Wednesday, February 4, 2009

MAC Hello Kitty and Then Some!!

Lots and lots of pictures!!! I met up with Iyah and her hubby Adrian, Ria and her boyfriend Dave, and Iyah's YouTube friend Valeree at South Coast Plaza for the MAC Hello Kitty pre-sale event last night! It was madness. I thought it'd be a chill lil occassion, us leisurely playing with the new collection while sipping our free drinks and nibbling on free, yeah, not quite.

click on pics for enlargements...

the entrance!

the line in front of me! equally long or longer behind
me, Iyah and Valeree! waiting for Ria
closer to getting in!
are you starting to see the madness?
super cute balloons! too bad no one in our group got any :(
our group with our guy HK!
I really wanted a balloon! haha all I have are pics of them
Hello DJ! using a MAC at MAC...yes, I'm a dork for saying that :P
Ria and me now waiting in line inside the store! You can see Dave's face reflected in the glass
time to get serious and make our selections using our pink menus that reminded me of sushi order menus :P
swatching and deciding...
couldn't move anywhere so here's what it looked like in front of me! we were packed like sardines
and just as many sardines behind me! and in line to get inside still!
me, Iyah and Ria...they're such pretty girls!
Iyah and Adrian looking pretty happy after purchasing! Hello Kitty ♥
MAC MUAs in their cute Hello Kitty shirts! I love her huge pink bow!
one very happy group of girls, hundreds of dollars later and with drinks!

Afterwards we went to check out Sephora and talk shop, that is. Ria and Dave had to leave to be with their family (*hugs*) so Iyah and Adrian and I went to Guppy's in Cerritos (their first time!). (The free drinks and food at MAC we were able to get were tiny appetizer thingies and plastic cups of pink lemonade and "vodka"...tasted like lemonade to me!).

Iyah and me at Guppy's...we're happy we got our MAC Hello Kitty!!

I told them this was a MUST HAVE! Butter Coconut Brick Toast with fresh strawberries and chocolate drizzled over...mmmm
without flash

My HK haul? Only this!

Lipstick - Cute Ster - Sheer peachy pink with pearl

Lipgloss - Sweet Strawberry - Sheer berry with blue pearl

Funny because they weren't the colors I thought I'd get (Strayin' and Mimmy), but when I swatched, Cute Ster is very sheer and shimmery like a pigmented peach gloss (yes, I'm a gloss girl) and Sweet Strawberry is a juicy pink berry, a bit like NARS All Night Long but more blue pink and not plum.

I told you I wasn't interested in picking up too much from it (still have to wait for a Dazzleglass!)'s the rest of what I got at MAC.

217 Blending Brush (my first MAC brush! and Ria's favorite that she recommended to me)
Lipstick in B Babe (Frost) from the Brunette Blonde Redhead collection (perfect pale creamy pink)

It was such a fun night! I'm so glad I got to go and share the experience with some of my beautiful and sweet blogger girls. I was also happy to meet up with Iyah so I could give her her contest prize...but she one upped me and surprised me with a gift!! Ahhhhh!! How could she do that to me?!

She gave me this The Amoure bag filled with goodies! I couldn't believe it! The Laneige Strawberry Yogurt Peeling Gel that she recently reviewed and I've seen everyone rave about, and she also picked out some Laneige samples and Darkness false eyelashes!! are a sweet but sneaky girl! I'm so going to get you back when you least expect it! :P

And if that wasn't enough, today I met up with Kon so I could give her her contest prize as well...and she suprised me with this!!

adorable cute box!
hmm what could possibly be inside?
Polvoron! Yummy Filipino candy that she recently blogged about! Delicious!

Didn't these girls know they had already won and didn't need to bribe me with goodies?! Ahhh such cute and sweet girls!! I am so glad I got to meet them both! They are both sweethearts and I'm so glad I got to give them their contest prizes in person.

Thank you so much, Iyah and Kon!!


  1. AHHH!! look slike SO much fun!!! the bastards at my MAC sent me my invite the DAY of the event boo. but congrats on the 217! its a must have and I use it every day. you will LAHV eet [:

  2. ahh!! im so jealous!! i had work...but hopefully theres stuff left for me to buy on the 20th!! ahh!!!

