Thursday, February 5, 2009

Completely Spoiled by My Sweethearts!! Part I

Two posts within 24 hours?! Craaaaaazy! But...I blame it on Poupee Girl. They have special items for sale and I have to upload lots of pics for ribbons there, so I might as well share my new pics on my blog tonight! =)

I was completely overwhelmed today by the arrival of not one but TWO packages! If I post both, you'd be overwhelmed...and possibly enraged that I could get so much love in the mail (I myself can't believe it) here's part one! =)

Yume-chan and I did a second swap for spring and I'm so happy! Though we'd meant to send out on the same day, I was a day late with hers and so received hers first. (I hope you get mine today!)

cute hearts tape on the envelope! So Valentine's
close ups of the cute stamps
super cute!
I love seeing this on the package...
The stash of goodies!! omg L.O.V.E.
the cute snacks
super kawaii! how can I eat this? *chomp chomp*
a sparkly clear lipgloss! so pretty!!
rattail comb with cute design...I've been in need of one lately!
Canmake Cheek Gradation blusher in Peach Stripe 05! I love this so much ♥
But OH EM GEE!! VOV Castledew Diacut Cheek (Baked) in C 901 Planet Love Dia...I have been wanting and WANTING this!!
This was a surprise! She knew I love the Sexy Girl peach body cream...and this happens to be one of the new spring products!! It smells sooo good and I haven't seen it at Mitsuwa yet either!

Yume-chan really is a sweetheart...not too long ago she blogged about fukubukuro (aka lucky bags) in Japan, and she snagged a LoveLabo Bihada Ichizoku one for me! It came with alllllllll of these goodies:

bath salts
pink lip gloss
Pink Blush
lovely sheet mask
limited edition manga
and an overnight bag! complete with a toothbrush, toothpaste, cleansing gel, moisturizer, toner, face wash and hair tie

Thank you so much, Yume-chan!! I love everything, and everything's so pretty and cute! It's going to be some time before I use everything 'cause I just love to be surrounded by the cuteness! I hope you get your package from me sooooooon!! *hugs*

Next post...part two!! When? Once I can upload the pics onto Poupee Girl for more ribbons, of course. =P


  1. Yume chan love is so drool worthy :P

  2. WoW!!!! so much goodies! Now, I wanna see your make up stash and see if all of these stuff still fits in your make up drawer :P Lots of yummy goodies.. loving it! So kawaii! :D

    You are so spoiled but you deserved it! :D I can't wait for the 2nd post! :D

  3. Wow! All of these look super fun! Looking forward to the 2nd post.

  4. OOOOOHHH.... KAWAII JAPANESE GOODIES!! You're soo lucky girl!!! LOL!! CHOMPCHOMP!! But that fukuburo bag is such a great steal!! ALL those goodies in one bag!!! OMG!!! LOVE!!


  5. How beautiful!
    Lately not gain anything from post T____T

    Not have these things where I live ~
    Uaaah very beautiful!I love stuff from Japan, everything is so cute

  6. wooo... is Bihada.. I love it so much,hmm,I can't get it in Malaysia. but dear, U have them ... everything is so cute,so adorable,and hun,u are so lucky and yume-chan is so loving <3

  7. lucky duky!! i want jap-o stuff thats too cool!

  8. superrrrrrrrrrr cuteness!!!

    like all the artwork for everything is to absolutely die for isn't.
    hmmff to american pkging!!

    and post post, dress that poupee!!!!

    what a doll face that yume is, I know you spoiled her silly, so I can't wait to see what her haulage is! ^_^ yay for international swap sluts

  9. How cute!! yes, u did get spoiled!! all of those look so cute!! I am so interested in those VOV Castledew make up...well cant wait to see what u do with those

  10. Such cute stuff!! Very valentine's! :]

  11. yay! i'm going to pre-order from nordstrom!! ;D

  12. Woww look at all the wonderful things you got!!

  13. Woooooooow, that's so nice of her sending you stuff !! Japanese goodies :)

  14. What an awesome swap!!

    Very Very cute!!!

  15. She's so talented at picking gifts! Oh I've been wanting to try the Bihada Ichizoku blush! Let me know how you like it! And the canmake and castledew blushers look great!!!


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