Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Turkey/Tofurkey Day!!

Guess who's back?! Did you even notice I was gone?? Well, I haven't had internet in the past couple of weeks, wahhhh!! (Just on my iPhone, not good enough for blogging!)

So I have lots of posts to catch up on, tons of reading to do...but, I just wanted to do a quick one to wish you all an early Happy Thanksgiving!! Happy Turkey Day and Happy Tofurkey Day to the vegetarians/vegans, and Happy Turducken Day and Fried Turkey Day, yadda yadda yadda!

Anyways, I leave you with this random story...

Tell me if you recognize the guy in this pic...because I didn't! Not at first. =)

Yes? No? Okay, how about now!

haha! Yes, that's Phi/Jeff Nguyen from Jabbawockeez!!

Here's the story:

I go to a club called Falcon on Sunset in Hollywood this past Saturday with friends for a bunch of birthdays (of friends and friends' friends). The place is crazy crowded, but I spot this guy near the bar whose face for some reason stands out to me. Anyways I get a drink, socialize with friends as we run into each other, make my way outside, then back inside, see this guy near the bar again, we look at each other and I'm thinking he's friends with some of my friends since he's near them but I don't remember who he is (it happens because I don't know all of my friends' friends until we randomly meet). =P

Third time I'm at the bar (shush), I'm next to my guy friend who's talking to this guy. My guy friend steps back to talk to someone, this guy and I catch eyes again so I ask, "Hey! Have I met you before? I can't remember but you look familiar." He says he doesn't think so, I think I ask what his name is, he tells me (but the club is loud so I mishear him and think he says "V," which just baffles me 'cause it doesn't ring a bell at all). I see my guy friend walking away so I call him back. Why? Because I'm a girl wearing red lipstick, but I didn't want to seem vain by pulling out a compact mirror at the bar! haha (Red lipgloss got on my teeth earlier, eww.) "V" calls my guy friend as well, which confirms that he is friends with some of my friends.

I ask my guy friend, "Does my makeup look okay? Is my lipstick still on like it's supposed to be?"

He asks, "Why? Are you starstruck?"


"Starstruck. Are you starstruck?"

I give him a confused look and say, "I don't get it. What do you mean? Starstruck? Why? Who's here?" (Btw, Lady GaGa was there later that night! But I didn't get a chance to see her. Now her song is in my head..."I'm so starstruck, baby could you blow my heart up? I'm so starstruck..." oops, back to the story!)

Finally he says, "Jabbawockeez."

"What? Where?"

"Right there. The guy you were just talking to, he's from Jabbawockeez."

"What?!" I laugh. "No he's not! Wait, which one? You're lying to me!"

"I'm not lying. Ask him. Ask what crew he's from."


Guy friend: "Hey Phi, have you met Diana? Phi, Diana. Diana, this is Phi. Phi, tell her what crew you're from."


LOL! I nearly die of both embarrassment and amusement. =P In fact, I'm nearly dying now recapping this story, hehe. So of course, now I realize why he looked familiar to me (duh), and we talk while we wait for our drinks. My tipsy girl friend taps him on the shoulder or something because she wants to take a picture of us (haha, I wasn't going to ask!)...and that is how I'm able to share that picture and this story with you now. =)

May you all have random chance meetings, attract positive people in your life (postively attractive people would be nice too, haha kidding), spend quality time with your family and your friends, new and old, have the courage to go after your dreams, and be thankful for this wonderful ride ('til the wheels fall off!) we call life!

♥ you all!

And now, time for some Kogi!! Catch up with you all soon as I can.


  1. lol what a story! you're soo funny. i wouldn't have even known either. lol

  2. haha aw! he's a cutie! and look at you, all dressed up <3

  3. Haha! That's great!! Look at you looking all glamourous!! And next to a cutie to boot! LOL! D you crack me up! But that is awesome!

  4. Girl, that guy is CUTE! funny story...I woulda been embarassed 2.

  5. yayyyy jabbawockeez! i met them once when i was working in hotels... all i can say is they complained about their internet charge of $14. haha! ;P happy thanksgiving!

  6. such a cute story! :) I would be like.. FRL! xD I make myself look stupid all the time anyway so it's okay ^_^

  7. aww, what a cute story (and cute pic to boot!) :)


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