Thursday, June 4, 2009

Love from Nagoya and My Summer Hair

My friend Jen was visiting from Nagoya, Japan and she hooked me up with some love since she reads my blog and knows how much I love Japanese goodies! So thoughtful and super sweet!!

She picked up the L'egere for me to try out, especially since she uses this bb cream herself!

Ahhhh the beloved L'egere...I think it's fair to call it a "cult classic" in blog world thanks to Fuz's rave review! Though this one is the Shiny Pearl Water Drop oil-free version, not the White Multi bb cream...but so far though I'm liking it! The color match is I'm curious to try the White Multi version to see how it compares, hehe.

Jen brought me these green tea powder mixes that I first tried through Yumeko. I love this stuff! But apparently it's green tea flavored, so I don't think it counts as drinking green tea, haha bummer. I still really like it though and have yet to find it nearby! When you pour in the mix, it makes cracking fizzy sounds like Pop Rocks. =P

She really catered to my sweet tooth! She gave me bags and bags of yummy Japanese gummies and also the Hello Kitty milk candies, mmmmm!! Now you know why I have a bag of sweets in my room, hehe, you sweet ladies keep filling it up!

These milk candies are sooooo good...they remind me of White Rabbit which I loved as a kid but these are way softer! And Hello Kitty is just looking too darn adorable in her cow costume, hehe.

Speaking of Hello Kitty...
Check out these cool Hello Kitty chopsticks! (Omg Tammy...I now have cute chopsticks and Hurricane popcorn just like you!)

And she even threw in some raspberry balt salts (although the ingredients say strawberry extract, hehe). Isn't the packaging nice? Thank goodness for the English or else I'd want to drink it!

And...she also gave me her June VOCE magazine that she read on the plane, aw I love Japanese magazines...

And guess what? It came with Ascience shampoo and conditioner samples!

And yummm...more Meltyblend! She's the one who told me it's called Melty Kiss, hehe, which I think sounds so much sweeter. ♥

ahaha okay she didn't give me that many boxes but I just wanted to show my stack...looks like Japanese Jenga! ^_^V

You are too sweet, thoughtful and really spoiled me!! ♥

Moving on...I picked up some new hair dye since my roots were starting to grow out already. I really can't wait until I can dye it all black! But I know once I do that, I won't be able to go lighter without highlighting, so I'm just going to wait until fall before I go dark brown/black.

But for now, I picked up the L'oreal Superior Preference that Mona recently used because I thought it looked promising thanks to its "optimized fade-defying system" and the wide selection of brunette shades. She was NOT KIDDING when she said the chemical smell was strong! I was breathing like I was doing lamaze...trying to breath fast through/out my mouth! (I'd been using Japanese dyes for the past year...those smell just lovely.)

I opted for 6A Light Ash Brown, because whenever my old highlights fade they get brassy or copper tones (my hair looks dark brown but in flash or sunlight the back looks all sorts of bright colors!) and "6A is a light mocha brown shade with ash tones, which will minimize red/orange tones." Hair dye is the color pigmentation in your hair reflected off lighting makes all the difference!

Oh...wifey asked for me to be more vain so here are lots of pictures!

"They like, 'oh GOD why you go so hard?'"
haha I'm super cheesin' and trying hard here! (song lyric from Kanye West featuring Young Jeezy "It's Amazing" for those who didn't get the reference)
I think this is a truer color representation...hmm this is going to make me want to rearrange my video set up...again!
I dunno this is the way I see myself/the way I see the world seeing looking-down/off-to-the-side pose
outdoors in the shade...this kind of lighting is awesome for making skin look flawless!
when the sunlight hits my hair it gives it a lighter tint...outside gives it a warm tint, inside gives it a cooler tint (like the box color)
so you can see my hair color and skintone for that matter really varies on different lighting! But the more yellow or dim the lighting, the darker I look

Aside from the crazy strong chemical smell (no seriously...if you use this dye...use it outside...on the balcony high in the sky on a breezy night hahaha)...I think so far so good. I knew it wasn't going to make my hair that light because of the dark brown dye already in my hair, but I just wanted it to be a little lighter and to even out the color(s) until I go back to my natural color. This might be the color I stick with for the summer! *fingers crossed*

Oh yeah, I usually don't list what makeup I'm wearing but I was using the new L'egere! Here's a picture of everything on my face:

-MAC Prep + Prime SPF 50
- L'egere Shiny Pearl Water Drop bb cream
- Sana Pore Putty Make Up Base (e/s primer)
- KATE green eye shadow palette
- Canmake Cheek Gradient in Peach Stripe 05
- Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss Reflect in Lacy Apricot 147
- K-Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner
- Rimmel pencil liner
- Lancome Virtuous mascara in black
- MAC MSF Natural in Medium Plus
- and MAC e/s in Texture (eyebrows, not pictured)

Geez no wonder I don't usually list...that's a lot! haha

And...that's all! I'm starving...but I wanted to blog before I eat, haha. Peace! ^_^V


  1. wow that's some pretty cool items you listed. Love the hair color looks good.

  2. so many delicious candies!

