Thursday, May 20, 2010


Hi, can you believe my last post was in March? Honestly, time flies!

I wasn't really planning on doing this but Kay told me I had to! =)

I don't want to give you some excuse like "I've been busy," but I have. More than that, I'd decided I had a lot of changes and improvements I wanted to make in my life, and that I wasn't anywhere near where I wanted to be...and that time was passing me by, so I had to focus, re-prioritize, and achieve the goals I set for myself but seemed so behind on. And even before that, I had already fallen behind on blogging (I have lots of pictures to be edited and half-written blog post drafts of reviews and new loves and purchases, etc.). It just didn't seem fair that I wasn't able to give my all to any of the many things I wanted to, including blogging.

Slowly but surely, my life has been changing. Now, it's almost summer and I can tell I'll be even busier, so I feel I owe it to you (if anyone's still reading!), to let you know that I'll be on a little blog break. I need time for myself to breathe and hopefully grow. I hope you can understand.

I have a few posts that I really want to put up still, I won't make any promises but if I find time then I'll post one here and there as I can.

I don't know how these next few months will be, whether I'll be back blogging regularly again and when that would be, but feel free to check up on my blog from time to time. If you're on Twitter, I'm still active (I can't help it, it's an addiction thanks to my phone).

When I first started this you know when that was? 2008! haha But my entries were few, and I didn't know my blog would become this random online place of my interests in beauty-/Japanese-/food-related things that it did...or that by becoming so, I'd meet and make so many sweet blogger and Twitter friends. =) So in case I never told you what you've been to me over this past year (I'm sorry, I haven't done a giveaway like I'd wanted to), I just want to say thank you and I truly appreciate you.

I've acquired so much makeup and spend much more on beauty products than I used to before blogging...sometimes it can be overwhelming or even frustrating. That's why I like to simplify I'll end this post with this photo I took back in early February 2009, that I never got around to posting. It was inspired by the "neo natural" look at the time (specifically a cover of VoCE magazine, and also think Beyonce's natural look of her album then).

I don't even remember exactly what makeup I used, but obviously not much. Maybe one day I'll recreate it again...but hopefully, it'll be better. =)

I hope you all have a wonderful summer and wish you an early happy Memorial Day!!


  1. welcome back!..yeah true i spend much more on skincare/makeup since i started to read blogs /blogging!!

  2. thanks for your love yesterday.... my interview .... I think should be ok :)
    I agree that a lot of things had been and is still changing from time to time, even myself feel to have a blog break too. but I'm not sure when, it is all depends on my future job and training program.
    wish u all the best....

    hugssss, love

  3. Nobody should -- or even be able to -- fault you for putting your life above blogging. I've missed you for sure, and I'll miss you during your blog break, but everyone needs a break from things once in a while. I'm sure when you come back you'll have so many new experiences you'll write about to enthrall us!~

  4. Thanks for posting! We love you with or without makeup!

  5. Ooooh, I get mentioned for two posts in a row!!!!

    I know I'll miss your blog posts... but I'm really, really glad that you're taking this time for yourself. I really hope we'll still get to chat online, and I am REALLY hoping that they make a whatsapp for androids so that I can even text you regularly :)

  6. I remember the Neo natural look from that VoCE issue!! Haha~ You still look pretty and lovely! <3

  7. You know I've missed you and will miss your posts, but I understand completely. Life gets in the way of life all the time lol. Love u!

  8. aww we'll miss you, but please come back and write once in a while when you feel like it :) I wish you all the best in whatever you are doing, and I am not worried because I get to talk to you on Twitter anyway :p Take care hun! <3

  9. Welcome back! Even if it is for a short time! LOL! This is such a pretty natural look! Love the va va voom omph the falsies are giving you!!

    Take care, and don't forget to rest up. Clear up what's important to you most first. And when you do come back to posting, I'll be here! >_o

    Love ya!

  10. ahh I know what you mean... it happened to me too. I agree with prioritizing.. and sometimes being stuck on the PC feels unhealthy doesnt it? Glad to see you on twitter still!! Take your time to come back :D

  11. Best of luck in your personal growth Diana <3

  12. Boo!! But I'm going to miss youuuu :( we haven't seen each other in like forever!!! You know whenever I go inside Henri bendell I think of you :)

    anyway, yeah sometimes blogging can be overwhelming, and oftentimes we dont realize that when we see things in blog, it affects our desires and we end up wanting unnecessary stuff that we don't really need and ended up collecting dust. That's what I am. But then I'm not ready to give it up yet.. Soon maybe :)

    I love that picture of you. Very simple yet very elegant :)

  13. welcome back!! what a pretty beauty shot. :)

  14. it's good to move forward, do new things, get somewhere, achieve your dreams! congrats :)

  15. hey sweetie,
    I understand your dilemma. Honestly, I am considering taking a break from blogging for a while, because I feel that my enthousiasm of the things I used to write about has been waning.
    I will be missing your posts, ofcourse, but I believe you have the right to get on a focused track and feel better about yourself.
    (ps. I love that soft makeup look on you: you have such a delicate face for that)

  16. you look beautiful in the neo natural look~ reminds me of my fav kpop singer hwayobi ;)

    best of luck with the changes & improvements you're making to your life..i'm in the same place but still find joy in beauty & fashion related things :) it's all about balance~

  17. i loveeeee the make up!!! u look fab! with the hair pulls back and the natural look...droools* grabs d's boobies*


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