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Base Makeup

Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream Bright Fit Honey Beige W24

"When the product first appears from the pump, it looks very dark but then looks very light when applied. However, it does oxidize within 5-10 minutes to match my skin. Coverage is sheer so you may need more or concealer for blemishes. Oil control is fairly good but I do find it necessary to blot after a few hours and at the end of the day."

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Skin79 Diamond Absolute Total BB Cream

"This Korean bb cream was a gift I'd received in the summer. At first try, I knew it was too light for me to use in the summer (I'd been going out during the day a lot so I had a good amount of color in my skin). I liked how the bb cream felt though..."

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Point Makeup

Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips-talk Lipsticks

BE101 Worrisome Beige 애태우는 베이지
OR204 Bashful Coral 부끄러운 코랄
OR205 Excited Orange 신나는 노렌지
PK004 Breathless Pink 숨막히는 핑크
PK005 In Love Pink 설레이는 핑크
RD304 Thrilling Red 짜릿한 레드

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Maybelline Color Tattoo Eye Shadows

"Picked up these babies a while ago in one of my drugstore frenzies and have slowly been using them more lately. I bought them one a massive haul where I stacked sales on sales on sales, and as such..."

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Skin Care

Caudalie Vinosource Quenching Sorbet-Crème

"This is a good moisturizer with hydrating properties. It's hydrating enough for me to use on my dry/combination skin in the winter but isn't so rich or thick feeling that I believe anyone looking for just a little more hydration can use it."

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Vitacreme B12

"After a month, just when I'd about given up hope and any expectations, I gingerly touched my face in bed one night...and noticed a soft, pleasant plumpness in my cheeks! The next morning, I noticed while my skin felt soft, it also had a certain firmness..."

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DHC Q10 Travel/Trial Set

♥ Deep Cleansing Oil
♥ Olive Soap
♥ Q10 Lotion
♥ Q10 Milk Q10 Cream

"Their products seem to be made from high quality ingredients... and are fragrance free and paraben free."

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H2O+ Green Tea Products

♥ H2o+ Urban Defense Facial Cleansing Milk
♥ H2o+ Green Tea Antioxidant Face Complex
♥ H2o+ Green Tea Reviving Eye Cream
♥ H2o+ Green Tea Antioxidant Serum

"Overall, I did like the products because they're gentle but effective, albeit in a subtle way. I think they're definitely suitable for sensitive and delicate or dry skin, but it's a little hard for me to attest to it reducing blotchiness and being soothing..."

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Leaders Clinic Snail Collagen Filler Mask

"I was very intrigued to try this mask since I know that snail essence is the latest amazing thing for skin in Korean skincare, and unless your skin is already perfect and flawless, who wouldn't want to rejuvenate your skin and achieve younger and healthier looking skin?"

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Bidanpo Balhyo-Mibaek Mediental Healing Mask

"I'm really liking two-step masks for the additional boost it gives my skin. They're great to use when you feel like your skin really needs a fix-me-upper and your skin will feel well treated."

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Bidanpo Baek-Myeong MTS Mediental Clinic Mask

"Lots of serum from the first step and then additional serum from the second step, which is the actual sheet mask. It had an herbal fragrance which reminded me of tea and felt both soothing and refreshing. My skin seemed brighter in complexion and also felt very smooth and moisturized afterwards."

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Beauty Clinic MediHeal Vita Lightbeam Essential Mask

"I really liked this mask because the quality was very nice. The silk cellulose material was thin and smooth but had a lot of serum, and it fit my face so well that it felt like a second skin."

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Kracie Hadabisei Mask

"It looks like wet black seaweed, doesn't it? hehe On my face, it makes me look like a SUSHI NINJA! But it felt nice, and my face felt fresh and moisturized afterwards. It's a mineral one and it's suppose to be super moisturizing and for dry skin."

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Body Care

Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion

"It sounded very promising, and two qualities that immediately attracted me were that it's made of natural ingredients (over 93% all natural), and the price is very affordable, especially if you were to use it only as a face moisturizer..."

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Hair Care

Kao Essential Hair Products

"I've only been using it for a week, but I already feel the effects! It really does make my long and thick hair feel feathery light and soft (but not too soft so that I have a hard time styling it). It's an amazing feeling because I have a lot of hair which can make me feel weighed down (it has in the past when it'd gotten too long, but now I have lots of layers)."

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Circle Lens

Dueba G&G DollyEye BT 15 Green Circle Lens

"I really like the way it looks. The green doesn't look too bright from afar and they really make my eyes look bigger and pop. The color looks more natural and blends in if not in obvious, bright lighting. The obvious lesson/tip: don't let people stare too closely!"

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