Sunday, January 18, 2009

Drugstore Luck and My Paperchase...

I went to Rite-Aid and got lucky! (Not that kind of lucky...) I noticed that the Physician's Formula makeup was Buy One Get One 50% Off...and at this particular location, they had a bunch of items with Last Chance Sale stickers on them for 75% off! The items I was most interested in didn't have the sale stickers, but a few of the Mineral Wear Liquid Foundations did! However, only certain shades did (not yours, Yume-chan, sowwie)...they were only for Fair Natural, Nude Beige, Creamy Beige and Sand Beige. So instead of being $11.95, they were $3!

I had the usual indecisive-Diana dilemma...I grabbed the last Nude Beige...then saw Creamy Beige...hmmm! hahaha Long story short, the Creamy Beige looked slightly darker with a yellow undertone and the Nude Beige looked slighter lighter with pink undertones, but when worn, Creamy Beige was too light and Nude Beige blended in better for me. Whew! (Girl dilemmas, I tell ya.)

I don't know about you, but my nails always break easily in fall and winter. So I was really happy to get this Sally Hansen Diamond Strength thingy for 50% off ! (About $3 at CVS...also saw it on sale at Target.)

So since I already had base makeup on, I decided to try my Majolook eye shadow palette I'd gotten in my swap with Yume-chan.

I also used the Japanese half false eyelashes, the K-Palette eyeliner, Dramatic Volume & Curl mascara, NARS The Multiple in St. Bart's and Copacabana, NARS blush in Orgasm and Laguna, and finally, NARS lipgloss in All Night Long.

I don't usually wear dark lip colors, so I'm still trying to get used to it. I did notice that it goes on dark but lightens. Then I felt I looked kinda whorish with too much makeup so I took off All Night Long and put on NARS lipgloss in Orgasm.

I don't like how my face shape looks now that my bangs are growing out, but since they're so long already I'm just going to let them grow out all the way. Here's the current length of my bangs:

One of my 2009 resolutions is to physically write in a diary primarily (as opposed to typing on my private files...I type much faster than I can write). Late last night/early this morning, it struck me that I should also keep written diaries for my dreams (I dream weird shit) and another one for my writing/reading thoughts (so like ideas, book reviews, etc.). Things that are handwritten seem so much more personal, and when I keep my thoughts in a special place/nice journal, I value them more.

Anyways, I went to Borders and was there forever. Even though Borders is a chain bookstore, it's still my favorite (I'm a girl who likes to order from Amazon anyways). I'm always able to find what I'm looking for, the prices are reasonable, and the atmosphere is less commercial than Barnes & Noble (sorry, B&N fans). But the reason I went there today is because Borders carries a large selection of Paperchase London (Yasumi!) products, and they make such cute journals, stationary, etc. (Borders also has a lot of Papyrus cards, which I like to buy when I want something *special*). So I decided to be a ninja and snap pics for your viewing pleasure (hey, they should thank me if I entice others to shop).

The Pet Chopz display made me think of you, Yasumi! Aka London Zookeeper, hehe.
So much cuteness, but I had to have self control and tell myself I was in there looking for two diaries/journals. I decided to get just one since I wasn't feeling the rest, and I also got a box of cute notecards. She's a fairy but it reminded me of Yume-chan's Swimmer Alice in Wonderland.

The notecard box has four designs inside, shown here on the back:

I took those pics in the store so forgive me for them not being the most attractive photos...they're really cute though! Since I'm signed up with Borders Reward card whatever, I get coupons in my e-mail every month and used a 30% coupon for one item and a 25% coupon for the other, yay! I'm sure I'll be back at Borders again for another journal and maybe even a surpise giftie for someone (or maybe I already got one today...muhahaha).

