Sunday, September 13, 2009

Goodies from Vietnam

Woohoo! My dad went to Vietnam and I made him search for beauty products, haha.

The Face Shop Fresh Fruit sheet masks in lemon, aloe, pomegranate, grape and acerola
VOV Daily Fresh Wash Off Packs...I'm trying these out to see which I'd want to order a full box of =P
Eeyoo Q10 sheet masks
Vedette Aloe Collagen sheet masks...these are actually made in Vietnam and "formulated in Paris," and only cost about 40 cents each!
The Face Shop Honey Mask...saw this in Kay's Korean haul and thought it looked interesting, I haven't used a peelling mask in a long time but the scent of honey sounds promising!

I asked my dad for some Visee palettes but he wasn't able to find any so he got some Shiseido Integrate and Kose Fasio palettes instead. However, the ones he picked (being a guy and all) aren't going to compliment my skin very well, they're either too bright or too light for me, so if anyone would like to buy or swap, let me know!

Kose Fasio Gradation Deep Eyes 2009 Spring Collection
If you're interested, also check out Lotus Palace for her Fasio pics (better)

Shiseido InteGrate eye shadow palettes
Shiseido InteGrate Live Fix Eyes in GY812 Gray
Shiseido InteGrate Dramatic Deep Eyes Eyeshadow GR161 Green Gradation
I'm thinking $13 for each Fasio palette and gray Shiseido palette and $15 for the green Shiseido palette, plus shipping (US $3.50 for one palette or $5 for multiple, Canada $4.50 one palette or $6 for multiple, Asia & Europe $8 one or $9 for multiple), PAYPAL ONLY or else knock some items off my Lust List (see side bar)...either way, comment if you're interested and leave your e-mail addy please!

And lastly...the thing that makes my tummy happy lately..,frozen yogurt with toppings from Yogurtland!!

Dutch Chocolate yogurt + Smores yogurt+ Double Cookies 'n Cream yogurt+ Banana Foster yogurt + Mango yogurt ...
toppings : cookie dough + brownie bites + mochi + semi-sweet chocolate chips + Reese's Peanut Butter Cups + strawberries + mangoes + Capt'n Crunch (cereal) was calling my name!!

Happy weekend everyone!!


  1. Oh!I'm going to vietnam soon!! I will open my eyes wide and lookout for the viet sheet masks :) your dad is so nice to spare his time and get you all those goodies!

  2. AAAHHH so jealous of those eyeshadow palletes ! beautiful! haha thats funny you make DAD look for beauty supplies! ironically though my dad was the one usually style my hair for school in the mornings hehehe oh dads

  3. Your dad is so cool to buy you all those beauty products!!! Weeee! <3 and those masks look awesome!!! I wanna buy some mask to try too!! Seems like everyone is buying masks :]

    Those palettes look pretty too!

  4. your dad is soooo smart. haha, my dad.. he will rather give me money and ask me go and buy myself...
    great stuff, please review on the vov products <3


  5. hey at least your dad remembered the things you wanted right? :D

  6. Wow! Your dad is so cool! he actually want to buy those beauty stuffs for you! so cool.. nice haul by the way :)
    i love yogurt too! yummy!

  7. Your dad is so cool!
    I can't imagine my dad shopping for makeup for me...

  8. Thats a LOT of face masks your dad bought for you. So sweet of him :)

  9. WOW that's a lot of toppings hahahaa. i usually only get like.. 2-3 max :P

    this is random but i love what your poupee doll is wearing :D

  10. I use the Light Blue one.. The whitening and moisturizing one and its so nice!! You'll love it!! definitely did something to my skin. You'll love the moisturizing effect since I remember that you told me that you have dry skin :]

  11. Mmm.. YOGURTLAND! Now that we have down here! LOL!

    Haha.. I wonder how your dad must've looked, shopping for skincare & makeup! LOL! BUt sweet haul!! Let us know how all the masks work out!

  12. Vietnam has VOV and Integrate? That's so unfair!!! *sobs*

    I wanna go to Vietnam toooooo

  13. If it were my dad, I would have to tattoo the list on his forehead. You're dad is pretty rad.

  14. Whattt.. I didn't know Vietnam sold those?! Man.. I really should go visit my country.

  15. You have a NICE DADDY!!! I used to beg my dad to bring me back hotel toiletries and that was a big deal.....
    I'm soooooooooo gonna raid your mask stash!

  16. wow ... must be very nice to get a lot of gifts. Your daddy is so wow wow ^__~

  17. Your Dad is so sweet to go shopping for you! My dad would have come home with a confused look and a bag of peanuts or something.

    I'm jealous of your VOV Masks, they look so cute. That Face Shop Honey Mask looks interesting, can't wait to see a review on it. =)

  18. LMFAO

    hahah naa i dont need a hug although you can send me a some hooked on phonics! btw i am LOVINg sheet masks...looks like your girl HOOKED YOU UP!!1 beeing using them for the past week skin is of the benefits of being pale!

  19. You lucky girl! Lovely goodies you got from Vietnam! I especially like the Shiseido palettes. Great neutral colors for everyday. <3

  20. omg that frozen yogurt looks SO GOOD! and now i'm really wanting that shiseido gray quad!

  21. hooray for sheet masks and wash off masks :) i went to a froyo place downtown and thought of you :) though I just stuck with some fruit and mochi toppings...must experiment more!

  22. hi! i was wondering where in vietnam did your dad get the sheet masks from?!


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