Friday, April 27, 2012

Back in Cali from Seoul & Tokyo

Hiyee everyone~!!  I'm home sweet home again, and am adjusting back to my "real" life. *cries* ㅠㅠ

I've unpacked and have slept tons (and lost weight! woohoo), but am still sorting through my hauls and taking pics of everything.

In the meantime, here are some pics from my Instagram.
Shopping at night in Myeong-dong 명동

rainy day in Gangnam 강남
cherry blossoms at the National Assembly Building in Yeouido 여의도
shopping near Ewha Woman's University 이화 여자 대학교
kbbq in Sinsa-dong 신사동
Korean cold noodles naemyeon 냉면 in Myeong-dong 명동
cheese deokbokki (rice cakes) 치즈 떡볶이 with Korean ramyun and extra fixings (so rabokki 라볶이)
skincare and beauty hauls
face masks from Watsons
pretty lace dress and off-white blazer, but couldn't bring myself to pay 50,000 KRW (dress) + 80,000 KRW (blazer)
10,000 KRW handbag!! woot woot, score! this was also near Ewha Woman's University 이화 여자 대학교
H&M, haha! 36,000 KRW lace dress, me likey
Korean production of the musical Catch Me If You Can
I went to watch Key~!! (member of SHINee)
I only spent a few days in Tokyo and didn't rent a cell phone, so didn't take many phone pics there.

like a Boss...this stuff was pretty tasty, and that's my view of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building
Japanese KitKats galore!! Take about an exorbitant amount spent but I got enough to share XD

I'll be posting a mask review or two before getting into my Seoul and Tokyo posts, so please be patient with me.

Thanks and I hope everyone is doing well!


  1. Wow looks like you had a great time :) Very envious of you visiting so many places!! 

  2.  Aw thank you! I loved it, am so glad I finally went as I've been wanting to go for years! Hope you can go and visit too!

  3. OMG, you know that your last picture just kills me right? So, did you manage to take pictures for your blog? And you lost weight?!!

  4.  You know I'm willing to shareeeeee, right? ;) Oh yes, I took tons of pics today but still need to take more, keke, so much stuff in my room. I lost weight! Will PM you in a few minutes once I wash my face etc.

  5. Welcome back, hun!
    Cant wait to read your next post. ;)

  6. Looks like you had such an amazing time!! Can't wait for your posts. 
    I would love to go to both Korea and Japan :)

  7. I wish we had all those variety of Kit Kats!

  8. Japanese Kit Kats!!! I so want to try them! So awesome you had a great time!

  9. Wow! Fantastic baby. haha I'm a big bang fan X3

    everything looks great! The korean food omg. I'm drooling hehe and is that a big bag of etude house goodies? ;) good choice! I love the lace dress on u~ 

    you found so many kitkats! im so jelly. I bought a 12 pack matcha kitkats in Toronto and the price was jacked up -_-;; anyways, enjoy!!!

  10. your trip looks so fun : ) how did you lose weight?

  11. Aww great highlight pics! the Korean food look delish! I'm not surprised you lost weight- I remember me eating more than you when we met Lol!

  12.  Lol but you are still thinner than I am! Don't know how you do it, you're just blessed! ^_^

  13. Thanks, Lexi! Hmm I don't know if I lost it during or right after, but basically I've been burning more calories than I intake per day. One reason is that I've been so tired since coming back, I sleep more than I eat!

  14.  Thank you! I miss Seoul already, keke. Oh yes, lots of Etude House goodness! And thank you, the lace dress I actually found at H&M! Gotta love H&M for being fair all the way across the world. Aw how much were the matcha KitKats in Tornoto? I actually bought a pack before I'd left Cali too.

  15.  Have you never tried any Japanese Kit Kats?!

  16.  Hehe I'm surprised though because most of them I've already tried, and I've seen much more unique/rare flavors like sweet potato etc.! However I wasn't interested in the wasabi KitKats, keke.

  17.  Thank you! Gosh it's going to take like all month for me to post, lol, I mean like all of May, I think. You should! I think you would love it. Make it happen!

  18. welcome back! can't wait to see more pics of your trip :)


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