My mini contest ends TONIGHT! Or technically tomorrow morning. =) Originally I was thinking of making header images with the blurbs and pics, but now I have half a mind to post the blurbs on my blog without pictures or that when people vote (even though my executive decision outweighs the voting poll), they will focus on what girls actually wrote. What do you think? Good idea or bad idea? (Of course I will reveal later which blurb belonged to whom.)


  1. I actually think you look good with bright lipstick, but then again it isn't that bright on you. :) It looks very natural to me. I also type faster than I write *sigh*. It's bad because you don't want to write. :X

  2. Girl.... I can stay in Borders all day. I study there in like 6 hr marathons!!! But I love their stationary stuff. I & hearts; paper.
    I have a bunch of journals but I can't commit to paper.

  3. HOTNESS!! Love the look!! And you look great in both lip colors!! Really makin me wanna buy some NARS glossys now!!

    LOL!! Borders!! UGH... I have a love/hate relationship with them.. only cuz that used to be my second part time job for 4yrs!! But I always picked up Paperchase stuff with my discount!!

    And you don't have a fat face!!

  4. i always TRY to keep a written journal but that fails...but anyways! very cute! and great finds!! i'm going to start keeping a log of all the books i read!! hopefully that will inspire me to read more >.<

  5. Gorgeous BEEEEEEEEEEEUUUUUTIFULLLLL Lady!!! This is IT NOW!! We really do have to make buckets of cash this year for an ultimate shopping trip!! NO ONE likes lurking in bookshops with me : (.

    You have a Paperchase too?? Well I never!! It's amazing that you knew that I like their stuff.

    A girl after my own heart you are!!! *sigh*I too feel the need to "write". I bought a bright yellow leather bound note book. It's not a diary per se...more like collection of random bits of my life. When I look back on it at the end of the year I laugh and wonder at my collection of lists, quotes, randomly strung together words, lyrics, vodka labels, plant life etc ----- I then revel in the fact that I am plainly quite mad it seems!

  6. you're pretty :P)
    that e/s Majolook palette looks super cute

  7. I think its a great idea to just focus on the blurb and not who wrote it, but they prolly know by now what I wrote since its on my blog! haha! :)

    You look very pretty! Now I know why I feel so close to you even though we have not meet yet. You look like my aunt *my mom's sister* She looks japanese and both of you have the same pair of eyes. i wish I have a picture of her but she modeled before internationally. She did the catwalk thingy at Japan, Taiwan, Singapore etc. :) I love your make up, so natural! :D Also your bangs is getting long! :D Your hair is so long also :)

    I love writing diary when I was a lil kid. I still do right now but the husband knows everything so I just made him my walking diary and just tell him everything. :)

  8. I loooooooove BORDERS too, it just seems so much "loungier" doesn't it??? I don't know what it is -- and sucky that MY nearest one is Montclair Mall. GRRRR.

    but those PAPERCHASE product lines are GORGEOUS, I see them @Papyrus on occasion, but not like THAT. U kicked ass on the eye-spy photos of their stock tho. YOU SHOULD GET PAID FOR THAT.... AHHAHHAHHA

    Mmmm Journals, which reminds me, I should be writing in all the effing journals i bought and haven't used (GEEZ)

    Come over dammit.

  9. Very pretty, I like this look, I have been wanting to purchase more and more neutral palette lately :P I am waiting until new 2009 collections release :D
    Whenever I go drugstore, even I don't need anything if it is especially buy one get one free, I know that I am getting something :P
    I love your bangs !!! sexy~

  10. wee wee...I like stationaries, cute items especially xD

    Marjolica marjoca is in Malaysia now,but I can't find it at my nearest store >.< (sad)

    you have your hair cut? I noticed there's a slight changes.Am I right??

