Sunday, August 1, 2010

Girls I Do Adore!! Part Two

The fun continues!!

Last Saturday, I joined Iyah and Ria for a full girls' day and night!! ♥ these girls!

We had lunch at Brodard's in Garden Grove since Ria and Iyah had never been there before.

their specialty, Nem Nuong Cuon (Vietnamese grilled pork rolls)
"Pork Spring Rolls – grilled pork paste wrapped in rice paper with lettuce, cucumber, carrot, daikon, & mint served with house special sauce"

Bo Lùc Lac - Shaken Beef (I never knew it was called shaken beef in English)"Filet mignon in chunks wokked with onion, mushroom, scallion & spices served with steamed rice or fried rice & salad"us girls with minimal makeup as we originally planned to head to the Korean spa (but then we didn't have enough time)

After we ate, we headed to Anaheim for some quick shopping and then got ready for the night.

girls at work! ;)

me, Iyah and Ria

(everyone was wearing MAC Jazzed lippie with Canmake Nudy Glow Rouge in 02 Strawberry Whip, MAC Stereo Rose MSF, and Urban Decay Naked palette)
We went to Cherch, a bar/lounge in downtown Fullerton. We were having so much fun, the whole day and night went by so fast!!

Angelique also joined us at Cherch

After Cherch, we ended up at a Mexican restaurant. We were starving!!

the girls' table

our group

We were still hungry so we ended up at M&M Donuts in Anaheim. We love to eat!!

It was such a fun day and night!! These girls are just so down-to-earth, sweet, and friendly. I think we all had withdrawals the next day! But we will definitely get together again!! ♥

Hope you're all enjoying your weekend!!


  1. Aww how fun! I wish I could have joined you!!! You look FABULOUS by the way!

    And that Vietnamese place... If I get to SoCal, you MUST take me there!!!!

  2. Wow what a fun day and night, that's fantastic I love hanging out with friends for all those fun activities too :)

  3. You girls look fabulous! It's always fun to have a girls outing:) P.s love you kdramas list :)

  4. looks like you girls are eating some great food & having a fun time together :)

  5. Looks soo fun! & so many gorgeous ladies! ^^

    Love the picture where you're all lined up doing each other's hair! ^^

  6. you gals had A LOT of fun that night. i can't believe everyone is wearing the Jazzed lippie. I just ordered it, muhahahahaha


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