Thursday, August 20, 2009

Birthday Love From Fabulously Thrifty!! and Love/Hate Tag

Ahhh sweet Melissa gifted me with an Amazon gift card for my birthday! It took me over two weeks to decide what I wanted to get with it, hehe. How can I best describe my Amazon wish list? Like a changes frequently, it's mostly a place where I save things I might want to get in the future, but sometimes the "want" fades and so my list is constantly changing! Indecisive me couldn't decide on what to related product(s)? New music? A dvd? In the end...I decided on what'd be enjoyable yet also of value...

Haruki Murakami novels!! Can't go wrong. =)

Sputnick Sweetheart
Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World

Now I have 17 Murakami books, including the 2009 Diary (really a quotes and artwork book) and one of essays written by others about his worldwide phenomenon. =) I just need his latest novel, 1Q84 to be translated and published in English, hehe. And also his selected birthday stories book (out of print and limited availability) to complete my collection. ♥

Ohhh...but even before my birthday, Mel had already sent me a little surprise in the mail!

cute box of joy
lots of cute items to make me smile!!
what I've already used...since I'm a sucka for natural products...

my dear Melissa!!

Also...over a month ago...haha I'm so behind...she tagged me and now I'm finally posting my response. =X



soft, full, plump and juicy! kissable pout. pink, pink coral, nude, peachy and light shades.

dry, cracked, peeling lips! ew. also not a fan of dark lip colors (on me), i just don't wear dark or lips well or feel comfortable with red lips (honestly don't think it goes well with my skintone).


soft, moisturized, glowing, clear and smooth skin! love oil-free moisturizer for spring and summer...yes, I'm talking about you, Boscia Oil-free Daily Hydration! also love sheet masks.

breakouts, scars, blemishes, dull, dry, flaky, red, oily, in general problematic skin, haha (doesn't everyone?).

shiny, healthy-looking, soft, smooth and silky to touch. hair that smells good! volume would be nice too. love my blow dryer and 1" curling iron...should post those one of these days...

faded dyed hair color, matte dyed hair color, copper/orange/blonde tints or strands or sections, icky feeling hair.


neutrals and green shadows...but not bright green...subtle or dark like khaki green, olive green, etc. Benefit's Creaseless Cream Shadow/Liner and MUFE Aqua Eyes are my best friends.

dark circles, puffiness, bags, lines...basically things that make a gal look OLD, haha, and tired and worn out...ew.


soft skin, toned muscles.

dry skin, especially red and itchy! also bueno. boys with beer guts...get no love from me! haha jk

I'd tag gals but this really was from the end of June/beginning of July! So if you haven't done it and would like to, considered yourself tagged! ^_^V


  1. You've been getting great Bday love!! And great book picks!! :)

    Haha!! Loving your Love/Hate list! :)

  2. happy birthday! coincidentally, i'm reading hard boiled wonderland now & birthday stories is next on my list.

  3. Yey another Haruki Murakami fan. I basically adore the man!!!

  4. Such a nice Bday mail packages! So nice prezents :)

  5. LoL..this was a Melissa themed post! I'm so glad you got so much fab stuff for your birthday-you deserve it!

  6. yay for Haruki Murakami books!! and yay for all the great bday love :)

  7. books!!! :) I love your choices


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