Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Lush Life...

My very first experience with Lush was probably about two years ago when I tried their Ocean Salt Cleanser at a friend's place, and I wasn't too impressed (but it was summer and at the time my face was sunburned). Since then, thanks mostly to the blogging Lush Queen wifey M, my curiosity has peaked sinceI would love for my beauty products to be not only good for me but also good for the earth. So I finally visited the closest Lush store and made some purchases from studying the website and also M's recommendations!

Here's a three minute video, haha...

overall "haul" (a bit small to call a haul)
Eau Roma Water Toner (alcohol free)...smells aiight, not sure if I'd want to repurchase again
free sample of Ocean Salt Cleanser
Angels on Bare Skin Cleanser
Buffy and Aqua Mirabilis Body Butters (exfoliating and moisturizing)
free Body Butter Tin with purchase of two Body Butters
how it looks inside the tin (perfect fit)

Since this post and video are both short, here are some pictures of how my hair looked before and after I dyed it. the shade, you can see where my old highlights start
Before, in the sunlight...I hated how the highlights faded to look so bright! Copper sunset!
(but, it wasn't that noticeable when not in the sunlight)

After...dyed...this is how long it was before I got a haircut, the ends were all fried looking haha
Alright luvies...time for me to catch up on my blog reading and commenting back!


  1. I love your hair color!

    I just got to try my first Lush stuff a week ago. I also bought the angels on bare skin & its quite nice! I gave my aunt half of my block!!

    I would love to go check out more goodies from them!

    Which local Lush did you visit?

    I went to a lush store in FL last week and came back and looked up the nearest one over her is in Anaheim.

  2. haha those lush stuff really looks like munchies! but i wanna try them now since i saw u on blogtv the other day! sensitive skin.. i need more products like that! hehe

  3. love the LUSH haul! I'm currently using the eau roma water and it's ok. I also got a free sample of ocean salk cleanser, some reason it seemed too rough on my skin!

    So jealous of your long hair!

    I'm following your blogger!

  4. Aw I just starting using LUSH should try the godiva solid shampoo it smells really good :)

  5. HooooooooooooRAH for living a LUSH LIFE.

    I've learned to love my AOBS scrub, it's fun - and the scent is relaxing.
    and I looooove how my skin feels, cuz my skin is uber sensitive right now.

    and look at you rockin the hair color, which reminds me I need to get mine dyed before I leave for Canadia, it's looking a bit cheeto-ish. Like FIERY cheeto-ish.

    You BLOG-TV -- so that' was your first one CONGRATS MAMACITA!!!!

    ok off to bed ZZzzZZZ

  6. Yay! More details here!
    And again, great Lush haul!
    Awe! Also I like so much your hair color!
    Looks like very natural on you :)

    And by the way, I did LEO sign little bit befor, check out this link

  7. That's not a little haul! It's a great decent size haul! Lemme know how them body butters work out! I need some good body moisturizers.

    One day I will give in and pick up some Angels On Bare Skin!

    Your hair is so nice D!! Long and lush! And the color came out great!

  8. yAY! you got more angels. i wuvers it :)

    let me know how you like aqua mirabilis!
    look at wifey lucious hair. i like it no matter what

  9. Thanks for the yummy review! I really need to try the Angels!

  10. your hair color is really pretty. wifey, your outfit is soooo hot!
    wheee, lots of LUSH. the only Lush that Mona sent to me, finished. ahahaha, i used it a lot, and now, is the lavender whipping soap that wifey get for me help me during this hectic, horrible final exam period. thank you!

    swimming pool. aww, I think my internship moment will be horrible as well. Haha, really don't want to bother about it anymore, just let it be, I'm over exhausted these months

    looking forward for more videos!

  11. Oooh Lush!!!!!

    Yes Lush times makes you want to buy more... hahahahaha

    Your hair looks great!!!

  12. awesome lush goodies! your hair i still v long even though you cut it! the hair colour def noticeable.

  13. Your hair is sooooo long!!! I love it, looks really luxurious. (not being a perv honest)

    Lets make out own suds missus so then I dont have to sneeze! You know what I mean. xx

  14. i have yet to try any lush stuff...any recommendations for a first timer? :)

  15. I lovee the OceanSalt =)

    LUSH stuffs are amazing !

    nice haul <3

  16. I love your hair! THey're so long and silky! I kinda miss my light colored hair but I'm trying to make my hair look healthy again :( So I might leave it for what it is now..

    I got the wands/brushes (disposables) at Sephora and MAC. I took some.. lol.. and some - the MUA gave it :P

  17. i think the aqua mirabilis is great, but with the sample, i could only get 2 uses out of it when i should have gotten more.

  18. Yeah its just so hard to make decisions of what to get when I go to Lush. I feel so overwhelmed haha.
    Yeah I plan on cutting it in half next time.
    And how did you get the free sample? Did you ask or do you get it with a certain amount you purchase?


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