Sunday, December 7, 2008

Weekend Goodies

I went to Mitsuwa yesterday where everything was 20% off! (Excluding alcohol, cigs & dairy products. 20% off sale is this weekend only, so you can still go today!)

I also took my nephew with me for the first time and he loves Mitsuwa. We were there for over an hour, maybe close to two hours. He even bought himself 2 wooden swords! They are black and pretty nice...real life size. He told me he's going to use one for his Halloween costume next year. (Sorry...I didn't take any pics of his swords, haha.)

Here are the goodies I got!

Shiseido White Tsubaki Shampoo & Conditioner...I've been eying this for months!

Do you know hyaluronic acid? I've been reading online that its benefits are similar if not better than its close cousin collagen! I got the hyaluronic acid Softymo White Body Soap (it's whitening...I figure that can't be bad since my body is shades darker than my face) and Softymo Facial Cleansing Foam. (There's also a Cleansing Wash, not sure what the difference is besides size, price and ingredients.) FYI these products also come in collagen etc. =)

And look! Kose Clear Turn Collagen Essence Face Masks...I can't wait to try them!
I have a growing interest in both collagen and hyaluronic acid in beauty/skin products, as well as Kose products.'s last night dinner, chicken karage and Japanese spaghetti with bacon & sausage bento boxes from Mitsuwa...

And white chocolate Kit Kat! I thought it looked so yummy and IT IS!!

Even my food was 20% off, hehe, gotta love that. I was a good girl though and didn't buy any new magazines, even though a new stock of January magazines was out (except for Honey Girl). I don't think the 20% off applied to the book store (or else I would have!), plus I know some of my mini contest's winners might want magazines...and okay, I have two recent magazines I haven't had time to read yet. =P

I hope you're all enjoying your weekend!

P.S. For the mini contest, I will edit any entries for grammar and spelling if necessary, so don't worry if your English or writing skills aren't the best. Have fun with it! Style and content win over writing mechanics. =)


  1. nice haul - I'm hungry after looking at the food pics :)

  2. Mmmmm makes me drool~ Yea H Acid is awesome, just like collagen. But it's much more beneficial if you let it stay on your face rather than having it in a facial wash, because most of it will just be washed off..

  3. mmmmmmmm kit kat...

    anddd collagen maskss, tell me how they are cuz ive seen those a marukai and ohayo!!

    soooo many goodies to try and so little time and money GAH!!!
    i'm excited for you... i love jdm haulage

  4. Hahha thanks dear! I've been looking at stuff with Q10 and Hyaluronic Acid and glazed over them, too lazy to research about them haha.

    I'm using the Shiseido Tsubaki shampoo in the red containers. What's the difference? I hear the white tsubaki (golden repair) is designed to repair damaged hair.

    I was going to get those masks! I got ones by Kracie instead.

  5. What a nice aunt!!

    Wish we had a MItsuwa... BUt nice haul!! yay for Jap verisions of snackies!! Mmmm Bento!!

    Dudette... you contest is seriously makin me THINK!!! What to write.. what to write!!

  6. The whitening soap seems quite interesting, since I'm in the same boat - the rest of me is darker and I'd like some brightening all over rather than just the face. [Dark hand, fair face- *shudder*]
    I'd like to know more of it. =)

  7. The white body soap sounds interesting. keep us posted how it is ;->

  8. i love karage!! <33

    great haul! tell us how the tsubaki stuff works for you! :D

  9. Ohhh! I went there today!!! :D I only got the Lucido L green. No more spending for me :( I will go again next time when I get my paycheck so I can shop some more!! haha! :)

    I really love their magazines. I wish I could read and understand it :)

  10. chicken karaage = tummy rumbles with joy

    do share on how you like the face masks!

    i hope those become a regular it's SOOO HARD to find here!! i should go to mitsuwa, but i don't want to spend lots of money

  12. Awww...I missed you by a day!!! We could have totally meet up or something. That place was crowded today! I was eyeing the shiseido shampoo & conditioner too but I passed since I have too many I still need to use up.

    How old is your nephew? That's cute that he loves Mitsuwa!!! LOL

  13. Yeeesss! I got some more Nars! my 2nd nars so far and boy I'm getting addicted! I want some of their glosses but too expensive for me :( I guess I need to save up. Can you believe I saved up for all those bags I hauled? hahaa :)

    I went to the one near South Coast. I was in a hurry and did not really go around that much. :( Hopefully next time I'll be able to go around. Dang the tattoo eyeliner was expensive :( I was gonna get it but I dunno if its worth it. I'll check it out next time. Lemme know if that shampoo is good. I need an asian shampoo! haha! I'm tired of Pantene :p Also how much again was the Jap magazine at mitsuwa?

  14. You got so many great prizes!!! *drools* Gosh, the winner will be soo darn lucky :D I'm hoping to buy a magazine when I come back there since you said its $10 and they are thick too! :D Yeah I wish they'll have more sale again next time! :) I wish I live near that place! hahah!

    I think I will put some nars items on my wishlist too. Don't you wish Santa was real?? hahaha! :p

  15. kit kat? mmm
    that masklooks supa coo!

  16. My momma just sent me some WHite Tsubaki from Japan! can't wait....!! I love TSUBAKI shampoo

  17. Greattttttt!!! I can't wait to meet you at the pow wow. I still need to shop for a dress too. What are some good places for dress? Ahhhh...we should go shop together!!! You seem not too far away from me!

    Your nephew is mixed? He must be very cute usually mixed baby are.

  18. I want to go to Mitsuwa but I have to hold back on shopping...sniff

  19. damn that food looks good! im hungry ... lol

    did u get my invite? if not email me so i can resend if its another email ur using

  20. Oh, it's shu uemura instead of Shiseido. Haha yup, I try! If I didn't, I wouldn't have remembered to complete it! =P

  21. Thanks!!

    It's a pretty great set! I wouldn't get those dark colors by themselves but this way I get smaller sizes and I don't have to pay the full retail price for them. The colors are all really pretty. There's a really nice range too! From shimmery, to neutral, to ones to layer on l/s, to dark stains! Yeah, I tried Orgasm on my lips once too and I returned it. Try some other shades!

    Ahh I see.. makes sense. I LOVE the smell! And my hair feels awesome!

    Hahha I'm gonna try! Damn Tia made it so much harder! =P

  22. Dammit! I'm so inefficient sometimes! =P I read all your comments before work and didn't get a chance to respond til now and I forgot you left 2! So I've been reading, and replying.. 3 times! -_- haha.

    Yeah! The masks are great! And I've only used one type too! But I really love them =)

    Hahhaha I'm going to secretly flick all your boobies and pick your noses on my 46" screen! Hahah naaah. I usually don't browse on it. Just watch TV. I need to get a wireless keyboard first! ;)

  23. Tsubaki LOVE!!!

    the food look so yummy..i cant wait to go to mitsuwa again =)

    loveeed the post !

  24. I'm so drooling right now looking at the food pictures... lol~ I need to resist it's 2:34 in the morning. :P


  26. Awe, you're an auntie too ^_^.
    OMG.... the Mitsuwa yummies look soooo delish O_O


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