Saturday, February 19, 2011

Valentine Survival...With Love

Happy belated Valentine's Day!! Hope your day was either special, fun, sweet, bearable, or no worse than ordinary, haha. At the least, I hope no one made you cry or broke your heart. Or made you feel bleh. Otherwise...I've got the quick cure for your lovesick blues! ;)

A case of soju...I'm actually not a fan of plain soju (but it's soooooo good when it's lychee soju!!), I guess I have mixed feelings...but I couldn't resist decorating the bottles with heart stickers, kekeke.

non-sensible panties, have to admit, those are pretty bad ass! (note to self: must work out bootay more...) Everyone should have sexy undies, don't you think?

Sweets! Fresh baked cupcakes from Sprinkles...mmm red two together look like boobies, can't go wrong for V-Day? hahaha jk jk

Kisses! I love strawberry Meltykiss (love that this time the box says Meltykiss and not Meltyblend!), so I had to grab these green tea ones when I saw them, one for me and one for my Valentine. You also can't go wrong with Godiva chocolates either...mmmm...

I hope you all have someone sweet, caring and loving in your life...if not, there's always K-Pop (and K-Dramas, romantic movies, romantic comedies, puppies, kittens and bunnies)...

*freeze frame on Choi Siwon...helloooooo dream guy...

And current happy song of the week...

I truly hope you all felt both loved and loving...and if glad it's over and take comfort in the falling rain (if you're in Cali this weekend, falling snow if you're in the mountains, lucky you!).

P.S. We did a second Secret Valentine this year so I'll post about that once I receive pictures from all the lovely ladies who participated this year. =)


  1. yogurt soju is delicious!!! it's soo good; you keep drinking til you're drunk!! and so are sprinkles cupcakes!! <333 love the undies!! :)

  2. Yes! And I like how these time we got the packages that say Melty Kisses and not Meltyblend, ooh la la.

  3. Really? When did you look? I saw some a couple of weeks ago...gah all my weeks lately have been a bit of a blur hehe but I actually got mine at Marukai, not sure if you've tried looking there. The green tea taste is very subtle, or not very noticeable I should say. I still like strawberry best. =)

  4. mmmm i love this post, haha! i haven't been able to find those green tea meltyblends D: gah. i even looked through mitsuwa like.. twice.. hahaha. maybe i just suck.

  5. hehehe how'd you know? i had yogurt soju the other night...but omg, if you like yogurt soju, you HAVE to try the lychee soju at Past Memories if you haven't already! It.Is.BOMB. It tastes just like lychee will def keep drinking it...and then you will have half memories or no memories after you started drinking, hehe jk. <333

    Get those undies!! Or have Hieu get them for you. ;) Get a pair for Strawbehree too (I prob butchered that spelling, miahnae!).


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