Friday, November 7, 2008

Lolita Diana

I felt like a doll in these Gothic Lolita inspired pictures, and it was a lot of fun as I'll prob never be able to wear that look elsewhere. =)

"I feel so pretty, picture perfect, beautiful (picture perfect, beautiful)
Don't you feel pretty?...Like you're putting on a show
And the cameras go
Click, click, click, flash" -Ciara

The makeup I used is my recently blogged-about Too Faced The New Romantic Make-up Collection - Unicorn Earthly Enchanted Palette (whew, that's a mouthful to say). It has three lip glosses which I changed as the hairpieces and outfits got darker. I also used my usual suspects (MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation in C4, MAC Studio Fix Touch Up Stick Concealer in NW30, MAC Eye Shadow in Mulch for my eyebrows, as well as Clinique liquid eyeliner, Lancome Virtuose mascara topped with a coat of Lancome Definicils, and Japanese false full eyelashes).

Another wonderful thing was that I got to use new clothes that I'd bought last spring when romantic vintage was the boutique trend. I'd bought what I thought was sophisticated, classy pieces that made me feel more grown up, and daydreamed of dates at museums and gardens............which never happened, so those clothes (brand new with tags haha) stayed in my closet until now.

On a sad note...while a friend and I were having dinner (pre-lolita session), I completely dropped the ball on meeting a cute JDM boy. *sigh* He walked by and I noticed and immediately fell silent. There was a lot of giggling from me. My friend gave me the "go for it" look but I just couldn't. I was tired, I had no makeup on, I'd just eaten SPAM masubi with teriyaki sauce and had tiny bits of seaweed embedded in my dry lips............yeah I don't think so. He was cute though, but I just couldn't look him in the eyes (and drool like I wanted to, haha). *waves* Bye-bye kawaii JDM boy (although he had perfect English with no accent so who knows how JDM he really was).

Have a wonderful weekend!!


  1. gAwd I am sooo rock*star... who's NEXT dammit....

    I make hair pieces, i style, i shoot... click click clickkkkkkk flashhhhhhhh....

    i think if jdm boy saw u in those last shots...u'd be doing more than baking a cake right now... MeowWWWWWWWWW

  2. ahh you lucky girls! how fun!! your photoshoot looks like total fun!!

  3. awww, that's okay Diana. There's more guys to come. Who knows, maybe you'll meet up again but with makeup on, no SPAM breath, with greens on your lips! hehe

    I love Tia's work. She has to start making tutorials so admirers like us can learn and create it for ourselves.

    Love the leopard bg!

  4. FUN!! And you look awesome in all those outfits!! My fave is the first one though, with the little cat ears!!

    JDM boys... ahhh... what fun...

  5. omg you are TOO cute!!!! i love the costumes,hair pieces & accessories! Also love that leopard background. lol.
    looks like you guys had fun!

  6. Hahahha you shoulda talked to him! I really don't see any cute boys often.. haha

    You look super cute! The headpieces look lovely. And your outfits go so well with the theme!

  7. Hahaha you crazy girl! =P Oh shush! Boys really don't notice as much as we give them credit for!

    Well my toes are less numb than before, but I either sprained something or pulled something. My foot feels uncomfortable when I walk. With every step, it feels like something is being pulled or strained.. I'm keeping it wrapped and we'll see.

  8. Love it love it love it... did I mention that I love it?? hehe
    Kimberly Tia has quite the talented finger, eh?
    You look very comfy in front of the camera -_0
    Lolita-licious oxox

  9. You look soooooo goood!!!! I LOVE IT!! I love sexy ass asian girls..... haha.... :)

  10. That's so funny what you said about Ly-na and Iyah and me and you not havin boys b/c I have a husband!! bwahahaha I don't need him anyways.....girls are better.... :)

  11. I loveeee your lolita look! You rocked it girl! :D Love all the pictures! :D You should have totally talked to that cute kawaii boy :D

    Anyway, I'm not from OC but I'm usually there. I live 45 mins from OC but yeah we should all meet and shop together! OMG that would be soooo much fun since I don't have friends whos into make up like me :( Its sad. They can't relate to me :(

    The LY-na smell gives me headache! But it brings great results so no regrets! I'm totally loving it! :D

  12. thanks for visiting me! love ur blog, i'll be back again for sure

    i totally dropped the ball on joining tia's contest T-T for some reason i thought i emailed my pics in but i guess i didnt GAH [i am so blur sometimes]

    those hair pieces are so cute!

  13. $20 for a KATE palette! tats too much girl!!! ebay is cheaper i think [some people on my blogroll bought it there recently]

    else let me know if u need to be hooked up XD!

  14. hey girl, the prices depend on which one u want.

    go to their website

    click on EYE to see the palettes,colors available and price in YEN

    hope that helps!

    i dont know wat i want either...XD let me go think about it too!

    send me an email if u know wat u want?

  15. reow so hot

    i wana dress up like lolita once looks fun :)

  16. Hey miss!!

    I see no Panda eye here!! lol

    You look fab


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