Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Little Inglot Indulgence

I went to Inglot this past Sunday and got a little buy happy, hehe. The first and last time I'd been there was wayyyy back in February, and for some reason, I just don't go very often even though it's not that far from me. Originally I was just planning to get a 5-pan eye shadow palette and gel eyeliner...and maybe a lipstick...and maybe a blush...but here's what I walked out with.

I've been going out a lot lately and it made me *realize* that most of my makeup is so last year/last summer, and I've also been going to pool parties and beach parties which made me want more waterproof and cream-based makeup. So the first thing I picked up was this baby after reading Diana's (Mayaari's) awesome review (okay, it didn't take much to sell me but you should still check out her thorough review and photos!).

Matte Collection AMC Eyeliner Gel # 77 ($12)

I also wanted to get a peachy/orange-toned lippie, especially since most of my lipsticks and lip glosses are pink or nude (I know, I know...can't help it, that's what I love most).

Slim Gel Lipstick #42 ($12)

Depending how many layers you like, it can be either on the punchy, bold side...

Or blotted to a softer ripe peach color.

I also picked up this beautiful blush.

Face Blush #29 ($12)

Much like the Slim Gel Lipstick, it's a beautiful peachy/orange shade that can be layered to be bright or blended to a soft tone.

Okay story of my airheadedness, haha. I honestly thought this blush was a cream blush, because the tester was so soft and smooth, it felt a lot like my NARS Multiple in palette form. So...I seriously thought the MUA gave me the wrong blush in powder instead (though I also thought it was pretty and was considering keeping it anyway) and I went back the next night...yeahhh, haha, okay that's all. But...truely a testament to how soft and smooth the texture of the blush is!

Finally, the reason I really went to Inglot was to get their amazing eye shadows which everyone has been raving about. I know I don't need new makeup, but...sometimes I just have that feeling that what I have is not right for whatever occasion, it's so old/last year, I could find something more perfect, and so on. So I wanted to build a new palette, something neutral but versatile so that I could use it for a nice daytime look and a more dramatic nighttime look.

The MUA told me that Inglot is discontinuing the round eye shadow pans, so the price is lower now at $4 a pan instead of $5 each (either way, much cheaper than MAC's refill pans). The mirror palettes are $5 empty, so that means a full palette is only $25. I thought, score! Guess I'll *have* to get two, haha, since they're discontinuing round e/s pans and I prefer round over square. =P

my modest Inglot eye shadow haul...

And the palettes I created...seriously, I felt like a little kid in art class, hehe, both of my hands and wrists were swatched and my friend had to help me wipe them off, lol.

my day palette...

and my night palette...

both palettes together (in case I decide to mix and match them)

I honestly don't feel that my photos do justice to the palettes (I'll try again with flash), and also even when you swatch some of the colors, you get this beautiful, highly dimensional sparkle that you couldn't detect in the pan. Some of the colors are similar to my favorite MAC eye shadows but seemed "better," more sheen, more sophisticated or more club-appropriate without just being a glitter bomb. For example, Inglot Double Sparkle 498 looks similar to MAC Black Tied but has much more dimension.

Here are some pics from my iPhone (sorry, too lazy to label each shadow again).

In case you have a hard time reading the shade numbers...

My day palette (L to R)
♥ AMC Shine 30
♥ Pearl 402
♥ AMC Shine 34
♥ AMC Shine 43
♥ Pearl 421

My night palette (L to R)
♥ Pearl 397
♥ Double Sparkle 465
♥ Pearl 422
♥ Double Sparkle 458
♥ Double Sparkle 498

Anyway...when I have some time, I'll definitely try taking photos of swatches and using them. And hopefully, these two palettes will satisfy my lust for eye shadows that I don't least for the rest of the year.

What do you think of Inglot and their products?


  1. Hiiiii!! i heard that the gel liner is a lot better than mac liner. :) Once I'm finished with my blacktrack, i'll buy that one :D and I ordered 6 eyeshadow from inglot. Can't wait to get them :D

  2. I love those eyeshadow colors!!! I really want to purchase some Inglot in the near future!

  3. omg everything looks so beautiful!!! your day & night palettes look so easy to mix & match w. & hope you had a great birthday!! xoxo

  4.  I want to try Inglot eyeliner gel too >.<~~~ I had baad experience with my MAC e/l. btw, I'm going to host a giveaway on my blog today. don't miss it ok ^^ thank u

  5. Jennifer FitzgeraldJanuary 13, 2012 at 9:52 AM

    I wish there was a inglot by me!! 


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