Saturday, August 15, 2009

Birthday Love From WuzzyAngel!!

Are you tired of these birthday love posts?? Bear with me, almost done! But I was just so blessed with the friendship of sweethearts who sent me love bombs in the mail! This one's from our beloved Wuz!

aww cawaii box o'love!!

sweet birthday card!
the goods!!
cawaii snackies!! cute and yummy
ohh la la!! Best of Korres Natural Wonders set!!
Korres glory!!
Wild Rose Cream
♥ Sugar Crystal
♥ Evening Primrose Eye Cream
♥ Guava Body Butter
♥ Yogurt Cooling Gel
♥ Guava Shower Gel samples

And even before that, this sweetheart had already surprised me with a little something to say thanks for the birthday love I'd given her back in June!! Totally didn't have to do that!!

Wuz's Hawaii love!!
I'm a sucka for postcards!! Aww...

Wuzzy Wuz!!

I love everything!! Especially the Korres Guava Body Butter...ohh la la, smells so mmm yummy and perfect for summer! And of course I already ate the snackies, hehehe. Actually...I think I'll go eat some Hurricane Popcorn now!!


  1. awwwww wuzz is so sweet xD

    it was nice chatting w/ you on kay's blogtv! :D

  2. I'm glad you likey!! And phsshhh.. girl you know that I got you!! You should talk Miss Generous!

    LOL I love that you took the pics using a luau/hula paper for a mat! :)

  3. I'm a sucker for postcards too!!! I think when I move I'm gonna frame then and make some kinda interesting framed collage.....
    I started my collection of FORCING ppl to send me postcards since I was in 8th grade..... Many, many moons ago :(

  4. lol... more gift... please do review on the korres items that wuzzy sent u <3<3

  5. Aww what great gifts! I for one am not sick of the birthday posts =)

    Let us know if you like the Sugar Crystal, I almost bought that the other day.

  6. oh wow, you're so spoiled!! :) but im sure it's bcoz you deserve it :D i hope you would do review for the korres products

  7. wah~ so lucky to get so much great stuff

    wow lol sounds yummy the Korees Guava ...i love guava tastes so good
    (o i wanted to know about Hurrican popcorn...when u have time, can u tell me how it tastes like?? thanks!)

    happy birthday...if i havent told u yet i dont remember but love your blog!

  8. Happy Belated Birthday!

    How sweet? You deserve all the bday love:)

  9. luckiest girl ever!

    happy belated birthday!

  10. Wuz is such a sweetie :) the guava body butter is great! hope the rest of the products work well for you!

  11. dang she hooked you up!! nice!!

  12. OoOOoo Korres! I do love more natural products. Many chemicals can irritate the skin, I find as long as they are good quality products natural is best for me. I think natural products can work for everyone we just have to find what's right for us. I'm glad you like my hauls! That's so sweet & encouraging!! I love yours too haha, you got me into Skin Food lol! Trouble! haha xoxo Please come by again!


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