Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sephora with Iyah and Clarisonic Mia Review

Super duper late on posting this, but a few months ago I met up with Iyah at South Coast Plaza. I always love meeting up with her, she is a true sweetheart and cutie pie, if you don't read her blog already, run there now!! (But...please come back to mine, hehe.)

us in front of the then-new Henri Bendel store

Yes, yes, I'm holding a Sephora bag in the picture. She was so sweet to meet up with me and printed out Sephora emails for us to use. One was for a free metallic clutch since it was just before the holidays.

Inside, it was filled with samples! I still haven't used any of them though, I'm not really a sample kind of girl but it's still nice to have for when I do decide to try them out.

And the real baby of that day was this:

Both Iyah and Mona convinced me I needed the Clarisonic Mia in my life! At the time, Iyah had a 20% off email for being a Sephora VIB member (which I am not) and she made the purchase for me. She got the Sephora Beauty Insider points and I got $30 off! =)

I'm sure you've heard about the Clarisonic Mia (I think we were all wishing for it on Twitter with the SephoraClaus daily giveaway, heehee) so I won't post the whole spiel (you can read about it on their website) and just post what's on the back of the box.

Clarisonic Mia™ Sonic Skin Cleansing System

Developed by the lead inventor of the Sonicare toothbrush, Clarisonic Mia™ is professional-caliber sonic skin care for cleansing wherever your lifestyle takes you. Mia cleanses so well that products absorb better, pores appear smaller, and fine lines and wrinkles appear reduced. As little as one minute a day, for the best skin of your life.

While cleansing is the first step in any skin care ritual, it is often overlooked and undervalued. Clarisonic Mia gently yet effectively loosens dirt and oil to clear your pores.*

♥ Helps reduce oily areas, dry patches and blemishes
♥ Leavs skin feeling foter and smoother
♥ Remarkably gentle for cleansing all skin types, even with sensitive conditions such as rosacea and acne**

*Data on file
**Ask your dermatologist why gentle cleansing is so important for people with rosacea and acne

Clarisonic Mia™ (pink) with one speed
International pLunk Charger™ for worldwide use
Sensitive Brush Head
Trial Size Cleanser (Gentle Hydro Cleanser)

Price: $149

My Thoughts
First I must admit, I never thought I'd pay so much just to clean my face! But if any of you remember, I said in the beginning of the year that I'll focus more on skincare and so this is part of that investment. I'll tell you right now that while I don't believe this is a MUST HAVE item, it is really nice to have. Usually my skin gets very dry in winter, and yet if I use products that are too heavy or leave a greasy film, I'll not only have dry patches but also breakouts which then lead to scars. =( BUT this year, that has not happened! While my skin has still been dry and sometimes extra thirsty, I haven't experienced dry patches like I have in the past, and practically no breakouts (a tiny occasional pimple but significantly few).

I can't credit it all to the Clarisonic Mia as I've also made other changes in my winter skincare routine, but I would definitely say that this and Vitacreme B12 (review coming soon!) have made a very noticeable and positive improvement on my skin.

Even though I don't use it every night (my face gets cold from the water and bathroom air), it is a treat to use and since it's waterproof, I also sometimes use it in the shower. Also, when you purchase a pink Clarisonic, a portion is donated to support breast cancer research.

Other colors available are white and as of this spring, yellow!!

Aww...the yellow one is just kind of makes me wish I'd waited.

Overall though, I am very happy with my Clarisonic Mia. Now that I've finished the trial size cleanser, I'm debating over whether to buy the full size or use the Mia with another cleanser. If you have a Clarisonic, what cleanser do you use with yours? And even if you're not using a Clarisonic, is there a non-drying cleanser you love and would recommend?


  1. lucky! I wish i got 30% off too... I'm intend to try Clarisonic Mia, but after calculate the currency rate and handling fee.... I'm a bit pull off... total for me to get this will be MYR 800 which is a lot and is my whole month pocket money+food+rental....

    glad that u owned it <3

  2. ahh i wanted the pink mia too but etherealprey said that it wasn't worth it for the price. good thing!

  3. How fun! I love getting together with other bloggers!

  4. haha! i remember seeing that pic of you two on her blog a long time ago xD

    glad the mia's working out for you!

  5. I have the clarisonic and I have skin that sounds similar to yours. I only use mine every other night otherwise I get very dry and flaky. I pair it with Fresh soy cleanser and its perfect. Soft and clean skin.

  6. I'm glad you like your my Clarisonic Mia. I have the original pink my Clarisonic, not as traveling friendly as than the Mia. I'm using philosophy purity one step facial cleanser with my Clarisonic.

  7. Mia for you too?! LOL Everyone's jumping on this too! But hey if it works right?! :)

    Aww you and Iyah are too cute together! I remember that email.. I think by the time I went, my store was out of the clutches! LOL! But it's prob better.. don't need anymore crap! LOL!

  8. I always use an exfoliating. I use honey and sugar that makes the face look clean and soft =)

    I do not have the courage (read: money) to buy Clarisonic Mia, because he is SUPER expensive for Brazil = /

    since I can not have that kind of cleaning, I always try to find other ways to take care of my skin

  9. nice review, i havent seen it around in japan so i guess its good for my pockets :P

  10. Thanks for the review! it has been on my wishlist since a very long time :D

  11. I really want a clarisonic. Are you happy with the mia or do you see yourself upgrading to the other ones?

  12. I use Eden Allure Argan Oil Beauty Bar in Grapefruit usually...I apply it on my face first & then add water to my clarisonic. A drugstore cleanser I use with this too is the Biore Skin Preservation Gel Cleanser.

  13. glad the Mia's working for you :) but I'm torn about buying it, since Tammy & Prey both said it was alright, but they don't neeeeeed it (lucky gals both got theirs free around xmas!) and now that I've stopped using scrubs/exfoliators, my skin is actually looking better than when I did use them! but that could be from using the vitacreme as well, not sure :)


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