Wednesday, January 21, 2009

"The Quickie" Contestants!! Please VOTE

Thank you to each and every one of you lovely ladies for entering my "The Quickie" Mini Contest!! This mini contest is based first and foremost on the BLURB submitted (creativity and style but overall just a damn LOVELY blurb), not the pictures. So please take the time to vote for your FAVORITE by using the poll to the right! While I will consider the results of the voting poll, I will make the final decision. There will be more than one winner! Thanks for entering and thanks in advance for voting!

In order of entry times...

1. The Poker Face

She has a Poker Face, because she's good at hiding emotions. Her patient and quiet demeanor often disguises her creativity in arts. She paints with makeup and faces are her canvas. Constantly changing, she likes to reflect on inner self. She was not born into this world to "break stereotypes" or be unique or different from anyone or anything. Poker Face is not here to fall into any stereotypes. She is simply herself in any given situation and does not do things to satisfy anyone's assumptions. It will take a sincere heart to see the inner beauty of her Poker Face.

2. The Wallflower


She was the girl who's always been at the background. Did you notice her? Many will say no.
The girl who had a lot of insecurities in life, always been so conscious about herself.
Always been thinking she will never be pretty like her mother. Girls made fun of her, guys laughed at her.
But now, everything changed. Shyness in her disappeared. They laughed at her, she laughed with them.
Are you ready? Because she's here! Indeed a flower, but not meant on the wall.

3. The Rainbow Orchid

The shape and color oddly suggest her charm, a playful dandyism. Sweet and decadent--she is a tropical flower of evil. Delicate and highly cultivated, prized for rarity; she is unlike any other flower. Still young and fresh. Living life day by day, trying to figure out what she's about and what makes her happy. Ambitious but lazy. Open-minded but opinionated. She's all about realness. Her thoughts are uncommon, ridiculously raw. Her decisions aren't always the most logical but she's too young to care. Her life struggles increase her intelligence, she keeps her head floored (grounded?) because her mind is constantly driven. Shes's selective, she picks the pieces she needs for a puzzle called happiness.

4. Sweet Innocence


She looks innocent and youthful. Often mistaken for a much younger age.
Quiet until the LEO within her cracks and emits a lot of energy and attention.
She loves to be nurtured, pampered, and spoiled. Only come near if you've got some serious cash.
=). She's a big time flirt and misleads men all the time.
Come hither if you're asking for your heart to be broken.
Don't be fooled by this deceiving lady.

5. The Abstraction

She stalks that blurry situation between right and wrong, between darkness and light. She is the full spectrum yet a humble black and white. She is THAT social misdemeanour and THAT slick hostess. She is THAT fashion faux pas yet THAT a la mode finesse. You may find her where you least expect her and lose her when you do, for she is a whim, a joke an impulse, or just pure voodoo. No point in trying to untangle her for this is no quiz! To describe her would be to negate her for she quite simply, IS!

6. The Secret Doll

This doll doesn't like everything so exposed. She enjoys mystery and can never pass up on a good secret. She's innocent on the outside, not so innocent on the inside. But don't worry, she doesn't bite and your secret is safe with her.

7. The Beautiful Disaster
This was Sarah/Bedtime Cake's blurb but her blog got deleted and I didn't have a copy. =(

8. Andy's doll, a lovesick doll


She drinks glasses of attention from Andy, the one she will love longer than forever even when forever runs out. She gains her confidence from the sweet words he speaks, and smiles till her cheeks hurt and even continues to smile after that. He exposes her to new things like snowboarding and going to J-rock concerts; she's a girly girl. He strums melodies while she sings, something she rarely does around others. She's a lovesick doll who wishes that this would last her her whole life to come. She doesn't care if others say they're young; they love each other to death and she would rather die than live a minute without her Andy.

9. The

Don't let the word "angel" fool you. Angel nor devil, she just is who she is. She's neither this nor that. Not quite a follower, yet not quite a leader. She's not quite ordinary nor is she extrodinary.

Not a wallflower, yet not a star. She's always sweet, but can be the bitchiest one you'll ever meet. She blurs the lines, without going to either extremes.