    Journal...hmm,I have purchase lovely dairy from babosarang website and get them ship from Korea to Malaysia. I feel I really need a dairy this year. Yesterday is such a terrible day for me. I woke up late because I slept at 3-4 am and I have my class on 8.30am but I couldn't wake up and I'm late. After that, I went to finance department thought to get a clearance slip to get my result but the clerk claimed that I owed tuition fee and I was so angry and going to get mad because I have cleared all my payment few months ago. Then I rushed to my lab. The experiment is about plasmid isolation from E.coli (bacteria) it took 3hours to make it done. And a lot of moody things happened. I deeply feel that I need a dairy,something for me to write on.

    you are a lovely friend ^__^

  11. Ah so much cuteness!
    I hate when my nails get all dry and brittle in the winter as well. I tried a sally hansen product for that, but i got lazy and stopped using it XD
    I think you pulled off that lipcolor pretty well. I'm too chicken poop to try a darker shade for my lips hehe

  12. Cute! You just reminded me why Borders is fun to shop at!

    I love Papyrus! =) I really need to find some cute notebooks and stationary!

    Oooh a dream notebook is a great idea! I dream some crazy ass stuff too!!

    You should put your bangs up in a pouff! Ooor maybe part it mainly to one side and french braid it back and clip it on the side, underneath a layer of hair.

    That's one of my favorite palettes! I think All Night Long looks great on you! I don't know what you're talking about!!

  13. that majo palette is so cute looking!

    I like that l/s on you.

  14. LMAO! Omg, you have no idea how red I am right now. How dumb of me!!

    hahahaha ahhh i am soo embarassed!

    $10.99 to freakin 5.99!!!??!?!

    *Runs & hides!*

    But if you wanna get technical, the tax in LA is like 8.25%..So thats uh, 10.99+8.25%=$11.90 (rounded up) with 50% off is..$5.94. lmao!!!

    I really shouldnt be an accountant or do anything that has to do with numbers as a career huh?


    (running off to edit all of my posts now!)

  15. I just went back and re-read your comment. Did you say ANNIVERSARY SALE?!


  16. go re-look @ my mandom juice picture. =))

  17. I am getting addicted to Poupee girl, thanks to you! :D hahahah!:D Thank you for the sweet comment. My cheeks are just to chubby. Haha :D

  18. the lipstick looks fine! don't worry, its not too dark or even that bright at all. you're just imagining things..haha

    and i laughed when you said "I dream weird shit"..ahaha oh and i love visiting borders. they have very nice stationaries and other writing stuff.

  19. No more poupee bags :( I didn't even get one :(

    Anyway, are you going to get the Nars palette? Ohh, I'm craving for some Nars now! Haha! and I'm loving their lipgloss! Very pigmented! I should take pictures on it along with my Deep throat blush :p I

    Oh, did you get anything from the free cosmetics? I heard they will have it for a week. :D

  20. i ask a lot of questionsn to everyone, so sometimes i forget who i answer and what i asked haha, but i don't think there's anything?? XD
    that must be annoying if people ask why you celebrate it. do you get any of those red pocket money as well?
    i have noooo idea what to do besides going to orbis again haha. i think most of the stores will be closed on mon and tues for the holiday...blah! i'll be at home probably trying to search up some good ol ABDC XD

  21. I love Paperchase products too! :) That's a very cute journal you bought. And the note cards ... Wow. Totally eye candy.

  22. Hey Diana,
    I couldn't find your email address on your profile but I wanted to thank you for the supa-sweet comments that you left me. Thanks for the *hugs*. I wrote my Mommy Cat one last letter and hid it in her casket (w/ a pack of tic-tacs)!
    Oh, my bf doesn't read my blog. He only uses his PC for PORN, lol. It's gross and full of free porn STDS....I taught him how to use Ebay and I'm not even sure if he knows how to Google stuff. He made it right though, he showed up to my Mommy Cat's funeral in a SUIT, so he earned 100 points in my book, which is good b/c I was PISSED at him and he had about 5 points.
    Thanks Again,
    P.S. The stationary section in your BORDERS looks bigger than mine, I'm a little jealous. I'm a BORDER rewards member too. I love the coupons!


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