Saturday, July 11, 2009

Sweet Swap with Sweetheart Kay!!

Suuuuuuuper late on posting this, so sowwies!! The lovely Kay of BihadaDiaries and I did a swap a few weeks ago and it was just love!!

She sent a huge package stuffed with sweets, skincare, and cuteness!

The Sweets

sugar rush! peach and strawberry candies and gummies...the peach gummies have vitamin C, collagen and hyaluronic acid!
Hello Kitty baggies with special flavored mini KitKats! including white peach, yellow peach, green tea, rose, strawberry, caramel and regular (she says it tastes different!)
another cute Hello Kitty bag of goodies...
filled with Hello Kitty candies and Skin Food samples!
speaking of Hello Kitty baggies...
hehe I asked for a couple and she sent me an entire variety of sizes! now I'm well stocked

The Skincare
I wanted to try out some DHC products since they seem pretty popular, so she sent me several travel size sets! The small sizes make them great for just trying out to see if I like these products.

Acerola Travel Set with Mild Soap, Deep Cleansing Oil, Acerola Lotion and Acerola Gel (comes with the cute denim bag)
DHC Olive Essentials Mini Set with cute bag, Mild Soap, Deep Cleansing Oil, Extra Olive Virgin Oil and Mild Lotion

and the super sexy Q10 Travel Set with Q10 Milk, Q10 Lotion, Q10 Cream, Olive Soap, Deep Cleansing Oil and another cute bag
I'm really loving the DHC Deep Cleansing Oil so far! It does a much better job at removing makeup than my Mandom Cleansing Express.
The Cuteness

Lots of pink, sparkly Rilakkuma goodies! I really liked these when I saw them on Fuz's blog but couldn't find them at my local Kinokuniya, so Kay was sweet enough to find and get them for me!
2 makeup bags (so when I go somewhere like a weekend trip I won't have to carry a traincase), a checkbook wallet, and a super useful coin purse that I've been using every day to hold my cards, cash and coins.

I really love everything and it was so fun to open the package. Kay really spoiled me!

Thank you, Kay!!


  1. WOW @0@

    such a great swap!! ^0^ everything is so kawaii and sweet! I hope you like the DHC stuff its one of my fav skincare line :3 ohh the HK baggies are too kawaii >3<

  2. So cute :)
    can you purchase those bags online? the Rilakkuma ones? their soooo adorable! <3

  3. You and Kay are soo cute with your swaps!! :) Haha!! rush rush 10min and counting! LOL!

    Those bags are too KAWAII!! So cool that she was able to find it for you! I don't like fat wallets either. That's why for the longest time I used a money clip! LOL!

    Oooh DHC!! Dang!! Sets are great though!! And how cute are the bags that came with it! :) Haha!! Greedy ass! :)

    AWW Man look at all those HK baggies!! Soo cute!!! :) Cuter then the ones you can find down here. Well you can only find 1 style down here! LOL!

    OMG Kay gives the best candies!! And the KitKat!! You got a whole bag of KITKAT!!! JELLY!!! Green Tea?! OMG!!!


  4. omg, super cute hello kitty baggies! where did you purchase them?

  5. this makes me want to run to my nearest DHC to get those sets!

    new foundation? May I suggest Lunasol? with the primer too of course! =D

  6. Wow, that's a lot of goodies from Kay. Drooling at the candies!

  7. It's all so adorable and kawaii!

  8. Awww I had so much fun!!!! Glad you liked everything!!!!

  9. aww.. how cute!! everything looks great!! man the candies are making my mouth water! haha.

  10. ahhh.. ask her where she got those baggies?!?! lol

  11. those rilakkuma goodies are soooooo cute! :D kay is the sweetest!

  12. the cutest package ever!! soo kind of her!! let us know how u feel about the DHC products

  13. oh my gosh!
    what a great swap! :D
    i love the rilakkuma makeup bags.
    does the kit-kat taste any different from the american kind?

  14. aww awesome swap! I do love rilakkuma!! hehe.. i see Kitkat!!!

    haha yeah i snagged the necklace on time, luckily i was chatting to her at the time i saw it! LOL.

  15. WWWWOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWW!!! That is a lot of goodies!! You are sooo lucky to have all these goodies!! I love the bags! Its just too cute!!

    I saw those bags at Tokyo town. I should have grab some too :P

  16. aww, what a great package from Kay - so many snacks and beauty goodies :)

    totally behind on reading everyone's posts and commenting properly, but to answer your questions...I got the MUFE HD foundation in 147(?) it's a shade on the middle on Sephora's page, neutral...I'll have to look at the label again. I've been using the ST skunk brush, sometimes the SK sponge for a nicer finish if I have the extra time.

  17. ouu those makeup bags are adorable!

  18. aww kay's the best!!! great swap!!!


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