Sunday, October 10, 2010

MAC, Venom & Villains, Oh My!!

Hello everyone!! Hope you had a good week and are enjoying your weekend!

Last weekend I went to the MAC Venomous Villains (am I the only one who wants to say Villainous Venoms? haha) event at South Coast Plaza with Iyah, Caroline, Jilly and her sister.

There was a huge display and backdrops set up outside of the store, including an area where the MUAs were applying VV collection on people.

We bypassed the crowd outside and went into the store where we quickly played with the VV collection ourselves. After making our purchases, we were ready to take pictures, hehe.

As you already know, the VV collection features four Disney villains, so each villain had a backdrop where you could get your picture taken. Our favs were Cruella's and the Evil Queen's (actually I don't remember what Maleficent's backdrop was).

how cute is this little girl?
these woman brought their own Dalmation! sooo cute!
Giang and Caroline dressed as Cruella de Vil
me and Iyah, we look like we have mullets haha
we were working our "Venomous Villains" look...which, the best way I know is to look like a snob =P
at the Evil Queen set up (Snow White)
hehe if you look you can see me and Iyah in the mirror
it really felt like we were little kids playing dress up at Disneyland!
this was our picture posted on the MAC VV website (we each got a code to look them up)
and of course we had to take a picture with all the villains!!

Before we went to the mall, we'd actually stopped for ramen at our favorite place (Santouka Ramen inside of Mitsuwa).

99% of the time, there is a really long line!

I have a ridiculous amount of Santouka ramen pics, considering I almost always get my favorite (spicy miso chashu ramen with egg, mmm yummy!).

all gone! oh so good

Gah I could really go for some ramen right now! =P***

I went with the intention of not buying anything from the VV collection...but thanks to those enablers *ahem*...I was lucky I managed to escape with just three items. =)

from the Evil Queen line:

Bite of an Apple blush- Soft coral pink (matte)

from the Maleficent line:

Briar Rose beauty powder - Soft violet pink with pearl

from the Cruella line:

Innocence, Beware! lipstick - Light yellow pink (cremesheen)

I didn't realize until after that I got something from almost each villain, hehehe. I totally played it safe with my color choices. Briar Rose is a really pretty pink and I love the smooth texture of the beauty powder. Innocence, Beware! is a soft, pinkish was instant like at first application, hehe, plus I like cremesheen. Bite of an Apple scared me at first since it's bright and very pigmented, but Iyah really recommended it so I'm willing to give it a try. If it doesn't work out, maybe I'll exchange it if anything is still available at the MAC store (Caroline was really rocking those red lips! I think it was Heartless...but her skin is also really porcelain whereas mine is definitely not).

I'm wearing everything I got here, hehe...excuse the bright cheeks thanks to the MUA (this was also after I blended, wiped, and applied Briar Rose over it...can we say pigmented?!).

After MAC, we went to Imperial Beauty where we ooh-ed and ahh-ed over all the cheaply priced nail polishes. I left with these two:

OPI Glow Up Already!
from the 2010 Burlesque Holiday Collection Essie Sew Psyched (Cashmere-soft sage pewter) from the 2010 Fall collection...yes, I like green. =)

All these trips to Imperial Beauty definitely motivate me to keep my nails polished. Here's what's currently on my hands.

My "princess" nails...super girly with OPI Panda-monium Pink, Nubar 2010, and Nicole by OPI Winter Glitterland (still love this one ever since Mona got it for me last year!).

Omg this is such a long post! One last thing...I dyed my hair black again (using Palty Turn Color Natural Black) and I'm also growing out my bangs.

But because it used to be light brown (light then medium then dark), it has a reddish tint in the sunlight.

Sorry, I wasn't wearing any makeup (just sunblock) and my iPhone camera picks up all sorts of pores I didn't even know were there, haha.

Okay okay, that's enough from me! What did you get from MAC Venomous Villains?!

Have a great weekend/week everyone!!


  1. awww yall had fun!!! that is so cool that they brought their dalmation and you got to dress up like the villains!!!

    you look gorgeous as always! Also, I WANT the "Innocence Beware!" lipstick. it's a gorgeous color!!

  2. Love this post Diana!! Glad that you got Bite of An Apple blush!!

  3. wow! look like fun! :):) nice mac VV haul. hope mine arrives soon

  4. great haul! you girls look like you had lots of fun!!

  5. had fun with you gals, it was great seeing you again!

  6. looks like you girls had lots of fun! the goodies look fab :) i looked at the apple blush and it definitely looked intimidating. hope it works out for you! the ramen...mmm looks so yummy. i need to try some authentic ramen! love the new hair colour on you ^^

  7. YAY!!! I need to find that little paper they gave us for me to retrieve the photos.. ugh I can't believe I'm so disorganized that I misplaced it!! :(

  8. looks like you girls had fun!
    ps i LOVE your nails! Do you think that would work on shorter nails?

  9. aww i didn't know caroline was there! how fun :D you girls look great. and i'm majorly jealous of your santouka trip, haha!

  10. looks like it was a fun outing! I actually didn't get anything from this release, but bite of an apple blush looks really pretty :)

  11. great haul! omg your event was 100000X better than the one here lol


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