Monday, December 22, 2008

Tagged Again!

Another busy weekend and I still have things to do and send out!! Never enough time, is there? But I just wanted to say Pink's pow wow last night was a lot of fun, I'll post pics later this week after I finish my Christmas things! (It was great meeting everyone! I'll be adding your blogs to my list later this week.)

I got tagged by Mimi about a week ago and wanted to do at least here goes!

16 random things about me...blah blah, you know how the game goes. =) If you haven't done this yet and want to, consider yourself tagged by me!

1. I am an enigma by choice. I show different people different sides of me, but very few people really know me well or know all of me, including my family.
2. I weight about 112 lbs and it's the perfect weight for me (I'm 5'.5"). Sometimes I drop to 105 or go up to 120ish, when you see me like that it means either I am really busy and probably stressed (super skinny) or I am not too happy with my life or things in it (muffin top).

3. Red and orange are my least favorite colors, I don't care that I am a Leo and they are supposed to be my colors. I don't know...I just feel like an a-hole in red, it doesn't suit me. But from time to time when the occasion really calls for it, I'll have something in red or orange (I don't own any red lipstick or lip gloss, but I do like bright summer orange with brown).

4. I am a first day Leo (July 23), I hate when I'm categorized as a Cancer (like Blogger, get that shit right) even though I have Cancer influences, and I also hate being told I must be egotistical and arrogant just because I'm a Leo. I have a lot of hair and I really think that's the Leo in me, rawr! (Those pics from the mark post only show the front parts of my hair, but the volume is thanks to the hot rollers I used.)

5. I read and believe to some extent in astrology and personality types. However, I don't believe they define you...rather, we define those definitions. They are not rules, they are just archetypes that can help us understand ourselves and those who are so different than us. You still have to know yourself and know others, not just think you know because you read astrology.

6. I hate when people say or imply that I only date Asians. It's like the difference between saying my favorite food is Asian versus I only eat Asian food.

7. I'm an all-or-nothing girl. I don't do things half-assed. I either do it to perfection, not at all or I fuck it all up with dramatic flair. I'm early or late, never just on time. But if I say I'm going to do something, I do it, even if it takes me forever (I also don't like to be rushed or feel pressured!).

8. I like paper crafts, like making cards and scrapbooking but I haven't done scrapbooking in forever. I also know the basics of crocheting and a teeny bit of knitting.

9. I want to go to New York, Hawaii, and Tokyo!!!

10. I used to hate winter until last year...when I fell in love with boots and coats, thanks to Japanese magazines! Now I wish for snow (I've never seen snow fall).

11. I'm slooowly learning to speak Japanese...but I have no one to practice with. =(

12. My emotions are extreme, trust me - you'll know when I'm excited, sad or angry. Overall though I'm mellow and usually bubbly around people I like.

13. I believe in destiny and purpose, as in we all have a destiny to fulfill and everything happens for a reason (whether you like it or not). It is our life's purpose to find our destinies, and when you go against that is when you end up unhappy or most unfulfilled.

14. I also believe that people and friends come into your life for a reason, season or lifetime. When you mistake their purpose, like make a season boyfriend into your lifetime "love," it only brings you unhappiness. You have to learn to appreciate people for who and what they are, and let people be and do what they're meant to in your life, and that includes letting go and not holding grudges.

15. I don't eat anything with mustard, it ruins food for me. I also don't like onions unless they're grilled or caramelized. I've been this way for 26 years, don't think my taste buds are going to change (but I have a total sweet tooth and I love to eat).

16. I'm sociable but I see myself as a loner, because I'm aloof and I like to be left alone to do my own thing, figure out the answers for myself. But I consider myself a good friend (though maybe demanding) and trust and loyalty are very BIG to me.

I'm tired as hell but I have to clean my room because it looks like Christmas vomit in here! Wrapping paper and bows and presents and cards etc. all over the place. *sigh* I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and good luck with the madness and countdown to Christmas!!


  1. wow i wish i weighed 112lbs!
    congrats on yumeko's contest!
    Happy Holidays =)

  2. Hah.. we share some similarities!! LOL!!

    I'm on the last day of Gemini for some astrology sites June 20 so some say I'm a Gemini/Cancer cusp... GEMINI ALL THE WAY BABEE!!!

    I didn't own any red for YEARS not since my mother stopped buyin my clothes when I was a kid! BUt in the past 2yrs I now own 2 red and 1 pink top, thanks to bday gifts from friends who rip off the tags so I can't return them. LOL!! But I do try to wear them every now and again. (ie. the bowling post)

    ANd I LOVE TO SCRAPBOOK!! Every month me and my mom go to scrap crops!! It's our bonding thing! Also why I take pics of EVERYTHING!!

    YES you must come to HAwaii!! :)

  3. aww u know i'd practise japanese with u any day ^^

    yes come to tokyo!

  4. *shimmies past her doorway*

    i witnessed her christmas vomit but it was FUN

    i had such a nice time hangin' with you this weekend, it's nice that we can be girly girls together and play and do our hair and makeup - and do what we do best which is shop and gabba gabba gabba.

    thanks for your hospitality, and i can't wait to dive into your xmas presents for me!!

    email me pix soon! and you have a great week!!! remember pace yourself!!! *hugs*

    love you!!!

  5. cute facts! i cant wait to see the pix from the pow wow!

    practice your japanese with aya [irodori!!] or...EVEN MEEE!! i took some japanese and i've picked some up from the previous ex boyfriend...and his family took me to japan for my second time. we went in the winter so i got to see all the pretty girls with cute outfits :[ i was so jealous, but i think thats where i really started to appreciate winter a lot more too haha!

  6. weee great meeting you diana!! we definitely have to hit up marukai and mitsuwa and i know some fab. japanese eats in gardena that we can hit up after!!

  7. aw! I believe in destiny too! :D and I'm jealous that you can understand japanese even for a lil bit. I wanna learn sooo bad! :( Anywho, I wish I had join the powwow and meet all of you amazing girls there. :( Well I hope there will be next time :)

    You look soo much lighter than me and I had to match my skin today at mac and told me I'm NC30. lol :p


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