Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Marry Me, M?

She makes me blushhh....ahhh she's so wifey material...some of you know her as that stylish pretty New York lady Mona...some know her as a swapper skank teehee...but I know her as my luvahhh!! ♥

She entices me to come to New York and revel in wild nights in the city and shopping sprees with her by sending me these thoughtfully selected goodies! Love delivered indeed!!

My first beauty bible! The latest issue of Queen magazine
A little New York City in my life!
Beautiful Urbanbark pocket journal! I love the design and color scheme! What better gift for a paperdoll?

Now if you haven't been to Mona's blog, I tell you she is the Lush-ious queen! Lush Cosmetics are handmade goodness...if you try the right items. A couple of years ago I tried the Ocean Salt Cleanser...I didn't think it was anything special so I lost interest in Lush...until Mona, of course!

Ice Blue Soap -Intense peppermint soap cools, cleans and refreshes (Vegan)
and Bohemian Soap -Lemon drops for clean, poetic inspiration (Vegan)
and Marziban Bubble Bar for a relaxing bubble bath (this one smells similar to her favorite holidy soap Snowcake)...they all smell delish!!
Yummy snacks! All pink and cute and yummy in my tummy!
look, it's a chocolate hearts flower...
Yummy Hemius Aloe and Pomegranate masks for my face! I'm so using the Pomegranate one tonight! Give me anything pomegranate or strawberry or green tea and I'm all over it!
OH EM GEE...the legendary peach balls of happiness!! My sneaky luvah said she'd send me a sample...she sent the whole damn thing in all of its adorably cute peachy balls of happiness!! *swoons and gives Bambi eyes look* And OH EM GEE...it's my first Paul & Joe!! *squeals*
with flash...sorry I need better lighting!
And lastly...a little love bear with pretty flower button pins! Pieces of flair! So darn cute!

I love everything! I feel so loved and spoiled! The penguin book clips are working hard, they've already held pages in two books and now I just bought three more books this weekend. Thank you! I love me some Mona love! I lovers it and I lovers you! *mwah* ♥

Now everyone, run over to Mona's blog 'cause she's currently holding a fabulous contest with swanky prizes!! Go and get you some Mona lovin' too. =P


  1. whooo paul and joe is everywhere!! they have adorable packaging!! what books did you get?!

  2. wow that is some MAJOR loving :)
    i wonder what the lush stuff is all about, i keep seeing it everywhere but i haven't done any research on it lol
    & that p&J blush o man i've been wanting that for quite some time YOU LUCKY LUCKY girl!

  3. Wow!! How great of her! She's soo sweet!! And GOSH YOU GOT THE PAUL&JOE Bambi Blush!!! YAY!! After seeing Fuz use it all the time, I'm lemming it!!

    You deserve it all you Paperdoll!!

  4. We love MONA!!! woooooo

    wow you have a lot of goodies!! You never need to shop again.....ok not for a while anyway!

  5. Ooo - The P&J blush look sooo freaking good! Can't wait to get my hand on one in the future!

    And i love the design on the pocket journal, i love to write.


  6. wooohooo... Mona is great and too sweet. Haha.
    Dear,you are spoiled by her. Well, you should meet her in NY and spree with her,I'm sure it will be very fun for you girls.
    P&J bambi blush is soooo cute ..
    and LUSH, I never tried it before, but it had made me so curious with it.
    Oh, Queens Magazines... Love it <3
    can u scan few pages and post in your blog? well, I wanna compare it whether the Taiwan version is same as Malaysia version.I will be so happy if you do so.

  7. Fab! Fab! Fab!

    The Queens Bibles you've been DYING to get your hands on FINALLY!

    Your very own LUSH... and P&J

    Life gets no better than spoils by the NY lover! That Mona is my HERO.
    Mona for blogger president!!

  8. wow! mona definitely hooked you up with dem goodies! OMG P&J!

  9. i swear doesnt mona just spoil us!!!

    hahaha...well i hope you had a happy vday!

  10. really sweet of Mona!! you got the good stuff!!!

    Paul & Joe!! i'm interested now!!

  11. ohhh cool ! You have the same name like me !! :D

  12. You got SPOILED!! I really want some LUSH in my life but every time I go there in the mall the sales girls are soo annoying and stalker-ish, I always end up running out with NADA! I'm going to have to make a list and go in there strapped! Yeah, you soo need Glitter liner in your life. It will change you for the better :)
    Oh & by the way NO! They are MY chocolates and that's how I roll. I bite them and put them back, so when I go back for more I already know what's inside. No games, no mysteries :)

  13. those are some yummy goodies!!! I want some paul joe too! especially that blush! :) Sooo pretty!!

  14. Wow... I wish my wifey did that kind of stuff!! LOL. Man those are some good stuff she sent you there!! That Bambi soap balls and vegan soap look interesting... I might get some for myself. Let me know how it works for you. :)

  15. Oh yayyy cute gifts!! Gotta love P&J!

  16. haha i thought those lush were subway sandwiches at first! lol soo much candies.. mMmmm chocolate my favorite! =P

  17. Yay presents! Mona is amazing, and so are you! You desereve those lovely gifts, have fun playing!

  18. love love loveee the p & j! def have to get my hands on some!!!

  19. we're getting married in hawaii just so you know

  20. owaaah! thats loads. lucky you! :)

  21. I swear you always got the cutest stuffs!!! You spoiled brat!!! LOL

  22. Ahhh! Whenever I'm at your blog, looking at your paul & joe blush makes me wants to get it more and mooooree! Hahah! <3

    Yeah I love suprises, and I love giving suprises and yes I learned from Adrian. he's really good at surprises. very sneaky. You'll never know what he'll do next. Although since we know each other for too long, sometimes, I do sense that he's going to do something sneaky. hahaha!

    Thanks. My blair look isnt that preppy but I hope its OK.

    The Strayin and Popster are really pretty. I fell asleep then woke up, still having Strayin on my lips. It was funny! Hahah! I'm going to get a back up for that :p

    Are you going to IMATS on June? We need to go to purchase a PRO CARD! Lol!

  23. Aw Mona got you some awesome stuff! You'll love the P&J blush!

  24. ooh la la - so many yummy and pretty things!

  25. Aww lucky girl. =) I still want to try some lush products.


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