Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Why Am I So Vain...

I hope everyone had a nice long weekend in the States and is now enjoying the shorter week because of it! I went shopping with one of my high school best friends, she was visiting and I hadn't seen her in almost 8 years! We went to the *new* Forever21 that used to be a Mervyn's at the mall. It's big! I was hoping to find some dresses but all the Smalls were a bit loose on me. =(

So...I went to a different mall and still didn't find anything! I came across this short sleeve jacket and camera whored in the fitting room...such a vain girl!! But that's how I do, ahahaha.

why do blurry pics always come out the best? haha

I actually bought that last dress...err okay it's a top, but on me, it's a dress! I still need to find a dress for a friend's wedding next month, so I didn't get the jacket...but...I wonder if I should go back for it? Hmm...

I also stopped by Sephora to return the Korres moisturizer and picked up some samples of Boscia moisturizers to try out. I am on the fence about which moisturizer to get we'll see if any of these work out for me!

Also I've been tagged by some sweet blogger girls, thank you! I was tagged by NingStar and Caroline.

There have been quite a few tags going around lately, so I figure everyone's been tagged and if not, consider yourself tagged by me!

Lastly...20% off sale on!! Here are the details:

Get 20% off all orders! 3 days only! Enter MAKEUP20 at checkout. One use per customer. Can be combined with shipping codes.
Offer valid 5/27/09 - 5/29/09.

Get FREE US standard shipping with any $50 order. Enter PRETTY50 at checkout.
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2 FREE samples with every order.

I want the Coralista blush!! What about you ladies, are you going to treat yourself to anything?


  1. Whether it's a top or a dress, the pink one does look great on you.

  2. that dress is so cute :) and so is that jacket! go back and get it!!

  3. I love the pink top/dress. It's very pretty. xoxo

  4. Dianaa!!! you HOTT mama!! xD that's your justification for being vain!! LOL :P gosh you have the nicest model status! they go on for days! i'm so jealous! hehe >:P how tall are you? i'm a little shortie hahah so sadd :(

  5. It's okay to be vain sometimes! It's good for the self esteem! :)

    Both outfits look great on you! LOL! Top for everyone else! HA!!

    Show off them stems!

    Wish I had the prob of smalls being loose! LOL! ;)

  6. Love the pink "dress"! I do the same thing too! Sometimes tops look way cuter as a dress. I went to a club once in a "top" dress and some fattie said to my BF (didn't have the nerve to say it to my face) "Why is she wearing a top?" .. argggh.. Maybe because it looks good? And she wouldn't be caught showing off her thunder thighs? oh well, that's my experience with wearing a top as a dress, I'd do it again just to piss that random girl off :)

  7. The pink dress/top looks nice on you!!! Annnnd, do go back for the jacket! Woot, your legs gooooo on forever, mind if I ask about your height? =D

    Oh yes, I tagged you ^^

  8. wow! I like that pink dress on you! Looks great!

  9. I think I want that short sleeve jacket! ahaha! so cute! and that dress looks sexy on you!! rawr!! :)

    I think I wanna get me a benefit that gal again :)

  10. haha that can def pass for a dresss! you hooch! jk its cute.. i also like the top pic too! i need new cloths.. this sucks =( what kinda wedding r u going to? thats goin to be fun!


  11. I can never find anything that fits me in Forever21, the Smalls are too big for me too. I'm a size XS or XXS in other stores. Why can't they have one size smaller :( Oh well. Nice outfits, thanks for the Benefit code. :)

  12. Oh, the pink dress is really cute and pretty on you, but shoooort, hehe... :p

    The only face powder from BEnefit that I have is Dandelion. I hear lots of raves about Coralista. Looking forward to seeing it on your face! ;)

  13. The pink top/dress is quite beautiful, but I really liked the jacket too ^^

  14. makes sense to camera whore in the fitting room, how else are you gonna remember if something looked good on you if you didn't decide to buy it right then and there? haha

  15. Both tops look great on you :)

  16. you did it in the changing room?? wosers missus........this goes back to our conversation this morning!! LOL!!!

    You look so cute in the dress. I think that colour is simply charming on you!

    I treated myself already to some SOFINA SPF24 for the summer...WAIT that is more of a necessity right??

  17. lovely!
    lol, u are sooo MODEL! cute pink pink!

  18. cute outfit!
    I want to get the dallas blush <3

  19. ♥ loved the blurred shot -- they do always come out the best don't they? PFFFT

    but hey -- i like it -- it's all about the new wardrobe - less makeup, and more memories to be made and "seen" fashionably vain and cute. PUWAHHAAHHAH

    god how i miss shopping. must change that. IMMEDIATELY.

  20. Omg you have perfect barbie legs!! :D

  21. I agree, nice legs!! and I love the pink dress! lolz...I often take pic in changing room and send it to my sis to get her opinion whether or not I should get it XD

  22. loveee the dress!! that pic is def super cute heh damn blurriness! everything about the coralista blush is fab! even the cute packaging :)

  23. Legs for miles Ms. Diana!!!! I always forget that you can get samples at Sephora. I'm such a dumb-dumb!!!!

  24. hey is it possible to get an email from u?! i need to get some info.. I am sending u something for miss kay. thanks! my email add is: kristineiselectric @

  25. I wish you were vainer so i can see MORE pics of you! :D

    the coralista blush smells VERY good

    I hope you like the boscia stuff, so far i'm loving the toner


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