Sunday, July 8, 2012

Review: Beauty Clinic MediHeal I.P.I Lightmax Ampoule Mask

Disclaimer: This product was provided by Natural Radiance for the purpose of review. I did not receive any monetary compensation and my review is completely honest and unbiased.


Stable vitamin C-AA2G that overcame the limitations of vitamin C, arbutin with excellent whitening effect, and mulberry extract brighten and whiten dark and dull skin.

Effect: Lightening of freckles/ pigmentation, brightening, moisturizing, revitalizing the skin.

Key Ingredients

Vitamin C-AA2G, Arbutin, Mulberry bark


Water, Butylene Glycol, Glycerin, Glycereth-26, Propylene Glycol, Arbutin, Morus Alba Bark Effect, Rosa Damascena Flower Water, Ascorbyl Glucoside, Betaine, Chondrus Crispus (Carrageenan), Allantoin, Astaxanthin, Hydrogenated Lecithin, Alcohol, Bis-PEG-18 Methyl Ether Dimethyl Silane, Carbomer, Triethanolamine, PEG-60 Hydrogenated Caster Oil, Adenosine, Methyl-paraben, Disodium EDTA, Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate, Propylparaben, Tocopheryl Acetate, Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate, Parfum, Wine Extract, Camellia Sinesis Leaf Extact, Theobroma Cacao (Cocoa) Extract, Bacillus/Glutamic Acid Ferment Filtrate


After cleansing, even out skin using a toner.  Take the mask out of its package, unfold and place the sheet on the face.

  • Rest comfortably for 15-20 minutes and remove the mask.
  • Remove the mask and let the skin absorb the remaining essence by gently patting the skin.



Where to Buy:

Natural Radiance website


♥ thin and high quality sheet material
♥ moisturizing
♥ replenishing


♥ little-to-no visible whitening effect

My Thoughts

It has the same great quality that I've come to expect from Beauty Clinic masks now. The material is so thin yet durable so that it doesn't tear or rip. It fits my face like a second skin. The quality is just really amazing. It nourishes and soothes my skin without any adverse reactions. The most important question though is did it brighten and whiten my skin? Unfortunately, I did not see much difference after use so I felt it was a bit anticlimactic. I have to say that I prefer the Beauty Clinic MediHeal Vita Lightbeam Essential Mask over this one because I noticed more lightening effect with that one.

Would I repurchase?

No, overall it's a good mask but I would rather repurchase another Beauty Clinic mask instead for more effective lightening and whitening.

Here's how my skin looks after using the mask. (No makeup, ahh! But I am wearing circle lens which I will review in my next post.) The "glow" is actually from the bright window lighting, keke.

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  1. No makeup and yet your skin looks omg good *jelly*

  2. Your skin looks amazing!! Love Leader's Clinic Masks :)

  3. Aww don't be, it's really the camera + window lighting, lol. Now that it's summer, it gets really bright. I wish my skin could look that good in person! XD

  4. Aw thanks! My skin doesn't really look that good though, it's the camera+mask+bright lighting, hehe. I love Leader's Clinic masks too! Definitely going to be using more in the future. =)

  5. Your skin looks great even if it didn't do no whitening-you don't need it, you're radiant enough! :)

    I like how the mask fits. I may have to trawl Gmarket for this. :P

  6. Are you sure that glow isn't just emanating from your skin? I think you're just being modest. :D Your skin looks fantastic!

    Thanks for the review! I haven't tried Beauty Clinic masks but a lot of the sheet masks nowadays seem to just provide moisture. Only a small percentage appear to actually whiten. Or maybe it's just

  7. your skin is so vibrant and ...YOUNG! I need to learn from you. my skin is so bad at the moment. but that's partially from lack of care and sleep -_-;;;

  8. Wow... your skin looks so radiant hun! Too bad the glow isn't from the mask but from the window and lighting hehe. Your skins looks amazing. A while back I was really into whitening products as I wanted to fade some brown sun spots on my cheeks. I still have them though so I gave up haha

  9. ahhhh jelly! your skin is amazeballs hahaha
    and you don't look freaky w the mask on like i do LOL

  10. Wow your skin looks so clear and even. So jealous :D

    I've tried a few Clinic Clinie masks, but they seem to be a hit or miss for the most part. Too bad this particular one didn't do much for you.

  11. Your skin looks really amazing here....WOW!

  12. The mask fits awesome! I really, really like the fit and quality. It feels like second skin, it's so thin and yet there's no problem with it tearing. Definitely let me know if you find it on Gmarket and try any too!

  13. Lol, no way, I wish my skin looked that glowy! I really just got lucky with the lighting + my camera + mask (my camera really picks up light reflection more than the naked eye can see). I think you're right though, I've read a few reviews about whitening sheet masks not really whitening but they always provide moisture. Also we'd have to use them like every day or every other day for the whitening to stay, unless our skin is already really light. XP

  14. Oh no, I wish my skin always looked like that picture! My skin is far from perfect but I'm a bit obsessed with skincare and use sheet masks often, just to get my skin to look normal, hehe. Aww I hope your skin improves and that you get more sleep! I think sleep becomes more important for our skin as we get older, but you're still young so I doubt that you need it as much as I do. =P

  15. Aw thank you! Honestly though, my skin just looks average in person (after all my skin care and mask obsession, lol). My camera really reflects lighting so I think it was a combo of the sunlight + mask serum. The mask wasn't bad though, it just didn't whiten but otherwise it's a good mask. Ohh I have small spots on my cheeks too and want them to fade away. I think I will try a spot corrector in the future because I don't think masks really get rid of those for me. Have you tried any of those before? I don't notice any spots in your pics though so I think your cheeks look fine! =)

  16. No way, you've seen me in person, lol, my skin is average looking at best. XP I think you're the one who has nice and translucent skin! Oh lol I think it depends on the brand of mask whether you look freaky or not, but this brand has really awesome fitting masks! I love it, kekeke. <333

  17. Aw thank you, but my skin's really not that clear and even looking. The mask did help even out some of my skin's redness though but it's temporary, hehe. Ahh I see that's understandable about the masks being hit or miss. Luckily the miss wasn't too bad. I know some masks can give people bad reaction but I didn't have a problem with that. =)

  18. Aww thank you but it really doesn't! lol I must thank my camera for enhancing the lighting and mask serum reflection the way that it did. I am obsessed with skin care though so I'll keep trying until my skin looks more like that in real life too. =)


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