Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Body Shop Gives Joy

Happy belated Thanksgiving, everyone!!  Did you spend the holiday and time off with your family and loved ones?  Eat lots until you could do nothing but laze around, and then hate yourself for it when you stepped on the scale?  Shop the Black Friday sales and scour the Cyber Monday ads until you're sure you need another job just to pay for all of your spending?  Don't worry, I won't judge you! ^_^

Surprisingly, I haven't done that much shopping this weekend...yet (it's still not quite over), but I will report back to you if I do!

One store or company that I do highly recommend checking out is The Body Shop.  Why?  Because not only do I really loveeeeee their mango body butter (if you  have dry skin or winters get really cold in your area, you need to try this!), but they frequently offer great deals.  I feel like as a company, they really do value customers and want you to try their products!  Hence all the great deals. =)

For instance, I know they have had at least two Groupon deals within the past year.  I missed the first one but was able to snag the last one, which was $20 for $40 worth of products, yippie!  The only condition was that I had to use it in store, so I decided to use it about two weeks ago when The Body Shop had this promotion:

Side note: I know it seems cruel for me to post about a sale that's been long over...but guess what?  They had an even better Black Friday sale, $30 for any 3 products!  I believe this will also be the deal for Cyber Monday, plus free shipping.  They also had a $25 Mistletote Bag with $120 worth of products for Black Friday, not sure if that's still being offered but you would have to check stores since it sold out online (the store I visited last night still had it).  Today's deal is $30 for any 3 bath and/or body products.

About the bag
(info taken from the website and Facebook page)
Support The Body Shop's Stop Sex Trafficking of Children & Young People campaign partners by adding the Joy bag For Life when you shop! For each bag purchased, $2 will be contributed to support their campaign partners.

This reusable Community Fair Trade bag is made by Teddy Exports in southern India. Our trade with them provides employment for over 400 people in a good working environment. It has also helped to fund the Teddy schools and support HIV/AIDS awareness initiatives across local communities. To find out more about our values, visit our Values & Campaigns section.
Here's what I put in my bag:

I absolutely love the Mango Body Butter and cannot sing its praises enough (although, I wish The Body Shop would make another fruity scented body butter for dry/very dry skin, even if it's just strawberry mango or pineapple mango).  It's sooo moisturizing and absorbs quickly, plus it smells yummy.

The Spa Wisdom™ Japan Yuzu & Rice Body Milk is not an absolute MUST HAVE for me, but more of a treat and something that I'd only get if it's on sale.  Its retail price is $22, which to me, is too expensive for something as light as this.  It's a lotion that's so light-weight that it comes out in a spray.  What drew me to it was its scent, which is sort of perfume-y and flowery yet powdery and "ricey" at the same time.  It's a bit strong at first but subdues to a clean and fresh fragrance.  I do wish The Body Shop would make this in something more moisturizing, like a body butter.

Because of the promotions at the time, I also signed up for the Love Your Body membership.  With the 30% discount versus the membership's additional 20% discount (which is not the same as 50% total discount, but slightly less) plus the $10 membership fee, the total difference for my purchase was about $2.  Plus I'd saved $20 through Groupon, score!  Altogether I spent about $27, wheeeeee!  (The total for the regular priced body items would have been $58, before tax.)

The bag also came with coupons for a free gift (no purchase necessary, in stores only) each of the following six consecutive weeks.  So far I've received the first two and they have been nice!  Generous, full-sized products, nicer than what I would have expected.  But, I'll wait to show you when I've received all six.  =)

You can sign up for email notifications of sales and promotions through the website, or "Like" The Body Shop's Facebook page to keep up to date.

I hope you're all enjoying your wonderful Thanksgiving weekend!


  1. Nice :3 I wish NZ had this.. i'm not sure if they do that sort of promotion .. i should check lol~ Love the mini haul tho :D

  2. Ohh I'm not sure either, but you should definitely check!  They have a NZ Facebook page at and also a NZ Twitter: .  Hopefully they'll have good promos for the holidays!

  3. OOOHHH goodies!! yeah I need another job to pay for my expenses. It's been crazy!! I need to work more... ahhh!! btw I miss you!! have we seen each other this year yet or what???

  4. Aww I miss you too!  Thank you for always being so sweet and supportive, commenting on my blog & Facebook page too.  <3

    Gosh...I think the last time we saw each other was last year, when May was in town!  It's been too long!


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