Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thou Shall Not Be The Same Girl Twice...Part I

Indeed, I shall not...

This entry is for Yume-chan's contest, "Thou Shall Not Be The Same Girl Twice" where the challenge is to create five looks with only five pieces of makeup (palette = one piece).

My five pieces of makeup:
MAC Warm Eyes palette from Passions of Red Holiday '08 collection
MAC Smokey Eyes palette from Passions of Red Holiday '08 collection
NARS The Multiple Duo in Orgasm/South Beach
♥ Lancome Virtuose mascara
♥ MAC Lipglass in Coral Grade (Limited Edition from a past Nordstrom's anniversary)

Makeup that does not count as part of the five (thank goodness):
♥ MAC Studio Stick foundation in NC40
♥ MAC Studio Fix foundation powder in C4
♥ MAC Studio Fix Touch-Up Stick Concealer in NW30
♥ MAC eye shadow in Mulch for eyebrows
♥ MAC paint pot in Bare Canvas for eye shadow primer
♥ Darkness half falsies in K.ma 4
♥ Soft Lips in Pomegranate (organic and not pictured)

I. the "Day After" look

You know the one, where you keep your makeup to a minimal but still want to look nice and natural, but not bare faced. This is usually the look you do the day after a big night out, whether it was partying or a special event, and you're still glowing from what happened the night before so you don't need much to make you happy and you're dressed down.

Face: tinted moisturizer, foundation and concealer under eyes only, powder over t-zone
Cheeks: South Beach for contouring (suck in cheeks and swipe upwards in the hollows) and Orgasm for highlighting (apples of cheeks)
Eyes: Warm Eyes palette - Sweet Joy as highlighter under brows and inner corners, Warm Suede on lids, Well Spiced for outer V crease, and Grand Entrance for eyeliner
Lips: Soft Lips in Pomegranate (organic)
Hair: Rusk "Being Undressed" gloss

II. the "Night Before" look

This is the magical night...it's a special event, you're dressed up, or it's exciting because you're going to be with your crush, you're hoping for the beginning of a fairy tale romance, or you're already with your man and things are going good, and you want to keep it that way by creating unforgettable moments! This look was added to the "Day After" look, but in real life it'd be the reverse.

Face: foundation all over face, more concealer under eyes and for blemishes, set with all over powder
Cheeks: more South Beach and Orgasm, set with powder
Eyes: Warm Eyes palette - more of "Day After" colors in the same places, extra Warm Suede for center crease, Real Drama for outer V (using a fluffy round brush in little circles), winged out the Grand Entrance eyeliner, half falsies
Lips: South Beach all over, Orgasm on cupid's bow and bottom center
Hair: Lucido-L Hair Wax Volume Arrange for sex hair ;)

Quite a difference, if I do say so myself! Even just the difference in my skin tone with and without flash. And my winter legs need some self-tanner, hahaha. I LOVE the NARS Multiple Duo, just look at my cheeks in that second-to-last pic! Now to come up with 3 more looks...to be continued...


  1. You look stunning! I haven't the imagination to enter Yumeko's comp (gomen nasai Yumekosan).I was contemplating putting lippy on my eyes and shadow on my lips - yep I am crap!

    I am so glad that I found another Murakami Fan!! I have read After Dark -it is so dreamy(dont want to spoil it for you).

    I really want to try out those falsies but i am a falsie virgin - i forsee a terrible accident!

  2. Wow!! Sexy ladee!!! Whooo.. Both looks are great, but you in the dress with the sexy eyes... RAWR!!! Also those are great falsies!

  3. Oops.. I also meant to say bcuz the falsies look natural!

  4. wheeee! thank you thank you for joining!!!
    and man that 2nd dress is stunning i love it!

    both looks are great, cant wait to see the other looks now

  5. look at her workin' ittttt....

    "click clickkkkk clickkkkk flassssssh"

    good luck my sistah!!!

  6. Your dress is gorgeous! But your body is even hotter!! :] I gotta start doing this contest~

  7. nice work so far - can't wait to see the other 3 that you come up with!

  8. i love the looks! your skin is amazing

  9. First LOTD looks fresh and carefree... girlie-casual :D
    Second is so feminine... love the peep-toes oxox

  10. I love your blog, it's so cute!

    I really want that orgasm/laguna duo!


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