Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hair Color Woes

It's that time again...I can't decide what color to dye my hair. I know I don't want this current color anymore. Now that the seasons are warmer, my skin tone gets deeper and it just doesn't go well with the current auburn dark brown (cranberrychocolat) hair color. So...should I keep a similar color or go darker?

I'm leaning towards darker but hesitating since there's a good chance in a few months I'll want my hair to be lighter, haha (lighter being a medium brown shade). I'm so easily influenced...I'll see a picture of a gorgeous model in a Japanese mag and want her hair color! But then again, I want a color that'll flatter my skin tone.

Here's what I used for my current hair color (though my hair's not as red, it's actually dark brown on top and gradually fades to a golden reddish brown thanks to my old highlights...I can't wait until I can cut them all off!).

Actually if you ever watch any of my YouTube videos you'll have a good idea of my hair color (except for when the sunlight makes it looks lighter, which kind of shows you the old highlighted parts).

Here are the colors I'm deciding between (yes, four, since once I choose similar or darker, it's a matter of shade/hue variation).

So something similar to my current hair color but without the red tones (I think the red tones are unflattering now that my skin's getting browner)...this is "Royalbrown"

This is "Natural Brown"...looks darker than my hair now...though I'm not sure if this shade will be flattering for my skin tone...

But...if darker...just a little bit darker (which would be lighter than my natural color)...this one's called "Natural Black"...
Or a lot darker? (Closer to my natural color) This one's Deep Black...

Yeah, I know...I'm indecisive. I predict I'll dye my hair the lightest shade, and if it's too light I'll just gradually go darker until I'm happy, but it'd be much better to just get it right the first time.

I have to say highlights are EVIL. Well, they're great if you're indecisive and want drastic hair color changes, but they absolutely SUCK when you don't want highlights anymore. I've been growing my highlights out for over half a year, and it's a pain when I dye my hair because the highlight parts always fade to a lighter color than the rest of my hair. So I can't really dye it lighter than what my hair currently is because if I dye it a light shade, the old highlights fade and become most embarrassing in pictures since the flash will make them look orange blonde, FTL! (Yes, that happened last summer, lol, snoop around if you must to see how light my hair used to be.)

"Royalbrown" is so much like my color now that I'm not sure if it'd be flattering for my skin tone, but it is probably the lightest my hair can currently go...and the darker colors, well, anyone who dyes her hair black knows that means it is pretty freaking hard to dye it lighter later (without highlighting, and no I don't want to start this cycle all over again!).

I think I'm leaning towards Natural Black (third choice)...what do you think? I'm indecisive, so please help! =P

Yes, I'm vain for posting an entire entry about this.


  1. Hi Diana,

    I think you should try dark auburn!

  2. oppsss. honestly, I can't help, I never have my hair dye, my daddy will scold me >.<

    it time for u to go for hair salon i think. hehe

  3. I don't think you should go too black.... It'd be too much of a contrast... Maybe the rich dark brown?! Well to be honest, you'd rock any color girl!!

  4. i'm so indecisive about my hair too hahaha. I like the color of your hair now, i think if you're going to dye it, you should go for a shade that's noticable in the sunlight, but more subtle indoors. so maybe you could just amp up the color you have now.

  5. i think you should try the 'lightest' colour and then go gradually darker(especially if your indecisive).

  6. if i were you id get my hair dye at a sally's beauty supply...you never know how long these boxes have been sitting in a market...or store...ASIAN NO LESS!!!....

    on top of that sally beauty supply is cheaper but the quality is salon...if you decide to go for the palty i think you just might neeed 4 box's...

  7. I agree with Jamilla! auburn!!!

  8. oh i hate highlights too when they're getting old. anywho..i'm liking the natural brown look.

    how are those asian hair dye??? do they fade fast? do they smell?? how many do u use for ur long hair?

  9. maybe a rich chocolate color :) japanese colorant are so potent i dont even bother with hairsalons here! haha

  10. I think Natural Black would be a good transition; there's always the chance that the color will fade anyway, so you'll end up with a shade slightly lighter than what's on the box. I just colored my hair over the weekend - the colorist went darker than I wanted, but made the same argument that the color would fade a bit, but it would still cover the red/brown that's growing out (though most of THAT got chopped off afterwards, haha).

    Highlights are a love/hate...love em when you just get em, but maintaining them can be such a pain! and I feel ya on the way they turn a different color no matter what the rest of your head looks like.

  11. I like the natural black as well. I think it would be good for your summer complexion.
    Also, do these products work better than like clairol or whatever?

  12. *BASTARD*

    "Shakes fist at her furiously"

  13. HAHA.. I'm the same way with the colors in my hair.. I color it one color, then want to color it another.. Dark/light.. I can never figure it out..

    Hope it works out for you !

  14. oh gosh i know what you're totally going through!! i hated choosing a hair color...to go lighter or darker...it's a hard decision! i'm sure whatever you choose though you will look BEAUTIFUL as always!!

  15. I've problems with highlights too, esp when growing them out.

    Auburn is nice!

  16. You should paint your hair with a light brown or a color of "chocolate" .. these tones would be perfect on your skin tone!

    I do not have the courage to dye my hair .. he is still virgin hahaha

  17. rich dark chocolately mysterious brown for me please!!

    Be careful though - you have such lovely tresses xx

  18. I like Natural Brown, I think the model on the box is the prettiest! Ok that doesn't help you. I think a lighter brown will look nice on you, I'm gonna have to stalk your blog for pics of you then report back with my non professional opinion

  19. hiya D :) I use a liner brush when I use the Benefit as a liner (der, haha) but if I'm using as the base or as the only color on my lid, I usually just use my finger cause it's easier...though I'll admit that I don't think I've used a brush on cream shadows before!

  20. Hey Diana! I prefer Visee Blackish B-1 because it has cooler tones. B-2 is warmer, more goldeny. It's just that warm brown tones are a bit difficult for me, since if they are too pinkish it makes my eyes look irritated!

    Here's a link to a set of pictures. I think they are pretty true to the actual colors that I tried out!

  21. we have the same dilemma!! I am ready to color my hair lighter but still waiting for my hair to get better :(

    I suggest "Royal Brown" .. I think your skintone and that color will match great :D

  22. Dianaaaa! OMG I missed you!! :) We need to do some make up shopping again! :D

    I wanna see your new hair colorrr.. I might go to the salon for mine because the black color is so strong, they told me its gonna be hard for me if Id color myself lighter :(

    Yeah I got it at South Coast. I wanna get Baby Sparks..but I got Money Honey since it LE :p

  23. I have not thank you yet about the primping parleur store. You are the reason why I got my bambi blush which I LOVEEE!! THANK YOU DIANNNAAA!!! :D *HUGS***

    I will order it online because ebates has 4% off at sephora so that will make my order 19% off :)

  24. i just dyed my hair a dark color lately for my trip [cos i dont want my roots to show in the pics]

    i think u should go royal brown

    btw i am so slow in replying comments and stuff [Sorry!!!]

    i miss u! i feel like i havent talked to u in ages now

  25. Its very hot!! I was dying with the sun a while ago.. I think I got a little dark now. My arms are so much darker than my face because of driving! X( I need a good sunblock! :(

    Did you get anything from the sephora though? I only ordered 2 things and used my giftcard so I don't have to pay a penny. ahahah :) Yeah the ebates helped a lot since they have 8% off at sephora :D

    Its not too late yet! Tomorrow is the end of the 15% off sale :)


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