Saturday, September 10, 2011

SF, I've Missed You

Hiyee!! Just wanted to post quickly to say hello 'cause I haven't blogged in a bit. I'm actually in SF for the weekend, woot woot! Here's a little collage of pics I took on my iPhone yesterday. Will post more and then do a longer update once I'm back home. <3 xoxo!!

P.S. I got bangs again (just on Tuesday), keke.

- Posted with love while out & about 'cause I'm a girl on the go


  1. Hope your having fun in SF! Enjoy ^^ The cupcakes look delicious~!!

  2. Thanks for the update and enjoy SF!

  3. Thank you!  Omg they were delicious, not too sweet and very moist! <3

  4. Thanks Jamilla~!!  I'm back home now and can't wait to blog about my weekend in SF. <3

  5. Thanks for the pictures, I hope I can come visit SF soon.:D

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