Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Blog Awards and Friday the 13th Video

It's blog award season!! I've been awarded by Annie with a "Your Blog Rocks" award and Cathy with a "Kreativ Blogger" award. I'd like to thank...just kidding. But seriously, thank you ladies!

List 7 things that you love, and then pass the award on to 7 bloggers that you love! Be sure to tag them and let them know that they have won.You can copy the picture of the award and paste it on your sidebar letting the whole world know...you are Kreativ!

7 Things I Love...
1) eating
2) drinking (haha what? I get thirsty!)
3) learning new things
4) hugs, kisses, cuddling...cupcaking lol
5) reading, writing and keeping handwritten journals (Paperchase makes my fav journals!)
6) collecting things that make me happy, like sheet masks or things that come in cute packaging
7) things that sound like food haha i.e. baked makeup and sweet/fruit flavored/scented items

and the nominees are...
1. Mayaari
2. Iyah
3. Angie
4. Wuzzy
5. Yasumi
6. Alyssa
7. Kon

Honestly I try to name those who I don't think have been named already and I try to rotate names...so please don't take offense if I don't name you! It just means I think your blog is so loved it's already been named. =)

Last Friday was Friday the 13th...so of course, I had to go out! I made a short video out of the photos and some random, silly video footage at the end (honestly...it felt a little weird to try to take videos...since the club's too dark and people think I'm taking a picture, lol). Don't mind how hoarse my voice sounds at the end of the video. =X


  1. Look at you lookin all HAWT at the clubs!! Rockin the little black dress! Sexy girl!! Shake it!! Shake it!! :)

    LOL your friends are too funny! Haha you just gave your friend up!

    And awww you gave me an award?! Thanks girl!! LOL at the "I get thirsty"!!

  2. cute video. you look hot! i've only been clubbing twice in my life..haha

  3. Hot...
    between I gave u an award too.. hehe

  4. awwww cuuuuteness

    my tommy tommy! I had a tommy sighting on your vid.

    and le rawr someone look'n FLY

    HOORAH for ah-ah-ah---ahh alcohol...

  5. congrats!! I know what you mean about rotating names LOL. But anyway they are all-well deserved!!

    clubbing looks like a lot of fun :)

  6. thanks for the award hun! I'll have to write up my 7 things and think of more bloggers at home, when I can peruse my blogroll with more ease :) My poor sheet masks are sitting in a box, all neglected, haha...too mnay things to try at once! we can definitely set up a mask swap and trade collagen for pearl, or any others that you're not finding...I'll be going back to Walgreens this weekend just to see if they got any more in stock =P

    dang, I'll have to look at your video later as well, it's blocked here :(

  7. you look reallly cute with your dress! I love eating too haha, who doesn't?

  8. Oooooh all you ladies look HOT!
    Ahhh let's gooo clubbing! haha
    And you're welcome!

  9. Holy cow that was a fun video u made! I loved how the pics did that lil effect at the "al al al co holll" part!

    And...If I am right, this is such a small world because I think that looks like the "TWEE" I met @ my cousin in laws wedding this past December. I wouldnt be surprised if we know some of the same people! OC is not that big! lol


  10. You look so cute!! You're such a babe! ;)

    Thanks for the award dear!!

    Hahaha, I clean my belly button because it gets dirrrrty =P hahaha

    Your photos are so cute and candid! I love them!!

  11. Awww cute! Love partying, hehehe

  12. I like the part of "al-al-al-cohol" part of the film. It's so cool with the different squares (I know I'm literate when it comes to computer stuff... hehe~).

    Thanks for the award again! I will do both of it either today or tomorrow... hehe~ I'm so loved by you!!! :)

    I tried adding the widget for the "sweethearts who love me most" but I don't get that list. Any help?... hehe~

  13. I added the widget, but I don't see any list/tally... lol~ I named it "Love By." When do you see the list?

    I'll do a look with the blush of course. :)

  14. Yup, yup I did everything you mentioned... lol~ I've been trying this all day and I get no luck *sigh*. :/

  15. I finally got it to work... woo hoo~ I guess my 10th time trying was the charm... lol~ :X

  16. Its raining awards!! :D Will do this sooon!! :D yayyy!! :)

  17. omg i want to go clubbing with you!! i havent been to a 21+ one yet...my boyfriend will kill me...before i was with him i went ALL THE TIME!! but to the ghetto little 18+ events :[

  18. ahhh i'm jealous! i wanna be partyin' with you!

    btw, you're mighty haawwwt my spice sauce ;P

  19. i never been to highlands! weird but i went to others... nice pix u got ! funny facts.. i get thirsty too LOL xox


  20. Nice pix!! very cool video!!! you're beautiful!!

  21. I know.. I kinda look different with black hair & I'm not liking it.. it looks very dry.. Still have to find something that will make my hair turn back to its shininess like before :/

    Ahahah! I counted my l/s and l/g too and I have more than 20 also! hahah! Its crazy! ;p

    Happy weekend! As for me, its work! hahaha!

  22. Hey, Diana! thank you for visited me and left so sweety comment! I'm so appreciate it :)!

    and I like so much your videos on YT! Please, keep doing it :)!!<33


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