Saturday, October 17, 2009

Review: VOV Daily Fresh Mini Pack Wash Off Packs (Part 1)

I've totally been MIA and will be pretty busy for the next month, so I'm sorry I haven't been around leaving comments but I do lurk around your blogs using my iPhone (another reason why I don't comment, I like to comment from my computer)!

Previously my dad was able to get me some VOV Daily Fresh packs when he was in Vietnam. Apparently it was no easy feat as he was in the big and crowded city (Ho Chi Minh if you're new school, Saigon if you're old school) and it was raining and the streets were flooded. He could only find these 7, which is fine with me 'cause it made for a nice trial period!

I've used 5 of the 7 so I offer you this partial review since I haven't been blogging lately. These 3 packs — Purity Seaweed, Berry & Berry, and Honey Lemon — are gel types. You apply to already cleansed face, wait 15-20 minutes, and then rinse with lukewarm water. Btw my skin is dry/combination/sensitive.

Purity Seaweed

This gave a mild stinging sensation a few seconds the first time I used it, but it didn't last long. This is basically a clear gel with a bit of a blue-green tint which, depending on the lighting, can make it hard to see how much you have on your face. The first time I wasn't sure if my face felt soft from the mini pack or from rinsing it with so much water, haha, but I definitely did notice my face looked brighter! Possibly even glowing. Kind of awesome. The second time, my face definitely did look brighter and whiter...but then the third time I didn't notice that big of a difference...maybe my face was already bright and white?! *shrug* This was good for 3 uses.

Berry and Berry

(took this from
VOV Daily Fresh Mini Pack Wash Off Pack Berry and Berry contains rich Vitamin which revitalizes skin and prevents the formulation of melanin. The circulation of blood is also promoted, leaving skin moistened and radiant.

Now you know I am a suckah for strawberry and basically any berry-flavored/scented things, so of all the VOV Daily Fresh packs, this is the first one I wanted, BUT...this one stung like a mother! With all of the VOV Daily Fresh packs, I've noticed there is a bit of stinging when first applied but it's usually mild and only lasts a few seconds, also it seems dependent on how much of the mask you apply, but this one stings a bit more and longer and even when I applied a minimal amount. I blame the little berry beads or whatever they are for the stinging, so I don't recommend it for sensitive skin. I also didn't really notice much of a difference afterwards, so I think it's safe to say I'll pass on this in the future. This was just enough for 3 uses.

Honey Lemon

description (also from
VOV Daily Fresh Mini Pack Wash Off Pack Honey Lemon replenishes and whitens skin instantly, leaving it supple and radiant with a healthy vivid glow! Suitable for all skin type / combination skin.

I tried this one a few months ago thanks to Songling. I like it better than the Berry & Berry because it's more gentle, this one is more soothing (and the Purity Seaweed is more cooling). My face felt more supple after use but not dramatically so, same with the whitening/radiance. Radiance-wise, I'd recommend Purity Seaweed over this one.

Overall pros and cons...

Pros - cheap! And you get at least two uses out of a pack, sometimes more (3-4, depends on the pack). Cute packaging! Always a pro...makes me happy to have and to use, haha.

Cons - hard to find if you're not in Korea! Main place to buy them online is Gmarket. Gmarket = confusing, lots of animated gifs (annoying flashing images), and the English version is still mainly in Korean for the things you'd like and need to be in English to understand...and on top of that, most of the Korean is either in Flash or images so you can't copy and paste into a web translator. But if you really want it, you'll spend your precious time figuring it out, placing an order and hoping you get what you think you ordered! =)

It takes a bit of time to rinse off completely because of the gel consistency, it's thick and starts to dry. Hmm..seems more cons than pros. These 3 types are intended to make your skin more supple and radiant, etc. but timewise, I think it's quicker and easier to use sheet masks for those purposes.

Part 2 will be the exfoliating type VOV Daily Fresh wash off packs! FYI I like those better than these gel types. =)

Haave a great weekend, everyone!!


  1. oooo thanks for the reviews :)

  2. I hope you like the Apple Vinegar one! I really like it! It exfoliates even without peeling it off!!

  3. oh, cant wait to see the other review.. because I haven't got the peeling type yet...

  4. Actually I am in Korea and here too hard to find it :P lol: Just never saw it here ... But really want to try it too...

  5. I read a lot of rave about this vov masks :) thanks for the review!

  6. Thanks for the reviews!! Especially since Kay just sent me a packet of the Honey Lemon one! :) You guys are soo dangerous getting me into all these Asian brand masks! LOL!

  7. how cute are those packages!


  8. I neeeeeeed more masks!! I want to get some charcoal and volcanic ash ones.

    hihihihih paper boat!!

  9. aww, too bad you don't like them as much, the packaging is SO cute! :)

  10. so true, takes forever to remove for some reason


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