Thursday, March 12, 2009

Mail Love from Blogger Sweethearts!!

I loooooove getting mail (not counting bills and junk mail)...and I love it even more when sweethearts send me surprises!

First I got a sweet handmade card from Melissa!! She's the sweetie who gave me her Sephora $15 code back in Nov/Dec and now this too!

MAC on one side...

and Hello Kitty on the other! It's perfect!
She also wrote me nice, long message...thanks sweetie! first Korea Post parcel! Covered with cute stickers (I forgot to take a pic)..from none other than the sweet Millie! Miss "It' just a lil something something" sent me all of this love! She really got me riled up...I had to make a video!

For those who don't want to watch the are the pictures!

this is more than a lil something something!
cute MajoMajo feather pen...I love the color!
my first Skin Food eye masks!! actually my first eye masks!
Paul & Joe Light Ceansing Milk...who doesn't love P&J?
Anna Sui-esque Etude House comb!
Shiseido emulsion and lotion!
and OH EM first Heroine Make Kiss Me lip rouge!!

Both of you girls are sweethearts!! Thank you so much! I'll be sending you both something too once my parcels are ready, hehe (I'm getting back up here). ♥

I leave you with my "shipment center" of love waiting to be delivered...


  1. cute swap items ^^ i love how girly p&j stuff is!

  2. I'm loving your little shipment center!!! My corner is starting to look like that. I've become a box hoarder.
    Your videos are so cute!! I look like such a tool when I attempt videos!!
    International love packages ♥. I really love the rat tail comb. I have a zillion of them from Sally's & they are sad looking. :(

  3. nice swap items - love how bright that feather pen is :) and whoa to your shipping station! various parts of my apt end up looking like that, haha

  4. Very cool stuffs!

    You're so pretty! and your hair just beautiful!

  5. she's such a sweetie! the feather is sooo cute!

    omg your shipping center is insane, you got usps in your room!

  6. omg it's christmas all over again your bedroom woman!!!

    and what a cute millie pkg she's such a doll face!!!
    i love the etude comb! it's soooo sexy and chic

    and that feather pen is gorg. perfect for diana journal entries!

    miss u cuppy cake!

  7. adorable things :) very sweet of everyone!

  8. yay for packagesss!! I love getting emm!! weeee!! :D How sweet are these blogger girls :) Don't we just feel love & spoiled? Heehee!

    You deserve to be spoiled! :) Ohhh, I sent you a lil gift at Poupee! hahah :) I dunno, I just thought you might want a gift.. hahah! :)

    Oh, I went to Book Off (Marukai) & found some Pinky mags that are 1 month old & they were selling it for $3.00. OMGosh! That is very cheap!! hahahah! :) I just thought I'd share :) The hubby bought me 2! I'll be posting them once I get home. :)

  9. ahhhh.... cute cute, sweet sweet...hehe.
    enjoy enjoy <3

  10. oooh the feather pen is so cute!:) lovely goodies :)

  11. Haha!! You're sooo effin cute in the vid!! :D Love the cleavage shirt!! O_O

    That's a cool ass pen! And Skinfood & Paul&Joe?! Wow!! How sweet and generous of her! You got a lot of sweet goodies!! You deserve it all girl!!

    And yes we're very proud of you!! LOL!!

  12. Feather quill?? I like mucho much indeedy!!

    OMG - how many parcels are you sending?? I am certain that you told me that you are on a parcel diet?!! You are a sweety Diana!! xx

  13. L O L on the junk mail and bills. haha

    I love getting mail too, it just makes me feel so special.

  14. Looks like a wonderful package! Those cards are so pretty!!!!

  15. Yaaay for swapping! Those are great items that you got! The feather pen definitely caught my eye. =]

  16. Wow-that shipping center has really grown! My "center" is quite sad compared to yours :p

  17. oooohweeee! somebody got spoiled! i live my *princess* life vicariously thru u and the other beauty bloggers LOL. u got some reallly nice things tho...

  18. awww so nice of her!! goodies!! i like that feather pen!!

    and hun, i love ur hair!!

  19. How sweet of them! Millie is a sweetie pie!

    I love eye masks!

  20. your video was so sweet!!! hehe. i love the's just so cute and girly!
    the card looks really cool! i can't remember the last time i made something =p
    i think i'll miss my bangs, just cuz it covers my funny forehead... i think it'll be a whole lot of debating on what to do with my hair this summer...haha..i'm so indecisive

  21. aww cute package!! the feather look cool!!

  22. Uhm Diana, how come you have lots of boxes? Are you sending that out? heehee!

    Oh, Adrian wasnt actually watching me do a vid, he was beside me using the laptop.. hahah! :p

    The HK blanket was soo cheap. It was only $12.99 and its made of fleece.. super warm! :)

    I like the Dazzlepuss better because its pigmented on my lips. The Kitty kouture is like a clear gloss which lots of glitter. perfect for night time I guess? heehee! But i love them both! :P

    What is the lipglass that you got from Nordstrom? now you got me all curious :p

    How come Popster does not look good on you? is it too pink? I return the Pink fish but got it again for some reason.. Shhh! Hahah!

    I am moody! :( I change my moods a lot.. like I wanna do this thing, then the next day, I'd be like, nahh I don't wanna do it no more! hahah!

    Yeah Go to Book-off at many magazines.. I regret posting them because now a lot of people are emailing me to buy magazines for them.. I don't mind but its just too far, and the gas money too.. its just hassle. hahah! :p

  23. I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.



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