Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sunday Fun Day and Inglot Cosmetics

Rainy Sunday this week but last Sunday was such a beautiful day, I had to take advantage of it and go with the flow. I met up with a friend at The Camp in Costa Mesa for lunch at Native Foods, a vegan cafe (yup, my vegetarian days are going so well I'm actually doing twice a week now).

Asian Lettuce Wraps (these were alright)

Oklahoma Bacon Cheeseburger

"thinly sliced original Seitan, melted cheddar, caramelized onions, crispy tempeh bacon on a bun slathered with BBQ sauce and ranch dressing, lettuce, carrots, onions, and tomato and topped with crunchy battered dill pickles chips."

The burger was much better than the lettuce wraps...soo good! I went back to Native Foods again during the week, haha (yeah, on my second vegetarian day). Also their Watermelon Fresca is soooo good and refreshing!

After we were sufficiently full, we went to Fashion Island in Newport Beach so I could do a little "research," kekeke, that is I went to the Inglot store after Mona recommended I check them out.

Everything is widely spread out for your viewing pleasure...

You can use their Freedom system to mix and match square or round pans of lippies and eye shadows...

So many to choose from, I think I could have spent hours in their store!

But that day, I was on a mission: to find a new lipstick color. Their lipstick display is love!

I had a hard time choosing a color, so I swatched all and any that caught my interest.

After Inglot, I went to get Sprinkles for cupcakes. Soooooo good! There was a line outside the door but I didn't care.

haha look at this pic. o_O

I got the red velvet, super delicious, and the lemon cupcake. After Sprinkles, I went to Milk + Honey for a lychee shaken iced tea with lychee jelly bits. Mmmmm refreshing!

Yes, I was a very happy girl last Sunday!! (I'm kind of weird looking in this pic, aren't I? But I kind of like it, haha.)

I know...you're probably wondering what I got at Inglot! After much swatching, testing and debating...I finally made a decision...but I will show you that in another post, promise! =)


  1. inglot looks amazing!!! i've only seen reviews online, but never stopped by the store! you make me want to go! and your sunday looks like a blast!!! :D yummy sprinkles!!

  2. I should stop by Inglot sometime! The food looks amazzzzzzzzzing and do the cupcakes! Ahhhh I enjoyed reading this post :)

  3. aw sounds like you had a great sunday! that food looked sooo good..i'm a 'sometimes' vegetarian myself :P
    all that makeup looked so pretty, i hate when there's too much to choose from! :)

    Beauty Bag 411

  4. Can't wait to see what you got in your next post =D Was it hard to narrow your decision? You're so spoilt for choices in Inglot!!! Amazing amazing amount of items o.O

    (I'm guessing the SAs allowed photographs?)

  5. looks like you had a lot of fun in inglot!
    the cupcakes look amazing! actually all your pictures look amazing! x)

  6. I have heard so much aout Inglot and their eyeshadows look so pretty!! I do want to see what you got from Inglot in your next post!

  7. so many swatches! hahaha cupcakes look delish

  8. Yay for being a sometimes vegetarian! I was a vegetarian before my pregnancy but now I'm part time like you :) Can't wait to see what you got at Inglot! I need to map this place...I'll be in Anaheim in like 3 weeks!

  9. Yum! The lychee tea and cupcakes reminds me of summer! I can't wait for summer to come back!!

  10. The fact that you are in a cami at this time of year is envy-worthy enough! It's below freezing here, and it's even cold in Tokyo!

  11. @kay oh yah I forgot to write that it was 80+ degrees that day! kekekeke Come to Caliiiiiii!! ;)

  12. Nice to have stumbled on a local beauty blog! I keep passing by the Inglot store in Fashion Island but not going in because I am too busy or I know if I go I will spend more than I plan :) My daughter and I walk up to the mall every day. I will have to leave her home one day and go play inside the store. It's funny, I knew your food was from Native even before you said it. I know the menu by heart! Keep writing!

  13. woww, such yummy looking food :3 yay for veggie days 2x a week! sounds healthy! and yummy too, hahaha.

  14. Hahaa :) Look at you! With all those swatches on your hand :P God, the food looks amazing! I'm starrrving just looking at the cupcakes and burgers!!!!


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