Friday, June 12, 2009

Looking Good is the Best Revenge...

Nah not really, I think happiness is...but I thought that was a cute line on the tissue paper I got from my Benefit haul!

a box of goodies in the mail could make any girl happy =)

I ordered from the Benefit website because of the 20% sale they were having and so I got some freebies!

That Gal brightening primer sample (that Iyah loves)

You Rebel tinted moisturizer sample
and a full size Color Plump in Yoo Hoo (haha I keep thinking it says "Yoo Ho")

the gloss in "Curfew" (Sunset Radiant) that Mona recommended as a topper gloss, it's a "buh-buy" product so it only costs $8 instead of the regular $16!

This is what I really had my eye on...CORALista!! I really like Benefit's blushes, very pretty yet natural looking. Try this one at the counter!

Mona and Diana/Mayaari/Right Boobie have been raving that Benefit's Creaseless Cream Shadows/Liners are better than MAC Paint Pots, so I took advantage of the 20% off and got two. They're both shimmery but it's a bit hard to show with my camera.

sippin n dippin (peach parfait) and samba-dy loves me (I love that name!)

with flash

sippin n dippin is a pale, golden "peach parfait" color, it kind of blends in with my skin tone but gives a hint of yellow shimmer (whereas I tried birthday suit at Sephora and it just blended in aptly named!), and I haven't tried samba-dy loves me yet but it looks like a nice shimmery sand shade. They are definitely creamier than Paint Pots. I hope they'll come out with more color choices (like greens! *ahem*).

You might rememberI got the Boscia Willow Bark Breakout Treatment (there are two sizes, I got the To Go version) not too long ago (about a month ago)...

Here's what Sephora says:

Willow Bark Breakout Treatment To Go

What it is:
A convenient click pen for on-the-go spot treatment.

What it is formulated to do:
Boscia Willow Bark Breakout Treatment To-Go pen contains a gel which helps provide relief from breakouts effectively and safely, even for sensitive skin.

What else you need to know:
This preservative-free, botanically-rich proprietary formula offers a gentle and effective means to ensure your skin stays clear and healthy-looking. Now you can fight surprise blemshes any time, any where, with this convenient mini treatment stick.

I put it to the test this week when a mean ol' pimple waged war on my face...and the breakout treatment totally failed. =( Sure it was gentle, but it didn't actually do anything...I don't think it made a difference (maybe it might have kept the pimple from being super ugly, but it was still ugly). I used it day and night and the pimple still survived for days until finally it was gone, leaving a big scar. I wonder if I should keep the breakout treatment and give it another chance, or exchange it for something else at Sephora (like a good concealer, haha).

Any suggestions for a good spot breakout treatment, spot scar fader (not Ly-Na) or concealer?

P.S. I've been playing Sims 3, will post about that another time!


  1. Soooooo.. that means I wont buy that Boscia! heehee!!

    Oh you're so silly Ms. Paper Doll REVENGE!! heehee! Happiness indeed. Always be happy and we will be happy at the IMATS and you know it!! :) I will try to keep a budget at IMATS or else I'd go crazy as Adrian predicted :P

    Anywho, I love You Rebel too!! :) Benefit is really nice and gentle! I need to buy another "That Gal". I ran out.. heehee

  2. lovely haul! i always loved benefit's product/color names. they're so creative! :)

  3. Too bad the breakout treatment didn't work, I have not found one that works 100% of the time. :/ Great Benefit haul!!

  4. Is that where you've been hiding? SIMS3?!! :P I admit I've been playing it since I got it on Tuesday. It's so addictive, LOVE it more than the originals (Sim2 was a bit slow...) Love your benefit haul! And I love their cream shadows too, I have birthdaysuit, Skinny jeans, and marry up. Enjoy your new goodies :)

  5. Nice haulage. I want to get my hands on some more Benefit stuff. I heard they have the best concealer. =)

  6. o.O sucks that that boscia didn't do anything! hmm, have you tried benzoyl peroxide? i use it daily, my face has been pretty clear with an occasional pimple. much better than before though :)

  7. Benefit Haul!! Great picks! And dang they sent you great samples!! LOL! Yoo Ho! HA!! Too classic.

    Sorry the Bosica treatment didn't work. I'm trying out samples of their Oil-Free Hydration SPF 15 right now.. So far so good!

    So where's the sexy FOTD to go with these new products?! *wink*

  8. Awe! More beautie toys! Nice haul, Diana!

  9. Me likey your Benefit haul!!!

    LOL at the treatment keeping your pimple from being super ugly! I think you should so exchange it for something else!! =D

  10. lovely benefit haul, i havent used benefit in a long while now, got me thinking about it haha!!

  11. benefit haul.. what do u think about benefit. I havent try any things from them yet.
    hmm, so far, I think the T3 from drugstore heals pimples for me. and my bf need the acne patch and shiseido pureness acne gel.

  12. I see Benefit everywhere now, please let us know how you like every :D

    I have a few products from Benefit myself, that I...have not yet tried lol

    You go first, hehe

    -Lazy Lazy DSK

  13. OMGosh! I know! I'm dying.. its 25% off!! Ahhh! I want MAC Brushessss :(

  14. haha all you girls with your sims3 makes me want to try it too! but I'm already not sleeping enough, what could happen once i start? :p ooo so much goodies to try from Benefit! I really like the cream shadow too and use it everyday. I've been curious to try "that gal" too :)
    Is the benefit sale still going on? I didn't hear about it! bah!

  15. I love Benefit!!! I use the Birthday Suit creaseless eyeshadow EVERY DAY!! It's love!

  16. woohoo Benefit haul! ooh you got "the gloss"!

    haha i love how i have 3 names now =P samba-dy loves me looks like a really pretty color - but i hear ya on the colors, i wish they'd come out with some greens or blues

    hmm for spot treatments i've turned to using nexcare acne patches at night - they totally suck up all the gunk in pimples so i don't have to wait them out or pop them and scar.

  17. YAY for the benefit buys! the 20% off is perfect!

    i hope you like the topper gloss :)

    yay for creaseless creams! they're so smooooooothhh

    good thing you reviewed that willowbark thing! i almost got it!


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