Tuesday, December 9, 2008

mark Flip For It and Reviews

Last month I'd wrote that I won the My Pretty Pink Box October contest. My prize was the mark Flip For It palette in South Beach. It's really nice! Thank you, Linda at My Pretty Pink Box!!

So I finally did a look with it. I've been pretty busy and I actually haven't been wearing makeup lately but you know, just for you. ;)

I used the pale pink lip gloss. I think the blue eye shadow comes out very nice compared to how it looks in the palette. In the palette it looks like a faded navy blue, but it comes out more like a teal, especially when I wet my eye shadow brush. Maybe it has something to do with my yellow undertones or my light-medium skin tone...who knows.

Other makeup I used besides the mark palette are Stila Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer, MAC Studio Fix Foundation Powder in C4, MAC Studio Fix Touch Up Concealer in NW30, SANA Pore Putty Makeup Base (as eye shadow primer), K-Palette 1-Day Tattoo eyeliner, and Dramatic Parfums Dramatic Volume Volume & Curl mascara.

UPDATE: mark is giving out free gifts this week if you order $35+ Monday-Friday. Plus you get free shipping for spending $25+. Not bad! And guess what Friday's free gift is? The London Flip For It palette! Uh oh...

I used the MANDOM Lucido-L Style Tube in pink/glamorous curls for my hair. To be honest, it's an alright product. I didn't use any hairspray so my curls gradually but noticeably fell out with just the wax. If I would have used hairspray or mousse my curls would have lasted much longer. I recommend the orange/volume style tube over this one. And no, it doesn't smell nice, there's no added fragrance so it doesn't smell like anything in your hair...but if you sniff it from the tube, it smells like Elmer's glue. (I just noticed the pink tube is discontinued according to the Ohayo link, it figures it would happen right after I got mine!)

I used the Kose Clear Turn Collagen Essence Face Masks the other night and they're yummy! It was my first time using a paper mask so I can't compare, but it just felt so nice and cooling on my face. I felt like I should have been getting a massage or pedicure at the same time, it was so relaxing. It was like I could fell the collagen absorbing in my cheeks! And afterwards, my cheeks felt so plump and soft. I'm definitely going to keep using it, I'm going to try using one every night. The box has 22 sheets, so the cost is less than $1 per sheet (depending where you buy it, I've seen it for $20 or less). I also like that it's in a cute little pink container (looks big but it's smaller than American drugstore makeup cleansing towelette packages).

However it is a bit scary looking when you're wearing it. I wore it and stood silently in the doorway, staring at my 12-year-old nephew until he noticed, did a double take, jumped and gave a little screamed. It was great. =P


  1. those mark. palette boxes are soo cute.. i wanna get the brushes

  2. LOL at your nephew!! that's too cute. and goshh these colors look amazingly pretty on you :] i really like the LONDON palette! The colors look fun!

  3. Wow I love that shade of blue~ Very pretty. I like London too! It's look cute~

  4. You look really pretty! I love those palette! :D lol @ your nephew. My mom used to scare me like that :p

    Anywho, aw! they dc'd the pink one! That's why I can't find it anywhere. I wonder why! :(

  5. I really like your hairr!! It's volumnious like whooaaaa...I tried buying the volume arrange wax from Pinkk but she sold out! Can you tell me where you get yours from? I dont think ohayusa has it because i've searched high and low. Please do tell!

    -linhyy [=

  6. london looks nice :) & congrats for winning :)

  7. Lol about scarin your nephew!!

    Very pretty girl!! I love the way the glosses taste!! That minty sugar taste!! Yums!!!

    And the e/s is sooo pigmented!!

  8. I Say....

    You get SYDNEY and LONDON so I can live vicariously thru your shown n tell us.... yah! yah!

    those might be ideal for my upcoming travels...hmmmmm *ponder*

    and im glad you reviewed the hair goodies, cuz u know how i loves me some new hair goodies anything to take out the kink and give me the curl ftw!

    i must get those collagen masks.

  9. the mark packaging looks really cute. London looks really nice btw :)

    i love your hair here, they look so soft, i want to reach out and touch it :P

  10. Your Hair!!! Wowness!!

    You know you NEEED more london in your life! hahaha

  11. Sydney looks yummy~~~

    Seems like you really like the face masks. I should have gotten them while I was there AND while it was on sale too!! what the hell was I thinking? HEHE. Why must you scare your little nephew eh? I feel for the little guy. Hrmm...meanie!!!

    Anyway, shopping anytime girl. Westminster Mall is literally 5 minutes from me and South Coast is never out of the way!!! Let me know your available dates & times. This is gonna be fun!!!

  12. aw! you're the sweetest!! :D I got the green one and its perfect. I put a good amount on my palm, rub it, apply it on my hair, and voila! I have waves! hahah!:) I guess I need to blow dry it or something because it looked like I did not brush my hair and I just woke up kind of wave! hahah! :)

  13. yup. are u interested? just send me an email at kristineiselectric@gmail.com and we'll start from there.

  14. OoOo loveee the look on you =)

    yay for lucido-l !


  15. OMG, my nephew is 12 as well. He's gonna be 13 in January so he gets back to back presents... lucky hehe.

    Love the LOTD and the EOTD. Your hair's so bouncy and healthy :D. The blue e/s with the pale pink l/g go hand in hand. Awesome! oxox

  16. oo...ahh..so pretty!! lol
    The palette itself is so cute!!
    I've scared my hubby with the cloth masks a few times..lol.they're weird looking!!

  17. Hey Hunny!! You are too sexay girl! I so want to join ur contest....gettin some ideas in my head.... :)

  18. Ridiculously gorgeous hair - how long did it take??
    And the L-wax, I wonder if it would work well with pakistani/arab hair.
    The blues are dark yet sophisticated, very nice.

  19. Pretty! I love the color of the blue shade!

    Yeah, I agree the pink one doesn't do too much. The yellow one doesn't give me nearly as much volume as it does for pink. And I hate it when I accidentally apply it towards the front of my head and it makes my hair look a bit oily >.<

    Hahha I agree! Those masks make me look scary! I sent a pic to my ex hahahha

  20. I only have that holiday set from Nordstrom that consists of 6 colors! I actually don't have many from Nars! I still need to do swatches of them, hopefully by this weekend!

    I do the same thing! I love buying huge bottles of shampoo too!

    Ooooh makes sense! Mine is the single packs =(. I wanna get some dailies soon!

    Oooh ahhah there's hope for me!

  21. this look is so cute!!

    btw you've been tagged.

  22. That's such a cool palette, I love the look. I'm so jealous you have so much hair!!


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