Thursday, April 23, 2009

Quick Update on Ze Hair and Video (Updated)

I had every intention of dying my hair "Natural Black" much that I bought the dye. And then what happened? Well, I snapped a few photos of my hair...sat in my car, looked at the photos, looked in the mirror...thought about how much time and effort it took to get my natural black hair to a noticeable brown...and truthfully the natural black dye looked darker in person than on the web...ahaha so I ran back into the store and exchanged for "Royalbrown".

I also got my hair cut this past weekend. I asked the stylist to lop off two inches and give me medium-long layers (trying to cut off as much of the old highlights as I could!). My hair feels so much better now and I feel much more presentable!

I have a lot to I did video of everything but had to cut it into 4 parts. I still want to do proper posts so here's just the first part of the video (don't worry, I cut them so the sections will make sense on their own). I'll try to post each night for the next three nights.

Things I picked up:

Dior Addict Ultra Gloss Reflect Lip Gloss in 147 Lacy Apricot (wifey M's recommendation)

MAC Dazzleglass in Steppin' Out (free with Back2MAC)

I also got some Japanese magazines...but I'll edit this post later with pics of those (if anyone wants to see those, that is).

KT tricked me into blogtv tonight...she lured me into her blogtv, made me co-host and then bounced! But to be fair she did return later and it was cute and fun to chat with the lovely ladies and get to know some of them better (mostly through reminiscing about back in the days and music, hehe). Wifey M also made a cameo appearance on blogtv too, along with Charlito/Furlito/Chi Chi/Butt Butt! Thanks everyone for shooting the breeze with us on blogtv. Good night everyone!

UPDATED 4.23.2009

Here are some pics of the magazines as promised!!

CanCam May issue
CanCam models always have pretty hair!

ViVi May issue

makeup...I keep seeing the Visee Blackish Forming Eyes palette (middle left) but can't decide if I want B-1 or B-2...both look great!
ViVi has a lot of fun fashion pages like this...
This model is so pretty!! (though this isn't her best pic...she's always in CanCam and AneCan mags)
I love her hair!
I want her layers!
more makeup...
her hair looks gorgeous with a dark cappuccino color too...
this model's pretty too! love the hair and outfit

That's all! ♥


  1. your new hair color is pretty <3
    nice haul xD
    looking forward for the other 3 parts of video =P

  2. The cut & the color came out great! I couldn't tell on the Paperdoll-Tv! It was too dark! LOL!

    There's that DIOR Gloss! LOL! And a dazzleglass too?! Let me watch the vid now....

    Yay for Jap Mags! I just wish that I could understand them! LOL! Pics can only take you so far! I tab my mags too! LOL! So I remember what I was looking at! :)

    You look great! You don't need to look like the Jap model! Silly girl!

    I had fun on Blog-Tv tonight! You and KT crack me up! LOL!

  3. Nice natural brown! I liek it!

    I'm also going to dye my hair today, hehe... I chose a black-brown this time, since I wanna get darker hair again.

    And lovely lipgloss!

  4. Oh I wish I could have stayed on blogtv long enough!!! Lookin forward to the next one!

  5. I can't believe I missed the blogtv..I got your message this mornin :(

    I like the haircut, it looks lighter and flowier (not a word, I know!)

  6. ooh, I didn't know you could get dazzleglasses too when you back2mac lol

  7. lovely new hair! love the new hair colour.. i ave steppin out! a pretty pink huh? the dior gloss looks pretty!

  8. i love dior's packaging too! haha. what a pretty color :)

    i love your new hair too!

  9. Hi pretty lady!

    It was nice talkin to you hun!

    Dior lippies are super nice =)


  10. cute haul :) i like the lip glosses!

    i'm following your blogger

  11. i like the dior lip packagin!! how much r those? prob too much for me... nice video! waitin for part 2 now.. =)

  12. I need to see your vid, not watch yet! :) But I like that lip stuffs!
    Very girly colors :)

  13. yay you got the new vivi!
    i should start getting cancam, i think their OL styles are so nice.
    i haven't watched your vid yet, but i'm gonna do it during my "work time" XD

  14. Oh by the way - that model is Yuri Ebihara. She is VERY famous as you can expect! She (and her style) is typically called Ebi-chan!

  15. your new cut & color look nice - as does the gloss you're wearing! haha so cute that you listen to your wifey :)


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