Friday, August 28, 2009

Random Buys

I've realized that I give my face a lot of love and care and have been somewhat neglecting the skin on my body, so I decided to go by the Lush store in Anaheim at the Garden Walk for a little body skincare treat. =)

I know some of you aren't fans either of the products or prices or have encountered pushy sales associates, but my experiences have all been good so far. Each time I've gone (to 2 dif locations), the sales girls have been really nice to me and are super patient. They don't approach me right away, they give me a few minutes to take a look around the store and then ask if I need any help. No one has been pushy, they make suggestions but if I say I only want a certain thing, they don't try to convince me otherwise. They ask a few questions, really listen to what I say (i.e. I'm looking for this, my skin's like this, but I don't want this) and are very generous with giving me samples of what they think might work best for me (ask for a sample if it's not offered). The feeling I get is that they really want me to like whatever it is that I leave the store with, so that I'll keep coming back in the future. So far, so good!

Though I am interested in trying more Lush products, I've decided to take it slowly and try a few or one at a time. Lush is not a all-natural products brand, but a lot of their products are natural and most of the ones that aren't are still made without a lot of preservatives or harsh chemicals. I am a fan of the way they do their image branding, love the company writing (i.e. product descriptions), totally agree with their philosophy of doing something good for yourself that's also good for the earth, and for me, the overall quality - including the service I get in store - is just really NICE! But of course...I still have to see which product actually works for me.

This time I went in strictly for the Dream Cream body cream (the UK website will tell you it's been purchased by Halle Berry).

Description from the US website:

Dream Cream Body Cream

Light and herbal body cream miraculously restores sore skin

"We take every natural ingredient aimed at transforming dry, bumpy and unhappy skin and combine them all into an epidermal elixir of excellence. This moisturizer helps you banish alligator elbows and impress that special someone with your baby-soft skin. Use a small dollop every night before bed and find your skin silky and comforted within days. This may look humble among LUSH's other products but it's truly the most gratifying."

Description from the UK website:

Incredibly soothing body lotion for troubled skin.

"You'd be unlikely to buy Dream Cream for its herbal scent alone; chamomile smells a bit too much like freshly dug flower beds, even with lavender and rose thrown in. No, Dream Cream is Lush's best-selling product because it makes sore skin feel good again. It calms irritations, reduces redness and banishes blotches. It contains everything nature makes for soothing your skin."

Why did I choose this one? Because it's lightweight but appears to have a lot of moisturizing power, and it absorbs quickly. It really does feel soothing! And, I think the scent is faint, not too strong of an herbal scent.

I'd mentioned they are, not 1 or 2, but 4!

The sales girl was so kind as to give me samples of some of the other moisturizers, including Charity Pot (body), Sympathy for the Skin (body), Lemony Flutter (hand) and Smitten (hand).

After that, I swung by the Apple store at South Coast Plaza and picked up a case for my iPhone.

gee I wonder what game this could be that I've completed all the levels, went back and completed them all as Expert (stars), and am currently working on completely them all with Perfect Scores (hearts)... ;)

It's the InCase Monochrome Slider Case in soft pink. At first I wasn't feeling this because in the super bright store, it looked like a boring light pink (for some reason it makes me think of yogurt...go figure) and only the bottom piece soft touch coating (it doesn't show smudges unlike the hardshell plastic), which I think feels better and also looks nicer (it's more shimmery), but I really liked the bottom piece, which looked like a dark rose pink, so I decided to just get it and see if it'd grow on me. did! Because you know what?

It actually looks more lilac/lavender in hue (depends on the lighting).

And thennnnn....

I like cute things and I cannot lie!

When I went to the mall I kind of immediately became attached to this, hehe...I couldn't bear to put it down, so I knew it had to be mine (meaning if I didn't pay for it I'd be shoplifting because I'd be walking out the store with it stuck to my hand! haha).

Lesportsac Boxed Travel Cosmetics bag (6502) in Tick Tock print (3975)

Not that I needed it, plus I still love Tokidoki way more but I figured this cute little bag could come in handy for toiletries whenever I go somewhere. (Yes, buying cute and convenient travel size things is my weakness...)

The weather cooled down significantly over the past two weeks but has suddenly jumped from 60-70 degrees to well over 90, today was over 100!! Summer weather has come back with a vengeance! Thank goodness for this...

hehehe, yes, I love my frozen yogurt, and yes, mine's the fatty one filled to the top and then some!

What's in it? Gee, let me see...Peach yogurt, Strawberry yogurt, New York Cheesecake yogurt, Double Cookies 'n Cream yogurt, and Dutch Chocolate yogurt...toppings: strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, kiwi, mangoes, mochi, chocolate chips, white chocolate chips, cheesecake bites, Reese's peanut butter cup pieces...and quite possibly more but I can't remember or I couldn't fit more, hehe...

Hope you're all enjoying your summer!!


  1. I'm drooling over almost everything in this post. Lol ;) Well, if I have to choose absolutely one thing, that iPhone case n yoghurt looks absolutely scrumptious!! Oops, make that 2 then. Heh.

  2. Oh I love Lush products for hair. I haven't really tried their body products I can't part from L'Occitane just yet

  3. wow...I wish LUSH is here...
    haha.. need to get something for body scrub

  4. I would like to try the products Lush .. but here in Brazil do not sell these = /

    The day here is sunny, great for eating these delicious fruits = 9

  5. I agree with you i've never had a bad customer service problem with Lush. But, I have bought items I didn't like so now I'm very careful and picky about what I buy.

    I love you travel bag! I'm going on vacation in 2 weeks and need to start thinking about packing, what store in the mall did you get your bag from?

  6. Wow, you received so many samples! The Dream Cream looks really nice. :)

    I love your new iPhone case and bag. Cheers to fro-yo!

  7. Maybe after this post I'll give Lush another try-MAYBE lol <3

  8. mmm i totally want to get froyo even though it's actually cool over here today!

    I've had pleasant experiences at Lush for the most part - I think it depends on the store. The Georgetown store was pretty snobby, but the people at the Lush store in Philly are really nice and approachable.

    I have that travel/makeup bag! well, in a different print :) I love the little line of text - "stuff happenend..." :)

  9. never tried lush but i'm interested in that body lotion now xD haha. and mmmmm, yogurt colored. sounds delish.

  10. See now I'm gonna have to go into town to the big mall, and look at LUSH again, for some of them body cream samples! LOL! You know me and body lotions!

    LeSportSac bag!! Aww they have the cutest prints!! I do miss that they're not in partnership with TokiDoki anymore, but oh well!

    And savvy new iPhone case!! Matches you perfectly! :) MMMm... YOGURTLAND!!

  11. wow all of that fits into the cup?!?! lol and I do like your case, it's like multi colored :) and I beat that game in a week.. I was kind've sad when I finished it LOL! XD and I wish I lived near a lush store :(

  12. omg...that yogurt looks so good..and is that little mochis i see!?
    i hate pushy SAs... i've only been to lush once in canada haha and the girl there was nice, but the SAs in korea were all up in my face! and i didn't even know what they were saying anyway haha

  13. I so want your PINK Case!! I need to get one. I cannot seem to shell out $35 for a case :( *sigh*

    and that bag - I want it too!! i can't blame you if you gonna use the 5 finger discount instead! ahahaha! :p

    I miss you.. keep in touch. I hope to see you sooN! :D

  14. Was this directed at me!!! "know some of you aren't fans either of the products or prices or have encountered pushy sales associates", LOL!!! I'm always bitchin' about those chics! Your lucky to have good LUSH sales associates! Hopefully when I move to ATL the LUSH down there will be better. :)


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