Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Vroooommm!! Random Drive By Update!

Ever notice how I can be a bit random sometimes? haha

I got an incredibly generous package from the sweet and thoughtful Kay, it totally made my day! But I'll dedicate a post to it once I have pics ready. For now, if you're really curious, just watch the video on my YouTube or else be patient!

Here are some pics of me wearing Benefit's Creaseless Cream Shadow in Samba-dy Loves Me. Samba-dy Loves Me is a great shade! I was in a rush so for my eye makeup I only used that along with my MUFE Aqua Eyes in Pearly Brown 2L and of course curled my lashes and added mascara.

without flash

with flash

I'm also wearing CORALista! It's a pretty daytime blush, really more of a coral pink so here I paired it with a sample I got of Benefit's Jing A Ling lipstick.

Which reminds me...I returned the Boscia Willowbark Breakout Treatment since it was doing nothing for me and picked up this MUFE Full Cover Concealer in Beige 8.

I'd been using MAC Studio Fix Touch Up Stick that's been worn to a nub and also the color doesn't really match me anymore. This one was $30 so it's not cheap but I was pretty impressed with how well it covered a scar that a monster pimple left behind (see...told you the Boscia Willowbark Breakout Treatment didn't work for me). Since I only use a small dab, this tube'll last me forever! (Oh...you mean like Make Up For Ever? har har)

And a bit late but Bath & Body Works is having their semi-annual sale with a lot of great sales...I picked up some surprises for Kay and also snagged a deal for myself.

True Blue Spa Self Meditating Body Butter with rice bran oil & green tea

I've been using it and it's pretty nice, it has a consistency like whipped marshmallowy...uh...butter! It doesn't contain parabens, petrolatum, mineral oil or drying alcohol. The scent is a light and clean "Asian" smell (rice bran oil) that doesn't linger too long. The best part is regular price $15.00...in store clearance, 75% off, so it only cost me $4!! If you like B&BW products, I suggest you go in and take advantage of the semi annual sale (though the exact sales seem to change over the weeks and weekends).

This weekend I found myself in Old Town Pasadena...which I somewhat consider to be my old stomping grounds or at the least, I'm familiar with the area since I used to work both in Old Town and the Playhouse District (just down the street) and I used to go there a lot to shop (love the really nice, two story Forever 21 and H&M there), eat, play pool (yup so Asian) and hang out with friends. I was at the Sephora at the Paseo ("Pasadena's Antique Mall" or something like that) and found there was the Chalk Festival going on.

pretty artistic and skillful, don't you think?

I walked around a bit, went into LUSH in Pasadena for the first time...pretty funny considering I used to work only a block away! Like a 5 minute walk...seriously a hop, skip and jump away! I didn't buy anything though but the SA was so nice, she gave me a generous sample of Cosmetic Lad face moisturizer and Breath of Fresh Air toner sample too (sorry no pics). Cosmetic Lad smells good...but even though it's light, it's still a bit too rich for me right now so I'm going to stick with the Boscia Oil-free Daily Hydration sample that I have. (Yes, I have samples for daysssss!)

For old times' sake...I went into Famima to grab a quick meal before I left. Famima is basically a Japanese 7-11, just a bit overpriced but I used to go there so much on my breaks for snacks and it's also where I first bought Japanese magazines (though they were pricey, but now I don't think they carry J mags anymore).

onigiri, cheese danish and my fav Vitamin Water XXX (I forgot salmon onigiri > smoked salmon and cream cheese onigiri...but kombu/seaweed is my other favorite)

Old Town/Paseo is cracking on the weekends...I got a free box of chocolate fingers just for walking by, and since I went in and out of Sephora, I walked by twice! haha

They're called Fling..."Naughty...but not that naughty™" lol. Apparently they sell in retail stores in Cali but you can also buy online. They sell for $5 a box...I kind of wish I walked by a third time so I'd have the Hazelnut box too, haha, but then again my purse was already stuffed. =P

How's that for random? ;)


  1. Hi HUn~!

    oh I love famima! they are called family mart in Japan but famima is a nickname short name :D ohh I love onigiri XD man I wish I lived in cali,, >_< I love your hauls!

  2. Those food looks so yummy! :P

    Dont worry girl, im random as well. RANDOM is fun!

