Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sinchon and Edae (Ewha Woman's University)

To me, the coolest places to hang out around Seoul are near the universities. This might sound odd if you are past your college years, but these districts are young, vibrant, and fashionable with a down-to-earth vibe. My kind of atmosphere.

There are several university neighborhoods but I started with Sinchon or Sinchon-dong 신촌동 and Edae 이대 (short for Ewha Woman's University 이화여자대학교). They are very close to each other, just one subway stop away, and Sinchon is also a subway stop away from Hongdae (short for Hongik University 홍익대학교, sort of like how we say So Cal for Southern California; if you don't know, Koreans love to shorten terms to make one word), but I'll talk about Hongdae in another post. Sinchon is also very close to Yonsei University, Sogang University and Myongji University.

Edae is very quaint, cute, trendy and most importantly, affordable! That's to be expected, since it's near a women's university. You don't have to worry about getting ripped off here if you're immediately pinpointed as a tourist. Sales people are also not pushy, and I felt I didn't stand out so much since in this area, since I could easily pass for a student or professor (in other words, foreigner doesn't necessarily equal tourist, as it does in tourist hot spots like Myeongdong). I didn't walk around the campus but I certainly did take a walk down "fashion street."

see, I told you Dunkin' Donuts is everywhere in Seoul!

I just really love the vibe here, and tons of shops and restaurants all packed together for my shopping and eating pleasure, hehe.

I went inside a large store called Kosney. It's sort of like a Korean Urban Outfitters, with several floors of clothing, purses, accessories, stationary goods, and goods.

Sweet pink luggage. I love the vintage look. Too bad these are a bit small for me, haha, but it'd be cute to have for a weekend trip.


I got a bit hungry so of course, more street food! Spicy grilled chicken skewer, I told you this was my favorite cheap eat while on the go. (Cheap = 2,000 won.) It's actually not spicy, definitely not as spicy as it may look.

Here are some of the Korean fashion styles I found and liked. I didn't get anything though because they were either too small for me or more than what I wanted to pay. I'd wanted this pink blazer which was only 15,000 won but was told it'd be too small for me. Sad face. (Note to self: must lose 10+ lbs if I really want to be able to shop for clothes in Seoul...)

I'd really liked this outfit but I'm glad I didn't get it. I couldn't try it on and I'm not as thin as the mannequin so it probably would not have looked as good on me. I'd actually found a very similar dress at H&M recently, but unfortunately the only size left was too big for me.

This dress and cardigan outfit looks sweet, innocent and ladylike but on me and my body, I'd probably end up looking like someone's granny. XP

Then I got hungry again and decided to try this mussel spicy ramyun for only 3,900 won. I know it's not a very impressive meal but it was cheap and I'd wanted soup since it was yet another chilly day.

It also had some squid in it too. Oohh so fancy! ;)

Now for Sinchon. It's larger so it doesn't have the quaint feel of Edae but it's a cool university area too. There is a Hello AM PM store (Korean department store) near the subway station, and the subway station itself is also connected to underground arcade and mall. By the way, this (and Hongdae) is where I saw the most cute boys, kekeke. I was told Gangnam had the rich, affluent, good looking people but I saw more good looking and fashionable people near the universities. Maybe it's just a matter of personal taste (or in Gangnam, they're all inside the clubs or office buildings and nice apartments).

You will also find all of the popular beauty shops on these small back streets of Sinchon.

I popped into Paris Baguette in Sinchon for a small snack. I had a caramel macchiato and some yummy macarons, mmmm!

I don't know if I've said this before but coffee shops and bakeries are much more lounge-y in Seoul (than in California). For instance, this location had a second floor of booths and tables for everyone to chill. Of course, we have seating sections in our coffee shops and bakeries but they're much smaller or cramped, and sometimes you have to fight for a spot, especially if you're near a university. The ones I went to Seoul had seating areas that seem more like small restaurant seating sections.

I sat by the window so I could check out the scene below. The location was next to Etude House and across the street from Hello AM PM...or maybe it was the Hyundai Department Store, I'm not sure.


Yummy strawberry macaron...oh how I adore you and want you!


Andddd....that's all for now. ;)


  1. I love the Korean fashion style. It's so girly and lacy. hahaha It seems like all their cafes etc are very modern looking. Love that kind of environment. :)  

  2. Everything is so pink! Love those pink luggage pieces... wonder how much they cost!

  3. I agree, their fashion style is so girly, but too bad it doesn't suit my body or fit me well. ㅠㅠ I like that kind of environment too! There was a group of 4 girls and it totally made me think "Sex and the City," hehe. Seems like coffee shops and donuts are the "cool/hip" places to hang out. =)

  4. Hmm I can't remember, but I'm pretty sure the rolling one was 130,000 won or more. For me, it'd be an overnight case, lol (obviously I like to pack a lot of stuff, keke). I guess it can't be as cute and girly looking if it's super huge. XP

  5. Rowena Rolala LovesJune 19, 2012 at 6:04 PM

    These districts look very cool! The coffee houses in SK definitely look like you could hang out comfortably in them for awhile but I would sure be tempted by all the delicious pastries. And don't even get me started on how good the food on the streets look. I like how colorful the fashions are but some if is just too frilly for my tastes. I'm really loving all your Korea posts Diana!

