Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Birthday Love From Bihada Diaries!!

So by now you know, I got quite a lot of birthday love...this one is from Kay!! She really did not need to send me anything as I'm still enjoying all the goodies she already spoiled me with from our previous swap, but she did! That sweet and thoughtful and generous girl!

ahhhhh lots of JDM goodies!

another Pocky flavor I've yet to try! Apple Yogurt...doesn't that sound yummy?
MANDOM Barrier Repair Lotion/Toner, oh la la!
Korean Green Tea Essence know a girl can never have enough face masks!
Travel Size set of H&S Shampoo and Conditioner which she'd reviewed on her blog!
aww a kawaii Hello Kitty goodie bag...
stuffed with lots of yummy goodies from Skin Food, The Face Shop, etc.! (I love the cute HK container!)
full size DHC Deep Cleansing Oil!! I love this stuff!! and the pump makes it much easier to distribute than the small travel size non-pump-having bottles, hehe
and the biggest surprise (literally!)...full size DHC Acerola set!! including the Acerola 100, which I've been curious to try for its scar fading promises, Acerola Lotion, and Acerola Gel (this is my current nighttime skincare routine)

Miss Kay!!

When I'd asked you before to make me your DHC really took that to heart, hehehe my very own DHC pimp! Thank you for the sweet note and wonderful birthday wishes! ♥


  1. awh she's a sweetie :D All the things she sent you looks like you'll enjoy them huh? :) and the pocky box from afar looks like an apple juice box! haha

  2. aawwwww how sweet of kay xDD

  3. What amazing gifts! That was very generous of her! How sweet!

  4. What a sweet present! :) and the apple pocky definetely steal my curiousity yumm

  5. What a fantastic birthday bomb! Kay sure has good taste...not to mention Pocky!

  6. Very generous K! :) Lookit you getting all loved! *hugs* ^^

  7. Ohhh a gorgeous bday surprise! Really pretty! ^^

  8. Kay has the loveliest taste!! =D

  9. what wonderful gifts from Kay :) lots of good things there!

    where do you get your adorable paper that you use as a background for all your photos - it's so cute!

  10. wah~ u got so many great stuff :D

    i love pocky too, but hmm...i never tried that flavor yet

    ooh...and that mandom repair thingie, i heard that that line is to make skin to be just like baby's soft skin (would u mind telling me how it worked out for u?...o just when u have time, i wanna know if that saying is true, thanks!!)

    haha and i agree w/ u a girl can never have enough masks...haha so true :p

    so much great stuff u got there lucky u :]

  11. Apple Yogurt POCKY!!!!! You better share that! Just send me one, or half...
    I totally forgot what I was really going to say... The Apple Pocky made me loca!

  12. Kay's a sweety!! I'm sure you're enjoying everything, hehe.

  13. Kay is AWESOME!! And she always finds the best snackies!! Apple Yogurt POCKY?! MMMMMmmm.....

    She spoiled you rotten for sure!! But you deserve all the Bday love!! :) DHC oil is <3!

  14. Oh man, I'm late! Thank you so much for the sweet post!!! I'm so glad you had a great birthday!!!

  15. oh la la, check out the DHC!


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