    The Benefit look of yours is so natural.. it looks nice.

    -Laine <3

  3. Very nice! I haven't tried that MUFE Concealer but I hear really good things about it. I'll probably pick one up one of these days. I really want to get my hands on that Benefit Creaseless shadow. The color you got looks really natural on you :D.


  4. Looks like that festival just amazing idea! Such a beautiful picture!

  5. Swaps with Kay is great! :) Ooh.. I wish we had a B&B down here!! The NEX on base sells a selection of soaps, shower gels, and lotions. But your making that Body Butter sound super good!

    The Benefit Creams and the Coralista blush is lookin good on ya! Sexy I tell ya! Quick & Sexy is the way to go! :)

    That chalk art is cool... so detailed!

    Store hoppin huh?! Gotta love it!! Mmm.. Onigiri!! I love those premade ones! LOL! The salmon & Ume ones are my fave!

    And you would end it with choco to tempt me to eat wouldn't you?! LOL!

  6. Yeah lol, RANDOM. The creaseless cream shadow looks great on you!!! Right Boobie was blogging about it too and now I want to try it!!! Need to finish up my NYX pencils and MAC paintpot first, LOL!

  7. I love Benefit's Creaseless shadows! They're perfect for my everyday "lazy, I don't have time for makeup" days! Nice haul and the artwork looks amazing!

  8. Oooh, I love my Full Cover concealer! And those snacks look delish!!! Lush's SA is soo generous ;D

  9. Great festival! You are such a natural beauty!

    I have the MUFE concealer and it's great. Enjoy!

  10. hehehehe Nauty but not that Nauty thats hilarious! hehehe omg. WOE that artist is amazing.

    also that body butter stuff sounds intruiging!

  11. I'd say it's a good mix of random stuff ;)
    I like the blush on colour, it flatters your skin tone

  12. Oh coralista looks really good on you!! :D

  13. lol,. I;m the impatient one, I'm watching your video now. haha xD
    concealer, I havent got any... but the look is really natural!

  14. the chalk drawings are so pretty! have you seen the chalk art this one guy does that looks 3D from certain angles? it's trippy :)

    ooh, I think the nexcare patches are only available in Asia (darn all the cool stuff being in Asia!) - I ordered mine from Sasa, so Rite Aid/Target probably won't have it, but that Marukai store near you might carry it

  15. the blush is really cute on you! ooh rice balls! i love those!! i ate a lot of those in japan lol

  16. that cheese danish looks soo yummy :D Tell us how that concealer works out for you, I need a good concealer too, mother nature broke me out bad and left marks! :(

  17. Looking at pics of your skin, makes me hate my skin. You look gorgeous!

  18. Hey beautiful! I have that MUFE concealer too (i think mine's too light but the coverage is UNBELIEVABLE- I totally agree!!

  19. the blush looks cute on you :)

    wow that lady's art looks amazing! thanks for sharing :)

  20. how do you like the MUFE Concealer? I really like the blush on you! :D Those drawings are so nice!! I really like the murals they did. I didn't even see it.

  21. old town pasadena! i drive through there on my way to and from school/parents house xD

  22. i love those fling bars! lol aww u got me missing cali! i used to go to old town pasadena when i went to school at CSULA!

  23. Me miss you!!! BlogTv soon with some snackys!!! You would been so proud of me last night I made some kinda shrimpy egg drop soup from some random mix packet I snagged at the Asian Market & I even used my China Town ceramic spoon to make it more Asian.... I think I snapped a pic
    I'm jelly of your brows they look all groomed and on point!

  24. Hey Diana!! :)

    aww..sorry I didn't tell you soon enough that were gonna go to eat at Neul Bom. It was like a last minute decision. Can you believe we can't find something similar here in San Bernardino? There's some but not all you can eat! X(

    Probably next week again because we really love Korean BBQ! ahahah! Then maybe we can go to some shops and eat at GUPPY's again :D

    I missed you! I don't see you on gmail that often. Hope you are OK *hugs*

    Oh yeah, RIA, Jilly, Angela, Katrina and I are thinking of watchinG Harry Potter on July 15. You should come! We wanna go to Santee alley as well! ahahah! :)


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