Saturday, December 24, 2011

Sephora VIB Goodies

Hiyee...I think you know by now that I don't blog in "real time," my blogs are usually about things that are from the sometimes-recent/sometimes-not-so-recent past.  =X  I hope you'll forgive me for that.  I'm actually also that way with my Facebook too.  I dunno, sometimes, or most of the time, I get so caught up in the moment, or I'm quickly moving onto the next thing, that I don't post right away.  It's just the way I am.

So anyway...about two weeks after the Sephora Friends & Family sale, there was the Sephora VIB 20% off sale, ahhhh!  I really liked the mailer they sent out though, and this time, the code was good for unlimited use within the time frame.

I was actually in SF while the sale was happening and I was luckily enough to walk to the Sephora in downtown SF/Union Square for the VIB event. be VIB, you have to spend quite a bit at Sephora in one calendar year, which I never thought I would be somehow I did. =X  But surprisingly (or maybe I shouldn't be surprised), apparently a lot of people spend a lot at Sephora as the VIB event was pretty poppin', and the SF Union Square Sephora is fairly big too.

I got the free black tote bag...but does anyone know why there were also white bags with gold lettering/stitching?  I saw a girl with one but didn't ask.

my skin care & body care haul

lots of samples

This time around, my focus was more about skincare, as you can see.  I think I'm developing a crush on Caudalie! hehehe

CAUDALIE Vinoperfect Radiance Serum
See details

Yes, I gave in and got the full size.  I think the 20% is best used on pricey items to really save the most of your money (or, it could be viewed that the best way to save is not to spend, har har).

CAUDALIE Once Upon A Vine...
See details

I saw this while I was standing in line, lol.  It's a limited edition set and it's a good deal because just the full-sized body butter alone costs $28, so for $10 more (or with the 20% off sale, $2.40 more), you get everything else (hand cream, lip conditioner, crushed Cabernet scrub).  I've said this many times but I'm a moisture maniac so I'm def looking forward to giving this a try, especially in the drier months of winter.

CAUDALIE Vinosource Quenching Sorbet-Crème
See details

I liked this from the travel/trial size set I'd gotten from the Sephora Friends & Family Sale, so I got the full sized for winter.  It's not the most moisturizing face cream (Caudalie has heavier ones) but I think it will do for our short winters in So Cal.

KORRES Guava Indulgences Body/Lip Collection
See details

This I was lucky because I was able to exchange a KORRES Guava Body  Butter I'd already had but had barely used.  I'd  bought it months ago for full price, which is $28, and here this set only costs $4 more.  I never knew before that Sephora allows you to return or exchange products as long as you have 80%+ remaining, even if you've had it for a long time and/or no longer have the receipt.  With the 20% off, this set cost $25.6 so it was actually less than what I'd spent on the one item.  Score!

Korres Guava body butter, showergel, hand cream, and lip butter

LAURA MERCIER 500-Point Reward
Okay, I must say kudos to Sephora for customer service.  When I first saw this LM 500-Point Reward, I wanted to kick myself (or maybe just smack my forehead) for using my 500 points a few months ago on a BUXOM set that I hadn't even used yet.  Luckily for me, Sephora let me exchange it!  The only thing though was that I hadn't brought the BUXOM set with me to SF, so when I got back I immediately went from the airport to Sephora, lol.  But...they ran out.  =(  And the sales associate told me they'd run out online too.  Thennnn (omg why are my stories so long and boring, sowwies), I got lucky because I had to go to another mall that also has a Sephora, and so I called ahead and found out they still had the LM set.  Wheee!!

Hopefully I will be able to use and post reviews on all of these skin care and body care items in the upcoming months! =)


  1. What a fabulous haul! I adore Caudalie and Korres!! And Laura Mercier!

  2. Good to know (as I trust your judgment)! =)

  3. Amazing haul :D I defo wanna see reviews on the Laura Mercier set =DD


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