    I also saw that Daniel Henney movie and felt the same way.  Hours of our life we'll never get back lol ;p

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  6. omo omo omo!! the pink luggage!! i want!! do u remember how much it cost? I desperately want one..haha~ aaah~ Paris Baguette is like the most frequent place I buy food during my trip in Seoul, everything there looks so delish and pretty! We even bought a 7" cake there just because the design is cute and its in color pink!! i know, crazy girls..haha..=)

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  8. Ahh the outfits are cute - it's quite popular over in Japan too!

    I hope to walk around there if we have the time :D

  9. I'd love to visit Korea, mainly for the shopping and the food lol! That spicy grilled chicken skewer looks delicious, as does the macaron :) I'm sure I'd like the fashions there too, they have a lot of trendy things especially for the Asian market.

  10. Aw thanks! Seriously, I would go more for the pastries than the coffee! keke I don't know how people can stay so skinny when there's always good street food around?! Hmm you make a good point about the frilly fashion, especially with all of the lace and chiffon styles. I guess I'm fated to keep dressing like an American girl. ;)

    Oh man, you watched that movie too? It just shows how popular Daniel Henney is to make women watch such a bad movie! lol

  11. I don't remember exactly but I'm pretty sure it was 100,000 won or more. Maybe try Googling for it or checking the Kosney website? Let me know if you get it!

    I love Paris Baguette too! I wish someone had told me sooner. I would have definitely gone there more instead of just eating energy bars and random snacks for my first meal of the day. :P Aww I hope the cake was delicious!

  12. Ohh that's true, but I think maybe Tokyo has more variety of styles? hehe How long are you staying in Seoul?!

  13. I'm the same! hehe Definitely love visiting places for shopping and food. ^_I hope you get to visit Korea someday soon!

  14. I love Korean fashion styles--at least from what I've seen on dramas that I've watched. Looks like you had a great time in Korea.

  15. omg i miss Seoul!!! I love this entry so much >< I miss goin to myeondong and dongdaemun for all the clothes and cosmetic shopping D:

  16. Dunkin' Donuts! I miss that store T__T Love the chocolate + vanilla pudding donut! :D Although weird, I applied for a job there two years ago and 2 weeks later the store moved and was never to be seen of again xD"

    Your posts really make me wanna visit Seoul, I wish I could go >__<"

  17. Actually I really love the outfit on the mannekin too! Hope you search for a similar dress goes well!

    OMG so much good lookin' fooddddd. I remember when i went to Seoul that I never felt hungry for a second because I was always eating something :P The macarons look super duper good! Paris Baguettes stocking macarons?!!! Wish they would open in England

  18. I love all of the clothes you photographed! I am gonna take myself shopping in busan soon, I just got paid for the 1st time :D I'm worried about being told I can't try on though haha, I would be so embarrassed. I love your blog, glad you found mine so I can follow you!! xxx

  19. Awww! I love going to Seoul! It seems like all i do is window shop, stop and take pictures, look at all the girls' outfits, and eat from the street food vendors. My favorite part about Korea (besides the awesome fashion) is how cheap and delicious the food is! *Heaven!*

    Oh, love your "about me" section. I see your currently watching Time Slip Dr. Jin. How is it so far? Good?I'm also a kdrama fanatic!! Love it! (I'm just finishing up on Secret Garden even though that series was years ago...haha.)

    I'm glad I came across your site! I look forward to reading future posts!


  20. I love it too! Kdramas give good insight into Korea, keke. I really did have a blast, I'm going to be sad once I finish posting everything from my trip because I'll know it's really over then. =\

  21. Aww thank you! I miss it too. But you're lucky because you're so much closer to Seoul than I am! I hope you can visit Seoul again soon. =)

  22. Oh no! Aww. Maybe because Mister Donut is more popular in Japan? I hope you can visit Seoul too, but luckily you have been living in Japan!! I wish I could go visit Japan again and spend more time there next time. I feel like there's so much to explore!

  23. I wish we had street food and vendors everywhere like that, hehe, and also efficient subway system for when I don't want to drive/sit in traffic! =X Ahh I wish Paris Baguettes here would stock macarons too! That'd make it so easy to get my fix, hehe. Then again, I guess someday I could learn how to make macarons but it's so much faster to just buy, keke.

  24. Yay congrats on your first paycheck! Ohh I didn't get to visit Busan but I've heard it's nice. Have fun shopping! And don't be too embarrassed. I think you get a free pass for not being Asian, lol, and they'll just be happy to see you there! And thank you! =)

  25. I agree! I love that food is so affordable and delicious. It helps that I love Korean food!

    Ahh Time Slip Dr. Jin...hellooooo, Song Seung Hun! kekeke Hmm at first it was interesting to see how people back in the days dealt with scary diseases and such (omg, so grateful to be living in modern times now), but the pacing is a bit slow and it's starting to get boring. =X Song Seung Hun though! So I'll prob keep watching, but slowly, keke.

    Aww Secret Garden is one of my favorites! I've seen it at least two times, lol. I loveeeee the soundtrack!

    I'm glad you came across my site too! :3

  26. Thanks Ginny! I love it too, would definitely spend time in those places again the next time I get to go to Seoul.

  27. I lovee lovee that second outfit! But I think it will make me look older than my actual age. LOL

  28. The one on the chair, right? Lol I feel the same, although I can totally picture it on a Korean actress in a kdrama. I think because they are so petite and slim, it looks dainty and feminine. It definitely wouldn't look that way on me. XP


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