Sunday, April 5, 2009

Quest Crew at World of Dance Tour

I just wanted to share my video of Quest Crew performing live last night at World of Dance in Pomona! I went with some friends and some of my other friends helped with the show, so I got backstage access. Still, there were a lot of people there so I kind of made my way to the corner closest to the front of the stage (from the backstage section) to take this video. Most of the time I was standing on tippy toes with my arms up to get the best view I could. I was actually standing behind one of the Ringmasters guys (poor guy, my camera was hovering all around his head) and a Beat Freaks girl (I think).

My friends and I were lallygagging around so we missed the Beat Freaks performance (plus that was way before we went backstage so I would have been farrrrrrrr back in the audience).

I wish I could say I got to meet Quest Crew again but I didn't. We got there a bit late and then there was a delay so Quest Crew performed a little after midnight. My friends were ready to go immediately after. I'm glad I got to go and see them perform and share this video with you all though! =)

P.S. Ringmasters also performed but I didn't get any video. Seven-year-old bboy Jalen also performed. I might post a video later this week if anyone wants to see it.

P.P.S. My arms were sore from working out the day before and then from having to hold the camera up, haha. Sometimes I wish I was taller!


  1. Once again you make me sooo JELLY!! DAMN YOU WOMAN!! LOL!!

    I love how it's a medely of all their ABDC performances!! But I was kinda hoping Hirano was gonna take off his shirt again!! :( BOO!! LOL!!

  2. awesome video - thanks for sharing :)

  3. Like Wuz, I'm so jealous! =)

  4. they look cool! always liked to watch break-dancing!

  5. you are on a Quest roll!!! very cool!

  6. lucky girl! they be rocking the purple and black outfits. so cute!

  7. wow that is cool
    i never seen this show but tats cool u got to go see them!

  8. i love them i was soo glad they won though i gotta give it up to beat freaks too it would have been great for them to be the first abdc girls to win they would have deserved it. but i LOVED the creativity of quest like that dance routine they did with the piano??? OOOOOO.

    i wish lydia could have preformed with them though i wonder why she didnt. this is aweosme thannnnnks sooo much for sharing

  9. LOL! I am so outdated because I do not know them. ahahah! please don't laugh at me. I live in a cave! ahahah! X(

  10. Great video! I'm really enjoyed!

  11. i see your point. i love her style yeah maybe she should just takeup singing or something.

    okay ... i need to know..... whoooo looked the hottest in person?!??!?!?!?!?!? i have a crush on that dude ermmm that had like the blonde chunk in his hair on the show with a sort of faux hawk think soo hawt! hehehehe

  12. hi dear, i have sent out your parcel did u get my email??

    the show is awesome... haha, i love though i'm not a dancer...bleh

    how's your day,my day is horrible over here. please let me know whether u got the email or not ya? i might email u the tracking number again if u havent get my email

  13. Your camera is really clear!

    <3 Quest Crew!

    This is my favorite routine from them!

  14. omg how cute are you!
    ha ha ha

    actually the hat you can wear either way you fancy girl -- it can be over the eye, or towards the back "english style" or you can spread it out and tuck it to make "flower" around the head.

    It's the universal veil - WOOT WOOT!

    How's your adorable HK DS system -- I gotta see a video of you doing a lesson!!! CAYOOOT

    Word Verify: WOWtv


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