Sunday, March 21, 2010

Canmake Face

I feel I haven't shown my face in a while on my's because, I have no face. =X Kidding, kidding. It's been difficult for me to catch good natural lighting during the day, especially since it's been rainy on weekends for a while. Anyway, I wanted to show how the Canmake eyeshadow palette and lip gloss I'd recently received from Kay during our Secret Valentine exchange, as well as the DHC Q10 Cream Foundation, look on me.

Makeup Used
♥ Guerlain Light-Diffusing Perfecting Primer
♥ Make Up For Ever Concealer in 06 Ivory
♥ DHC Q10 Cream Foundation in Pink Ocher 03
♥ MAC MSF Natural in Medium Plus
♥ Canmake Gradation in 04 Chocolate Stripe
♥ Bare Escentuals Primer
♥ Canmake Four Shiny Eyes in Bitter Coffee
♥ K-Palette Liquid Eyeliner in Jet Black
♥ Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes 0L Black
♥ Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes 23 Champagne
♥ Lancome Virtuose Black Carat
♥ Canmake Nudy Glow in 05 Honey Latte

I'd forgotten that my camera settings are on high res, which is great for scene/product shots but as for self portraits, I feel the pictures look rather gritty. Does anyone else have that problem or is it just me? Then again, I did drop my camera on New Year's Eve. =X

I'd also gotten a fobby hair cut a few months ago and just got bangs again last month. I didn't love how the stylist, uh, banged me, so I trimmed them myself.

Okay, okay, enough are the pictures.

Whenever I get a new eye shadow palette, I tend to follow the "how to" diagram on the back of the box or on the website...and my eyes usually come out smokey, lol. To save time, I also usually use the darkest shade of brown to fill in my eyebrows.

The Canmake Gradation palette is very small, but don't let that fool you because the darker shades are very pigmented! And I have to say, the Canmake Nudy Glow Rouge lip gloss looks more nude in pictures than it does in person. Also, if your lips are the slightest bit dry, the gloss will sink and make every crack super noticeable! That being said, I really like how it looks in pictures. =)

It seems whenever I'm not lusting for something that I can easily get here in the States, my eyes turn toward Japanese drugstore products. =) I'm pretty happy with the color makeup I currently have (some I've yet to show), and the next love I'm looking for is the perfect facial moisturizer (should I go back to DHC or Boscia?) and an eye cream. Does anyone have any tips or pointers when it comes to choosing an eye cream? Do you just go by problem, like puffiness or dark circles or fine lines, or do you look for certain ingredients while avoiding others? Or a mixture of criteria?


  1. the canmake lipgloss is amazing. well, u look really nice <3

  2. pretty! now i'm interested in Canmake products! :)

  3. Love your FOTD! looks really pretty, i'm lemming for the Canmake lipgloss now, it sounds so great :)

  4. you look gorgeous girl! love how the makeup turned out on you <3

    i've nominated you for some blog awards. you don't have to do them if you don't want to, but just wanted to let you know :)

  5. You're so Gorgeous!!!
    I did a swap with this other girl she got me a canmake blush/higher thing but I still havnen't try it as well as the lipglosses

  6. LOL fobby hair! It's cute I like the wispy bangs! Not fobby at all! ANd your face looks flawless and snowy in these pics!

    Love the neutral lip w/ the suble smokey eyes! It's soo sophisticated lookin! :)

    I always lookout for treatments for puffies.. they're more my enemy then circles. Yet to find a real good one though.

  7. absolutely one of my favs on you

  8. I love that gloss on you-gorgeous!

    I'm a bit obsessed with eye creams, I think it's an anti-aging fear. I use a night and day cream. My night cream is more of a gel, because a gel doesn't stay well under make up. I like the feeeling of a gel, I don't know maybe I feel like the product can penetrate the skin better. I use a moisturizing cream during the day to help with make up go on smoothly.

  9. Ohh... this is such a beautiful look! I love the light smokey eyes - nude lips combo! And I LOVE your bangs! Very flattering for your face!

  10. Owww ! This is great =)
    I love your look and hair

  11. i think my "default" look is smokey.. whether it's darker for night or lighter for day, hahaha. very pretty though! you made great use of the items :D

  12. I'm loving that nude lipgloss on you....

  13. Lovely FOTD! I think this is actually the first time I've seen a FOTD from you! You pull off the nude lips SO WELL. I'm kinda jealous. =P

  14. As always you looks gorgeous:) I love the neutral makeup on your and love your bangs too:]

  15. Great FOTD you look beautiful. I don't think your photos look grainy, I actually think taking self photos in high res is better, the quality looks really good. Girl I'm with you, I've been searching for a good eye cream and have yet to find one. I'm thinking of getting the H2O Eye mender cream, it's supposed to be really good I think even Iyah did a review on it.

    LOL and by the way your bangs look cute. (not fobby at all!)

  16. WOW LOVE!! You look gorgeous! I love this look on you!!!!!!!!!!

  17. You look very chic!! I love the look!

  18. You look gorgeous! Your skin looks flawless!

    Check out my blog too if you want :)

  19. what a pretty look~ hehehe
    It's a good thing that the Canmake palette is pigmented!

  20. you look so sweet and girly with the makeup & new bangs :) yup...definitely still want that gloss, even if it'll settle into dry lines!

  21. very pretty look! lovely colors, the overall effect is very natural & the bangs are a nice touch :)

    re: eye cream, my fav brand is shiseido & i'm using white lucent brightening treatment..haven't noticed the lightening effects yet in terms of pigmentation, but it's rich & moisturizing & takes care of fine lines & puffiness as well as dark circles, highly recommend it :)

  22. i heart this look on you. natural and gorgeous! I'm also loving your top :)

  23. You look absolutely stunning! Love that nude gloss on you :)

  24. ahhh you look absolutely divine!! I LOVE this look on you sooo much!! miss ya hun!

  25. Oh this look looks great on you! So pretty~!

  26. Diana~!<3

    I love this new haircut with the bangs on you! It really suits you well--I love it! You look graceful and pretty, but with a little bit of edge at the same time! ^_^ You made awesome use of the makeup too! Love the look! that gloss....i want! lol

    <3 caroline

  27. hey i love ur nude lips! i feel like grabbing the Canmake nudy glow in that latte shade from SaSa now!! hahha :D
    btw, nice blog~

  28. Love the look! It's so pretty and simple. =]
    How is the Makeup Forever Concealers? How do you like it?


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