The Quickie" Mini Contest!!

I know there are so many contests going on right now (ask Wuzzy if you can buy a contest schedule spreadsheet from her *wink*)...but hey, I want my piece of the pie too!!

I never knew that I would meet so many beautiful sweethearts through blogging. I didn't write a "thank you" post for Thanksgiving, but I am thankful for the blogging world because of the many new friends (I'm also thankful for the reviews and tips, but that's another subject). You girls have become my online sorority. I try to check every day for comments and new blog posts so I can stay up to date with my "sisters." You are all so sweet, sincere, helpful, generous, gorgeous, in one word - AMAZING!

So...I want to thank you by hosting a mini-contest! I was chatting with Wuz and Mimi and they were very helpful in giving me advice and addressing some of my concerns since they recently held contests of their own.

This contest is inspired in part by Too Faced's The Quickie I guess that makes this The Quickie Contest! ;) (Oh, I know you love it.)

How To Enter:

1. Write a short blurb describing yourself, similar to mine in my header! Tailor it to YOU, tell me who you are, how you want to be seen, and make it FUN! Please no more than 115 words. My own inspiration came from Too Faced The Quickie Chronicles. Some examples are below.
2. Send me one headshot and any other favorite photos of yourself. It doesn't have to be a new one so long as it's a good one. It would be nice if they go well with your blurb. (Total 2-3 photos, max 4.) I might just be making you a new header image, who knows? ;)
3. E-mail me with your FIRST and LAST name, your favorite color(s), as well as your mailing addy. Write "The Quickie Mini Contest" in the subject line. Include your top 3-5 prizes that you would like if you win (see #5) and let me know if I have your permission to post your entry on my blog when the contest ends. Please include your blog address if I don't know you. My e-mail is paperdollrevenge @ gmail dot com .
4. The deadline is January 12, 2009. It's a random deadline because I am a night person, so I don't mind accepting entries at 3 a.m. my time, even if that's January 13 your time.
5. There will be at least 3 winners, there may be many winners with small prizes, or a handful of winners with a hodgepodge of prizes, or a mixture of both! I haven't decided yet, it depends on how many enter, etc. Include in your e-mail your top 3-5 choices of prizes you'd like to win, selecting from the list below.
6. International entries are welcome. =)


Here's a list of what you might win!

These prizes are all items I use myself (or similar). They are mostly Japanese goodies since I know many of you are interested but having trouble finding them yourselves. If you're not interested in any of these and you win, you can chose something else that's under $20.

♥ Japanese women's magazine (Honey Girl, Cawaii, S Cawaii, Voce, Vivi, etc.)
♥ Mandom Express Cleansing Lotion (Normal/Dry or Oily)
K-Palette 1-Day Tattoo Real Lasting Eyeliner in Jet Black
♥ SANA Salon De Porejo Peeling Gel
Naris UP Carbon + Eggshell Peel (for t-zone and blackheads)
♥ Naris UP Natural Facial Pack (Egg Shell = normal skin + blackheads, Green Tea = oily skin + blackheads, Silk Powder = dry & sensitive skin)
♥ MANDOM Lucido-L Styling Tube Wax (your choice of volume/orange, glamorous curls/pink, waves/green)

And possibly a few surprises from me!

Some unofficial rules and tips:

1. Absolutely no plagiarism! Don't you dare send me one of the Too Faced Quickie Chronicles blurbs, because I will know! It will be obvious if you don't write your own blurb because it should be a very personalized blurb.
2. Give your blurb a short title or nickname.
3. Please post it on your blog if you have one! It doesn't have to be the blurb if you want it to remain private, you can just post your picture and say it's for this contest. =)
4. I won't post any of the blurbs until the contest ends, but I will post a picture of each contestant (with your permission).

Examples from Too Faced:

The Quickie Chronicles
She had always been a good girl. She played by the rules, never kissed on the first date and agreed daddy always knew best. But then this innocent girl picked up the "Quickie Chronicles", and honey, she was never the same.