She likes to live it up, she likes to live it down. She's been called an odd ducky, and she's fine with that crown. She rambles on without a care, yet loves to hear what people thought.

She just is who she is ― a Wuzzyangel, the Ramblings of a Nobody, slightly humorous, slightly not.

10. The Daydream Believer


Every book was a different world; libraries were galaxies. That silly girl, that Daydream Believer, loved novels like princesses loved their princes. Each page turned was a different place, a different life; who could get enough? Not she, never ever! Her every thought was a dream, an adventure. Every waking moment was the same as every night spent asleep. She dreamt of que sera, sera, whatever will be, will be. Maybe she should pull her head out of the clouds and keep those feet on the ground―who knows when her real Prince Charming will come by! Knowing this girl, though, she probably won't even notice, not what that face buried in those books…she'll just pass him by!

11. The SeductressTheresa

Every guy stops & turn around every time she smiles, they all wanted to see her even just for a while. Be careful not to stare because she's more than you can bare. Yes she's the ultimate seductress, a beauty diva or a goddess. Not to fall inlove if you can, be strong & be a man. Or pay the price of being one of her collection. Because I'm telling you, she's the queen of seduction!

12. The Leo Siren

She's a Leo woman - passionate, benevolent, darling and bold. Most says she can never be told but do you know she posesses a heart of gold? Vanity may be her nature but there is definitely more to share. She is more than just a girl who cares so much about what she wears. When she loves, she gives her all. When she's hurt, you'll never see her fall because she is a Leo woman who never falters - she's always strong. Her smile is the window of how she truly feels. She is known to be blunt because she want to keep it real.

She's a Leo woman - feisty, determined and driven. She always makes the most out of life especially the one that she has been given.

13. The Star
A little girl with cute face who pours tears each time month of December reaches. She had tried her very best to protect her family from generation gap and misunderstanding between in-laws age-old problems. Feelings of mis-treatment, injustice and hurt from un-diplomatic words and phrases had broken her fragile heart. All these 20 years, she strives to survive in this hideous family. No matter how hard life being, she will never give up. Deep in her heart, she is cleared that the only way to protect her family she need to stand strong. She will teach all those who had bullied her family a nice lesson. And now, she is on her way for revenge!!

14. The Good Girl

She's the good girl. Does everything she's told and even asks for more. She's the girl you go to when the world has got you down and she'll do everything to get you back up. The world to her is all candy and gumdrops, nothing bad can ever happen to the good girl. Eventually, the good girl wakes up. Realizes the world is sweet and sour and doing everything you're told doesn't really get you anywhere. The good girl realizes that being good, doesn't mean the world is good. But on the outside the good girl she remains. If only you knew, that every good girl has a dark side, some are just better at hiding it.


  1. Everyone's was great!!

    I'm torn between Yasumi and Amamada though!! There's was so them!!

  2. Yay! Its up! :D Goodluck to us all :p

    yeah the black tied e/s is glittery but nice. Ive been lemming for that e/s since I got carbon coz yeah carbon is boring black. hahah :)

    I have yet to expand my MAC brush collection and I can't wait for my 187 :D I need a powder brush as well :D I think I will purchase MAC brushes at my local CCO coz they're much much cheaper :)

  3. ooh!! you got a lotta contestants!

    p.s. i just finished after dark!! i didn't like the ending :[

  4. I need to put mine on my blog!! Haha wuzzy and I rhymed - we are the coooooooooooooolest!!! Hahaha

  5. Look at all the lovely contestants!!!
    Sooo Meow, so QUICKIE...

    Good job on the 1st contest!
    and best of luck to all the gals that put in their time & effort!

  6. Nice job! Their little story/description sound great!!!

    Good luck to everyone.

  7. Nice entries! I wonder who's gonna win XD

  8. Check out all your dolllll!

  9. what beautiful girls!

  10. WOw, I have more than 1 vote (my one...) hahahha Thank you for holding the contest! It was super fun and different! Btw, can you do a review on those body butters?

  11. THese are all so awesome! This was such a fun contest.


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