Friday, November 27, 2009

Sabon Sale!! 20% Off

I've been waiting for this since last month!!

Sabon 20% Off Sale (Online Only)

I just placed my order at Sabon® NYC after lots of mulling over what I wanted...and of course, I still want more! But I'm being a good girl since it's officially holiday shopping season.

The website says "Complimentary Shipping for all orders over $100" but mine was less and I still received free shipping, so it may be just today or this weekend (review your purchase to double check if you'll receive free shipping for ordering less than $100).

Also, no tax for California! Woot woot, that's an additional savings.

I suppose now's a good time as ever to post the Sabon item dear Mayaari was sooooo sweet to pick up for me on her trip to NY last month!

She even threw in some extra goodies like this Silk Whitia collagen eye mask (which I haven't used yet but will soon!). Thank you, Diana!!

My sought-after item was nicely gift wrapped...making a girl all giddy with excitement!

Inside it revealed this ultra luxurious butter cream that smells diviiiiiiiiiiiiine!! The scent is Tropic, described on the website as "A truly exotic fragrance combination of kiwi and mango. This vitamin c enriched mixture will help repair damaged skin and it is sweet and fruity."

More info on Sabon's butter cream, taken from the website...

"Drenched in goodness, our butter cream is the perfect answer to thirsty skin. This decadent cream contains top quality African Shea butter, Cocoa butter and beeswax for excellent skin rehydration and recovery. Amongst Shea butter's unique healing properties are reversal of scars and stretch marks, rashes and eczema. Although it is one of the richest moisturizers in the entire product line, it is easily absorbed and smooth as silk. Recommended for normal/dry/cracked skin."

Good to Know
"Shea Butter production and export provides much-needed income for women producers in Africa. Amongst Shea butter's unique healing properties are reversal of scars and stretch marks, rashes and eczema. No animal testing."


I loves obviously, I highly recommend this item and scent! I wish I could go to a Sabon store so I could check out their other scents. The butter cream also comes in Ginger Orange, Vanilla Coconut, Lavender Apple, and an Organic version. Another scent I recommend is Carrot, especially since it has the added benefits of antioxidants. Although it isn't available in butter cream form, you can get it as a bottle or jar of body lotion or a small tube (purse/travel size).

What Sabon product(s) and scent(s) have you tried and would recommend?

Did anyone venture to any Midnight Madness or early morning sales today?? I went with a girl friend to Desert Hills Premium Outlets in Cabazon, which is about an hour + away...only to find INSANE traffic, just sitting on the freeways and side streets! I wanted to be a trooper and wait it out, but after nearly two hours and an attempt to circle around, we were still just sitting ducks, so we turned around and got back around 3:30 a.m. (a total of 4+ hours of false hope). FAIL!! Next time...if ever there's a next time, I'll know to leave 3+ hours ahead and bring blankets, etc. since I know we'll be stuck and unable to leave for hoursss.

Safe shopping, everyone! Stimulate that economy. =)


  1. Ahh so this is the infamous SABON! That body butter does sound good though! D is one of the sweetest! ANd one of the best gift wrappers! LOL!

    Girl you be crazy to do the black friday shopping! LOL!

  2. lol after all that patient waiting...I didn't buy anything from the sale =T sadness! unfortunately the ladies in my fam don't really go for the strong scented lotions (SIL has sensitive skin, mom's happy with B&BW), so no sabon goodies for me...I'm still working my way through the ones I bought in October, lol

    hope you got some good stuff!

  3. sabon!! :) I heard great things about them! :D I heard they smell so great! :)

    I wasn't able to go to Cabazon on Thanksgiving day :( i didn't shop much either after that. My grandma is here so I'm trying to save up as much as i can so I can get her what she needs :)

  4. I'm soooo poor. I have to wash with like Dove Body Wash... *cries*

  5. Wow .. looks yummy for skin ^^ It's always nice to find a friendly seller


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