  3. Aw you're spoiled rotten!! Hehe glad you like that L'egere! It seems to match you perfectly! Love all the cute photos!! :D

  4. You're so lucky you got a L'egere BB cream! I'm so jealous of your hair though, I want to grow it out long.

  5. BB CREAM! What mac shade are youuu? :D yess, mona is right, you should be more vain LOL! :)

  6. Wow! I like th goodies.

    Love the hair^^ so shinny.

  7. Jealousy! I love your HK chopsticks; they're adorable! And that copy of VOCE with Meisa Kuroki on the cover...I love her, she's so fierce! :)

  8. i lurve those gummy candies and the hair color looks good on you :)

  9. oooo so many goodies!! i just got that bb too :) it's nice!

    oof i can't stand bad smelling dyes.. makes me wanna go return my dye and get another one, hahaa.

  10. ooh Legere!! And look at all the sweet yummies!! MELTYBLENDS!! GAH!!! *drools*

    Oohh HK hashi!! And a Jap mag!

    And nice new hair! I need to do mine soon!! I love to use the Loreal Preference for True Brunettes in Light Brown or Light Ash Brown.

  11. Omgosh I'm so jealous of your hair!! You did it so perfectly.. :) Lookit mine, a total disaster!! :( I don't know if I should have it redone in a salon.

    The HK chopsticks are just too cute! I'd probably use it as a hair accessory. ahahah!

    The Legere! That Pink one... I wanna try it someday :) But I guess I'm too dark for Legere now.. ahhahah! Maybe winter? :P

  12. even though i don't use bb creams anymore...could you ask your friend where in seoul she got it? for future reference haha. i've been to the 3 major drugstores here and haven't seen it. i just recently found the brtc one. (the drugstores here are like 50% makeup haha)

  13. oh, voce magazine, and what a loveee freebies samples. too bad, i don't see any VoCe in Malaysia >.<
    much of love u got <3 and I love your hair. wink!

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. I feel like such a BAD blogger!!! I have yet to take that picture!!! I have YET to eat my popcorn!! gasp!!!! I will soon!! Promise!! We can eat our popcorn with chopsticks together!!!

    Your hair looks great!! I've used this hair dye before...oh boy is the scent STRONG!!!!! I had to sit on my balcony to 'air' myself

    Can you believe I have BOXES of MeltyBlend at home & I haven't tried it yet..I keep sending some to bloggers, but don't try it have yet to try Pocky yet either & I buy that on a weekly basis for bloggers...shhh! Don't tell. ;)

  16. Your hair is so nice and long. I'm jealous!!

    Your friend bought you back a lot of goodies :) I really like the green tea powder, its so yummmmyyy

  17. What an awesome gift! I'm dying to try BB cream! One

    The hair looks beautiful! I really like the way it changes so much in the sunlight.

    Miss you <3

  18. Love the hair, the goodies, and the sunnies!

  19. I ised to love white rabbit candy!!!! Until someone
    Told me it's made in china and might contain melanin
    (During their scandalous baby milk mixed with melanin)
    Didn't know whther it's true or not but it puts me off T.T
    Super nice goodies you got there :)

  20. Mmmmm... Melty Blend... I've never had the strawberry one. I'm going to have to hunt it down.

  21. i really like your new hair colour :D

    you're friend is soooo sweet! I am trying to resist buying japanese candy right now... but you got me craving for it! hahaha

  22. Hey Diana thanks for the recognition on the items I sent you.

  23. wohoo hoooo look at all the goodies she got ya!

    hair lookin' good babe, yay! you took more pics for me :) loves it! *fobby peace sign back!*

  24. your hair looks gorgeeeeeeeee!!! yayy for loooove packages <33333

  25. DIANA DEAREST!!! :)

    I found an outfit for the IMATS and POW WOW. For IMATS it will be just a simple dress and my sandals since we will be walking a lot. ahahah :) and of course make up :D

    For POW WOW is a corset! :) YAY!! ahaha! :) then fishnet stockings and a leather short. lol. and of course heels :p What do you think? ahahah

  26. Ahhh lookat your goodies! I need to try Meltyblends since everyone loves them so much =D

  27. Meltyblends are like SEX......... KT sent me some more bc I needed another fix!! I'm soo bummed that they don't carry them at the Asian Market I found!! I hauled thinking my candies & gummies would last me the summer, lol.... I do like how they wrap the gummies all individually makes you work a little harder!!!\
    L'egere is my fav BB Cream (mixed w/ a little foundation to match me)
    So where do you keep this candy stash..... Never leave me alone in your room you'd find me passed out with Meltyblend & gummy wrappers all over the place..

  28. they ARE called meltykiss !! sound so sweet, no ? i found them at local asian supermarket and HAD to get them to post them on the blog ! & to eat them of course . mmmm ~:)

  29. ahhhh melty blend! or should i say melty kiss? lol
    I got 3 pieces in a swap with mel and I've been looking all over for it and I cannot find it!! :(

  30. so many goodies :) your new hair looks really nice - I like the way it looks different in the sun too!

    oh, re: the mind vomit at the top of your page - do you have a rite aid near you? I got a little spritzer bottle (to keep some hadasui with me when I'm at work) in bright pink, and saw some blue and green ones too...maybe Walgreens would have them as well?

  31. The candies look yummy! Love your hello kitty chopsticks =)


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