  3. WOW thats pretty crowed there at MAC. I really wanted to go but too bad I am too busy! You so lucky to get some of HK goodies first!

  4. Wow :D You must had a blast !! I like all the pictures especially that DJ MAC !!!!! hilarious ! You got pretty lipstick and lipgloss.

  5. lucky you!!! aw u girls look great!

    i wish i could hve gone. im so in the dark w/ this crap..

  6. Seeing your line makes me glad that we were second in line! BUt it took only mere mins for it to get PACKED inside!! OMG I don't believe that's all you bought!! I'm weak....

    LOL!! I like how in the pic of Iyah & Adrian... He's the one holding out HIS wallet!! LOL!! What a great hubby!!

    And look at you getting sweets!! Sweets for the sweet!!! (Mac for Mac)!

  7. You look like you had such fun!! And I am glad that you got some gifts because you are such a generous and kind soul!!

  8. Hahahah! I'm glad you liked my surprise! I love surprises! Adrian always does that to me. He's very sneaky on giving me gifts so I learned from him. You never know when I'd surprise you again :p I'll wait for the version of your review! :p

    Woot! I am so happy I got to meet you! My post is up :D Thank you for the gifts you gave me. You are so nice and generous! I hope to hang out with you again.

    The pic of us and Adrian cracks me up! He seems so happy he paid hundreds of bucks for make up that he 1st didn't want me to get! Wahaha! Its so funny! :p

    I will be there next week (thurs and fri) and so if you're free, maybe we can have snacks together. Maybe try other places. I love guppy's though! Thanks for introducing it to us! :)

  9. wow! that place was super packed! LOL! your HK stuff looks so drool-worthy. :)

  10. mmmmm i suddenly had a killer brick toast craving. hot damn....

  11. lol i couldn't stop laughing when you said you thought the event would be just a few people sipping cocktails..

    we definitely all have to go out again! was sooo fun!! i wish i could have went to guppys with you guys i was soo hungry too :[ emergencies suck especially when their bad news filled!

    i should be seeing you only live a city away! :]

  12. Its almost like the day after Thanksgiving! But even better its MAKE-UP! Love it! Thanks for sharing.

  13. uh... I wish I'm part of it too. Such a wonderful meet and haul with all girls <3

  14. im'a tell u what i told vanessa... i'm wayyy to jealous to really say much right now.


    lol, sorry that's the hater in me talkin

    nice haul tho =)

  15. Aw how cute you all went together! :]

  16. just cruisin` by;;

    the event looked fun! I wish I didn't live in texas :(

  17. thanks diana! now if only time will pass by quicker today =p
    i love how you can see how you progess in the line up haha..that must have been some chaos there! the strangest thing...what's up with that hello kitty dude?!?
    that chaos makes me think...what a kid would do in a candy store.

  18. I know! I think I will go back next week too but probably just hit the malls near here since Adrian needs to work that day :/ I hope they won't ran out. I'm planning to get both palettes again so I could sell it later! hahaha! :p don't need to surprise me! The gift I gave you is just a thank you gift for your kindness! :) You deserve it! :D

    I am so in love with my HK stuff! Haha! I don't even feel like I wanna use it. Haha! But yes I will do a look soon! :D

  19. ahhh looks soo exciting! im jealous... i wanted to go but got the msg late... u should do some swatches.. love the pictures!

  20. Aw that looks like so much fun! Oh man, I would have gone crazy with that crowd! I haaaaate being crowded when I shop. I can't deal with crowds in the mall haha. I get pissy =P

    The toast looks so yummy!

    So sweet of the girls to give gifts back to you!

  21. omgoooodness D! i am sooo jealous! i woulda been up in that bitch had i been in cali. GRRRRRRRRR! i'm missin out on some good chit man... *CRIES*

    you guys looked like ya'll had mad funnnnn tho. thanks for sharin' GURLLLL.

  22. hey lovie

    can you email me?

    got a question for ya!

    thanks ;)

  23. It looks like you guys had a blast! :) I can see future good friendship in the works for you... hehe~

  24. i couldn't make it to the prelaunch.. had class. =*( make sure to save some $ for the couture line!

  25. you ladies had so much fun! i'm staring at the snacks she got you hahahha

  26. Waaaah! Those Kitty Balloons are sooo cute. I want to have one!
    ~Pauline @


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