Saturday, February 7, 2009

Just Touched Down From London Town...

Or I guess I should title this "Completely Spoiled by My Sweethearts!! Part II" but...nah.

This post is dedicated to my favorite, lovely London girl (Estelle aside), Yasumi aka the incredible Glow!! Prepare to be overwhelmed, because I was! I was so overwhelmed, I could have cried...but I didn't, instead I took pictures of everything so I could post onto Poupee Girl!!

nice size package waiting for me!

one look at the postage and I knew who it was from! Royal Mail, oh la la

everything! it felt never ending pulling all of these goodies out of that box!!
beautiful blue Chilli Pepper eye shadow palette! the butterflies are too pretty
Beauty Credit Lovely Cheek Color in Peach Girl! again, cute packaging!
aww...a pink heart necklace MADE by Yasumi! I feel like my Poupee Girl wearing it
Skin79 Shiny Pearl Water Drop BB Cream! Can't wait to try it!
Lioele Beyond the Solution BB cream! I'd thought about buying this one...Yasumi, you are my BB cream Queen!!
Space NK bath tablets in Enrapture and Laughter
VOV Skin Smooth Pack in Green Tea for moisturizing skin
Olive Facial Care Foam Cleansing
Shisem half size false lashes!! my favorite kind
Ohhh Echo's Eyelash
but my favorite favorite, Darkness K.ma4!! lol I love her little panda notes
and Vov lashes!
The Body Shop Sparkle Lip Gloss in Pink Sand! So pretty!
And now, samples for days! Days and days, I tell ya!

Lioele Blooming Shimmer Pearl Base sample
Etude House Moistfull first Etude House!
Beauty Credit samples
Clean & Clear Daily Soft Emulsion samples
It Glow Luminiser! This should totally be Glow's business card!
Missha Super Aqua Oxygen Mask sample
Exage samples!
And lastly, a Hyalurone Essence Mask!

Spoiled! I am completely spoiled!! Thank you so much, my luminious Glow! I love everything!!


  1. what a great package!
    i love that necklace!!

  2. oh,yasumi is so nice.. the BB cream will be nice on you ^__^

    the necklace is so special,definitely Valentine.

    oh dear,you are such a lucky girl ;)

  3. Awwwwwwwwww

    Yay for pretty girls spoiling other purdy girls! enjoy and be sure to review and post up some fabulousness with those goodies!

  4. what a lovely necklace! and so many goodies - you won't have to buy anything new for a while, with so many things to go through :)

  5. Wooooow, Yasumi is so swwet !!! Everything look so pretty :) I love that butterfly palette.

  6. wow cool gifts from your blog buddies =)

  7. i really wanna try out those korean lashes!! mann their soo expensivee =(

  8. her handmade jewelry is absolutely gorgeous!!

  9. wow so many goodies!!
    I love the "royal mail" stamp :)

  10. Wow, so many goodies to try. =) The necklace is pretty!

  11. Dang, that was some serious love in a box. I love the Royal Mail, it's like you got a package straight from Buckingham Palace! I've been trying to give my mom lots of *hugs*, she's soo skinny though I feel like I'm going to break her.
    I really need to step up my Poupee Girl game. My poor girl has been frolicking around Poupee world in a tee-shirt & panties for like 2 weeks!

  12. Those are some sweet goodies!!
    I have a question, how do I go about swapping? I'm a blogger virgin, very new to this! May I get an invite to blogger swap? Thanks for helping!

  13. WOW!! That's a big box! Its like Christmas all over again! You are sooo spoiled! But you deserve it! :D

    Those eyelashes looks really nice! I love all of them :D Do a look with your eyelashes :D I also love the necklace! It looks nice on you.

    tHAT BB cream looks great!! :D

  14. xoannie - I can't leave a comment on your blog but if you want an invite to blogger swap, you'll have to ask Trinh/Spankadelic as she takes care of that. =)

  15. Wow! So many goodies! the BB cream looks abolutley delish!

  16. Yasumi is the queen of generosity! You have got to love her.

  17. Wow!! That box was like Mary Poppin's Carpet Bag!! Yasumi is the sweetest!! And a handmade goodie to boot!! You deserve to be pampered girl!!! :D

    Falsies... Makeup.... Skincare... Jewelry.. Your Poupee girl is gonna be swimming in ribbons!! :)

  18. I love my paperdoll revenge!!! You are the wonderful one!!

    BTW Hello from Cape Town!!

    I am watching south african idol and some of these people are clearly demented.

  19. The eyeshadow palette is cute with the butterflies! :) I know this is a stupid question but I'm a newbie when it comes to falsies... lol~ :X Which side do you put on the outside with half sized falsies, short or the longer?

  20. Wow, you got so many goodies! Ahh, I love the pink heart necklace, I love everything pink! hehe Anyways, loving your blog!! =)

  21. Look at everything!! You are totally spoiled! =) Lucky girl!

  22. Lucky girl. Very nice loot!!! Those lashes are to drool for. Please do reviews the bb creams!!!

  23. I feel so bad, but Kimberly Tia beat you in inviting me to poupee... lol~ Blame her *looks around*! :X The only problem is I have no clue what I'm doing there... lol~

    Thank you for explaining me how to use the half sized falsies! I needed the help because I was clueless... hehe~

  24. Yeah he always try to get in to my videos. LOL! Oh, I just found out that our paycut will go on for 2 years. I gotta find another part time job to make up for those pay cuts we gonna get :( *Job hunt*

  25. that necklace is beautiful on you<3

  26. Im so jealous...still jealous....:(

  27. glow is so sweet!
    happy valentines!!


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