The Naughty Girl
When it comes to slow dancing, the closer, the better. When this Naughty Girl sets her sights on a certain gentleman caller, his life will never be the same. She nestles her body close to his, writhing her hips to the beat of the music until both of them give in and experience true ecstasy. Who knew a night of dining and dancing could lead to such a seductive climax? The Naughty Girl does, every time.

The Man Eater
She woke up around two in the morning and was relieved to find him blissfully asleep. She gathered her garter belt, bustier, lip gloss, and stilettos and slipped out the back door. It was always the same: "The Man Eater" just slid out of the satin sheets, out the door and out of his life. She devoured men like candy and her appetite for chocolate was insatiable. "Try every one in the box" was her mottoe for confections and men. She liked it that way; no mess to clean up, no names to remember and always another sweete tart around the corner.

The Cupcake
She was a Cupcake of a girl who adored pink satin sheets, chauffeured limousines and gentleman callers with an affinity for buying diamonds. The world was her oyster, and that oyster was pure PINK! Her dear Mother couldn't keep her from experiencing the finer things in life. No matter how many times she tried to get her to marry the boy next door, this girl wanted more, and she knew just how to get it!

The Heartbreaker
Who should it be this time? The plumber? The milkman? Or maybe that adorable yard boy? Each was so cute, so unique. How could she choose just one? But then a brilliant idea came to this "Heartbreaker": Why choose just one? After all, there are twenty-four whole hours in a day!

Check back for updates! I will probably be adding to the list. Thanks for reading and I hope you enter!


  1. Oh oh! I'm so gonna enter! OMgosh! all of these prizes are what I'm lemming for!! especially the magazine!! ahhh! hahah :)

    Wheres Mitsuwa at? hahah! i wanna check their products out! :D

  2. I sent my entry! :) I hope I followed the rules! :D I'm excited! hahah!

  3. hi there!
    what a cute contest idea! ill get cracking on it :P

  4. Great contest girl!!! I'm gonna post up another one soon too!!

    Hahah... Pimpin out my spreadsheets?!! I actually got um all up on my white board!! LOL!!

    Dang now I gotta write and think...

  5. wooo nice
    oh no my english isnt very >_<
    but i will try!

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. what a neat idea! hmm... gotta start thinking of nice things to say about me....

  8. I emailed you back again Diana. :) Thanks for the comment! too much to go to, so little time so hopefully I'll be able to visit Mitsuwa :D yay! so excited! haha!

  9. Great idea! I'm going to TRY!!! =)

  10. great contest idea :) I'm going to have to think about this one....

  11. oh this contest is sooo cool.
    i think i might enter even though im not much good with words:/
    but i'll do it anyways

  12. awww it's ok hun, im DQ'ed anyway =/
    and it's all in fun for me ^_^

    cuz i know there's gonna be tonssssssss of entries of beautiful ladies! i can feeeeeeeel it.

  13. Aww Tia!! Aren't you so sweet. *hugs*

  14. this sounds like fun. i found out about it on Kimberly Tia's blog.I guess I'm gonna try to join as well. :-)

    btw, I hope you don't mind me linking you. :-)

  15. Awww shucks... u know I had to put it down for my sorority sister from another mister ^_^

  16. Great contest!!!

    I see lotta Japanese goodies as prices!!! Niceeeee.

    I've been so busy lately but will try to join if I have time.

  17. Dear doll!

    You know that I will just HAVE to enter this right??


    but the prizes...i already have and sell...=D

  19. sounds like funnn
    i will probably do this :)

  20. Ooooh I like this contest, I think I'm going to actually enter! (I'm not really a contest entering-type.) I don't care to win, it'd be fun to write the blurb and have you read it ;)

  21. Love the concept for this contest...can't wait to see the winners! ;)

  22. I found out about this contest through Adriyah, and I'm definitely going to enter!

    Thanks for making such a fun contest. :)


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