Sunday, August 9, 2009

Birthday Love From Mayaari!!

Hi everyone! I'm two weeks behind but this week I will attempt to post all the birthday love I received from such sweet, thoughtful and generous blogger beauties!!

I apologize that I didn't have time to make videos or do BlogTV, but each surprise in the mailbox just made me so giddy I had to open and savor the sweetness of each love-filled package!

As you know, it was my birthday two weeks ago and I got this sweet surprise in the mail the very day before! I was a good girl and didn't open it until my actual birthday, which I'm glad because it was filled with so much love it almost made me want to cry!!

This particular birthday love package came from Mayaari, aka East Coast Diana aka Right Boobie, my bosom buddy, hehe, a birthday angel who makes wishes come true!!

without further ado...

pink and turquoise...definitely one of my favorite color combos!
*gasp* what girl wouldn't get giddy to see this one word?
but first things first, the cute birthday card!
when I opened it, it screamed things at me hehe, but it was a funny laundry list of things I won't get for my birthday (like wrinkles, fat, etc.)
the painstaking neatness of her penmanship! puts my chicken scratch handwriting to shame hehe
the much birthday love!!
yummy Yan Yan! the stuff of childhood memories but in a sophisticated, grown up flavor, "Creamy Choco-Hazelnut Dip Biscuit Snack" (long gone by now)
oohhhh a new Pocky flavor that I've never even seen, let alone tried! Kiwi refreshing and fruity, perfect summer snack!!
I love how each item was individually wrapped, it truly felt like opening birthday presents!
and the little notes add such a personal touch...
Nexcare!! She remembered I was interested in finding spot treatment for blemishes, especially since the last one I tried didn't seem effective at all for me
"Free pimple Post-Its!" LOL indeed!
Awww...Smart Bookmarks and cute panda bear magnetic page clips...someone really pays attention and knows that I love to read and am always reading a book or several at a time!
A Hello Kitty metal "pocket memo case with pen" and 3 notepads...soooo thoughtful because it's so useful to keep in my handbag, especially whenever I'm out shopping (yes, I like to take notes lol)!
I was really curious what was wrapped in the turquoise tissue paper...soon as I picked it up and felt it, I knew! And I just couldn't believe it (or as Sam and Carly would say, "This is unbelieveable!!" "This is why I can't believe it!!" hehe that's a little iCarly for you non-fans)...because...well...LOOK!!
It's the BOSCIA Normal to Oily Travel Size Kit...I'd been putting off picking it up for myself and I just can't believe she got it for me! I LOVE THIS STUFF!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!! (Will do a proper review in a couple of weeks...maybe...probably...most likely!)

And lastly...I was almost scared to open this...because I was already so overwhelmed! What could this last item possibly be, especially with its special notation?!
*tear* SABON Body Lotion in Carrot!!

Description from the Sabon website:

"With the dreamiest, creamiest texture imaginable, this lotion is lightly scented with the finest aromatherapy oils, providing mood balancing at its best. Bursting with beta-carotene known for its anti-aging characteristics, Carrot is an earthy blend that is as nutritious as it is enchanting. Recommended for all skin types."

"A hand bag essential! In a nifty aluminium tube, perfect for on-the-go pampering, this lotion is lightly scented with carrot seed essence and enriched with nut oils. Rich in Aloe Barbadensis which has powerful restorative properties, this lotion promotes rapid healing of any skin injury from broken cuticles to papercuts. Recommended for all skin types. "

I love it!! Smells so good...but in a grown up way, makes me feel all sophisticated when I put it on, and it definitely makes me feel like a pampered princess ever since my birthday!

Mayaari/West Coast Diana/Right Boobie!!

You really took the time to look at my wish list, and then put in the effort to make my wishes come true for my birthday...I really did almost cry, because it was so exciting and overwhelming and touching!! are a sneaky little thing...but I must warn you that I'm sneaky too! So it might not be this week or next...but I'm definitely going to get you back for this!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I can't stop smiling, hehe, 'cause I know I'm one lucky girl! ♥


  1. diana's such a genius about what to get people xDD

  2. Right Boobie is sooo great!! She got you wishlist items and more!! She always puts soo much thought & research into her gifts! Oohh Kiwi Pocky!! And lol Pimple PostIts! HA!!

    LOL I think that's the same card I got L! I'm not sure but I know it was those two guys talking on it! LOL!

    I'm glad your Bday was filled with love and prezzies!! :)

  3. Oh wow...Sorry, but Happy Belated BDay! I've been behind on blog reading, too. That gift is awesome! =)

  4. such a blessed day for you and these things are so "unveliebably" good! Hehe I watch ICARLY too :P

    YAy for Boscia! I am also thinking of trying that brand! :)

  5. That's so nice when someone takes time to read what's on your wishlist..! ^^

    I'm happy that you recived all those beauty products! It must have been a great day!

  6. Great stuff you got there.
    The yan yan got my attention esp..
    going to hunt around for that.

  7. Ow you have great gifts!
    Pocky .. This makes me drool =9

  8. that's so great she listens to you :D and I have not tried that pocky yet! I'm craving some now :)

  9. oh...Boscia skincare... <3 <3
    haha...boobies love!

  10. aww you're so sweet! I'm glad that you liked your surprise :) I'll confess that I was pretty tempted to get another carrot lotion just to smell it, haha.

    yes, Wuz and I are cheating on our beloved Boscia with Boscia's a high-maintenance partner!

  11. Right Boobie is amazing, isn't she?


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