Sunday, April 3, 2011

Beautylish Spring Trends Preview Event & Swag Bag

*Extremely long and pic heavy post!!

I know you've prob read a lot of blogs about this already, and although I really wanted to post this sooner I didn't have time until now, so please forgive me as I've been busy and hardly home these days.

I had the pleasure of attending Beautylish's LA event last Tuesday at the W Hotel in Westwood (West LA).

I'd met the Beautylish team last summer at IMATS but unfortunately was not able to make it to their first LA event back in October, so there was no way I was going to miss it this time around!

Since it was on a weeknight I went straight after work and braved good ol' 405 traffic for about an hour and a half, joy. But you want to know the truth? I actually kind of missed going to LA...I used to commute and go for fun a lot also, and didn't realize that it'd definitely been a while.

pic from my iPhone and transformed on Instagram

Hmm I got there and quickly realized that I was horribly under-dressed, whoops, and that I didn't know anyone aside from the Beautylish I did what any awkward shy girl would do and quickly stepped out onto the terrace, found the table with fruit and cheese and crackers platters and loaded up, haha. Then I sat down alone and proceeded to stuff my face. Sexy, right? I know.

But the sweet hearts of Beautylish would not let it be so, hehe, and brought me the Beautylish special drink from the open bar.

I took the liberty of "borrowing" these Beautylish pictures...

W Hotel in Westwood, LA
W restaurant/bar/lounge
actually stayed after to grab a bite here
Beautylish Spring Preview line up - Hourglass, Clinique, and Pureology
the beautiful terrace
the open bar with the special Beautylish drink (I don't quite remember all of its ingredients but it was sweet)
one of the many hors d'œuvres being served, in this case, toasty and tender sliders
adorable mini cupcake army!!
mmm so good, these went fast! i was lucky to be able to have a chocolate one
Beautylish swag bag of goodies

Then Beautylish asked me if I would like to get my hair done at the Pureology station and introduced me to some of the girls waiting in line, who happened to be !

I bet you'd read a lot of blog posts already from the other girls at this Beautylish event, but hands down, I have the most awkward story, don't I? hehe Silly me. =)

Anyways I felt much more relieved and comfortable being with Tammy, Amy and Alyssa, all of whom are very sweet and friendly girls, plus I'd already known Amy and Alyssa through our blogs though this was our first time meeting. And to my surprise, I also saw Jilly there and met Katrina as well! It was my first time meeting Katrina and she's also sweet and very easy to chat with.

Thanks to Alyssa for the pics, even though she requested for her sweet face not to be shown and I must therefore respect her privacy.
Amy, me, and Tammy

I really did not expect to receive anything from Beautylish but bless their hearts for spoiling us all with all these goodies from their swag bag!! really spoiled us!
Beautylish USB flash drive with their Spring Preview Event media kit
Beautylish tee (American Apparel)...super cute and comfy (sizes run a bit on the big side so my XS is loose on me, just FYI if you ever get a Beautylish tee)
Urban Decay cheek tint in Score
Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Intense lipstick in shade #36 (satin fucshia)
a beautiful Clinique makeup bag with High Impact Mascara, Almost Lipstick in Black Honey, and Bottom Lash Mascara
Tatcha beauty papers
Hourglass Veil mineral face primer
Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips eye shadow palette from their Eye Candy collection
Physicians Formula Organic Wear Jumbo Lash Mascara
Beyonce Heat Rush perfume, which is "a fruity floral fragrance" and smells very sweet
NYX Luxurious Black Label Compact Powder and Lip Gloss Pallet in 07 Sweet Oranges
Rimmel Glam Eyes eye shadow in 200 Spicy Bronze
Pureology Colour Stylish Strengthening Control hair spray (its nice scent will always remind of me the Beautylish event)
Wen Pomegranate Cleansing Conditioner (I pretty much love anything pomegranate)
Phyto Phytodefrisant Botanical Hair Relaxing Balm
Dermalogica set with Daily Microfoliant, Multi-Active Toner, Special Cleansing Gel, Active Moist oil-free lotion, Lip Treatment and samples
and finally, CND nail lacquers in Raspberry Parfait #519 and CND Effects in Amethyst Sparkle #564 (topper coat) - my first CND!!
my messy NOTD using the CND lacquers (plus CG Crackle and OPI Katy Perry Teenage Dream)...sorry so sloppy but it wasn't as bad looking from far away

Beautylish also threw in some sweet $50 gift certificates for treatments at Byu-ti Hair Therapy Salon in Santa Monica and also for Makeup Mandy in Melrose. So generous! I am pretty excited about all of the products, but especially the Wen cleansing conditioner and Phyto hair treatment since I've been wanting to try new hair deep conditioners. *squeals* Also it'll be interesting to see how I like the NYX lip glosses since I've never tried wearing orange lip colors before.

Thank you so much, Beautylish, for putting together these wonderful events that give us the opportunity to mix and mingle with fellow beauty enthusiasts as well as try out all these new products from these amazing swag bags. I know a lot of planning and hard work went into this event and I'm very thankful to have been invited. I definitely look forward to more Beautylish events and can't wait to see what else Beautylish has in store for all of us! =)

FOTD using the Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips (top 3 shades) and also curled my hair using the Pureology hair spray

For more pictures from the event, please visit Beautylish's blog. Also, please follow me on Beautylish as well! =)

I hope everyone is doing well!


  1. SEX-XYYYYYY!!! :) WOW!! so much goodies!! What is this beautylish? AHHH!! I want some goody bag too! hahaha :)

  2. Awww, the event looked soo awesome from all the pics and stories I've read~! Haha, I would have acted the same...I'm quite the awkward turtle, but I'm glad your experience still went well. :]

    Oh my, look at all those goodies!!! Beautylish is awesome. ^^
    Cute pics btw~ loving the purples

  3. It was most def nice meeting you! Beautylish sure hooked it up! They should have once a month or something! =)

  4. love all the goodies you got ! <3

  5. It looks like it was such a great event :D... Great swag bag!!

  6. I heart your pic heavy posts - love the nails and you look fantastic ~_~ oxox

  7. The event looks amazing. What a great swag bag! You look so cute in your Beautylish t-shirt! Hope we get to see some reviews on all those products. =)

  8. Aw thanks Diane! I will def try! I'm overwhelmed hehe but gonna do my best to do some reviews. I hope to meet you at the next Beautylish event too!

  9. Thank you! How have you been?! Long time no blog/chat!

  10. I hope you can come to the next one! (Whenever that will be.) I'll def ask around next time to see who can all go. =)

  11. I would LOVE it if they had it once a month! hehe It's like how some people join book clubs etc...Beautylish can be our new club, hehe. <3

  12. Thank you! I thought my awkward days were over but apparently not! hehe Still fun though. =P

  13. Looks like a fun event! Glad you had a great time and that goody bag is WOW!

  14. Oh wow. It looks like a fun event. :) You look like you work for beautylish now. LOL. :)

    Loving the purple/pink eye makeup. :D

  15. My hair spray nozzle broke lol I wanted to use that hairspray because I remember it smelling so good but I'll have to figure out a way to fix that nozzle :/ It was definitely nice meeting you, if you are ever coming down to the LA area to visit or use those Beautylish gift cards, we should def hang out again!

  16. Hiyee babe! Awww *blush* thank you!

    Come to the next Beautylish event (whenever they have one again)!

    Beautylish is a new site, it's like a facebook+youtube for beauty lovers like us! I think I sent you an invite or you can sign up on the website. They're on Twitter too and have contests every now and then so maybe you can win some goodies!


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